Dead heat: Dunbar, Bronson are just 114 votes apart in rematch


Just .16 percent votes separate Forrest Dunbar from Dave Bronson in the race for Anchorage mayor, with 72,000 ballots counted. As of now, Dunbar leads by 114 votes.

The ballots counted so far did not include those vote-in-person ballots from Tuesday, or any of the ballots that were placed into drop boxes today. Those ballots will lean conservative, as many conservative voters vote on the last day.

The election will go into a recount if the difference is less than one half percent.

This story will be updated.

Long night ahead for Anchorage politicos


  1. How can the ONE phony local news be practically declaring Dunbar the winner? That was said out of one side of her mouth, after the other side said they will be counting for a week. How did we end up with no truthful news program?

  2. Conservatives holding out their votes until the day of the election is un-American. It’s not patriotic to force progressives to stay up all night to figure how many votes we need to come up with to ensure the necessary results of a satisfactory election. If this phenomena continues then in person voting on Election Day should no longer be allowed. It’s anti-Government and anti-American. Not to mention mean-spirited. Changes are needed.

  3. This evening Seeing the Eagle soaring circles over the two groups for several minutes was hopeful sight that no matter who gets to sit inside the Mayor office and make it the new home to each’s respected extreme administrations, that God is still in control. We know In Native American groups the Eagle is a powerful symbol and its feathers are treated like sacred objects, its body is designed it can fly higher than any other bird. overseeing everything below it.

  4. Stacy Abramson needs to calm down. Its not fair making assumption about the reason some people are voting in person, we don’t know everyone’s reason. If only one could felt the excitement and intense energy level between those coming out for Bronson and Dunbar signing waving that I seen. Many of their sign wavers would had more than enough energy they’d gladly taken any tired election workers place to stay up ALL night counting the votes themselves. I really dislike workers who complain about working too much! They should be happy they have a job. If work is tiring that much they can just quit and go live on the streets and do nothing. hahaha

  5. What does this say about Anchorage residents, when at least what 35K of them would rather live under an authoritarian who tells them when they’re allowed to go outside, what to wear, if they’re allowed to have guests in their homes, how they’re allowed to carry their groceries home.
    In a sane world that values personal liberty (even slightly), an empty soup can would have beat Dunbar by 40 points

  6. This isn’t looking good. Ballots placed in drop boxes on the last day? I have a feeling Dunbar will own those votes.

  7. Betting pool:
    If Bronson wins, how many days will it be before the Assembly removes the Emergency Declaration?
    If Dunbar wins, how long will it take for the Assembly to extend the Emergency Declaration by at least six months?
    $1 to enter, closest without going over wins.

  8. STACEY ABRAMSON, at first I thought that you spoke sarcasm but then realized that you spoke absolute truth. In person verified voting is the only legitimate election.

  9. Yep. And people shredding the surplus ballots of people who no longer live in Anchorage are making it harder to cast “catch up” votes.

  10. Democrat Alaska no longer tolerates the US Constitution. Young people should not be raised here.

  11. Don’t worry, Dunbar will pull this off. Conservatives had their chance to win the first go round but could not pull together behind one candidate. This led to a runoff that the Socialist had time to prepare for and manipulate the election. Think about it, in the first election, conservative candidates had more votes, just like in the Georgia senate race.
    Dems have figured out if it comes to runoff.

  12. Voting on the day is un-American…….interesting view. I voted by email this year because I had to as I am not physically in Alaska. It’s too easy……way too easy from a fraud perspective. Changes are definitely needed. You cannot get on a plane without a valid photo ID. Perhaps it should go the other direction and only allow in person voting where a picture ID is required.

  13. Another nail in the coffin of ” Mail-in voting”. If anyone is disabled or bedridden, they can apply for an absentee ballot. Otherwise, get off your butt and go vote. It’s worked for over 200 years. Why screw with a working system?

  14. Of course KTUU is declaring their guy the winner. They already know how it will turn out. WAKE UP ANCHORAGE. Mail in ballots allows for voter fraud in the easiest way. There were ballots sent to people who no longer live in Anchorage, ballots found laying outside apartment complexes, etc.

  15. They’re just waiting to see how many votes they need. But wanna make it seem like it’s close and we had a chance. And that next time we need to try just a little harder.

  16. Stacey
    Yes everyone should hold out until.
    Yes Election Day one days ONLY.

    Stop the mail in voting. Even mail in voting has less places to drop off your vote
    Via regular polling areas during a real election. Which are near most neighborhoods.
    Everyone get off your LAZY — and stand in line to vote on Election Day.
    I’ll say it again — mail in voting is cheating.

  17. Where are the updated results by the media. Nary a word. Last update 8:30 pm yesterday.
    Come on man what gives

  18. We don’t shop, buy fuel or eat in Anchorage anymore, we can’t support a facist city government. If Anchorage wants that type of corrupt government they can do it without my hard earned money.

  19. Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.

    Joseph Stalin.

    Guaranteed Dunbar and his cronies will “find” enough votes to steal this election. These Marxists don’t play by the rules and will do anything and everything to keep their grasp on power. They are nothing but pure evil.

  20. Richard H Russell, Why screw with a working system? Because for over 100 years progressives have worked to conquer this nation and occasionally decent people still win. Can’t reach utopia like that.

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