Liz Snyder staffer voted in Snyder’s district, but doesn’t seem to live there




A key staffer on Liz Snyder’s campaign for House District 27 is raising eyebrows after appearing to move out of District 27 but voting in the General Election as though she was a resident of the district.

In reports filed through the Alaska Public Offices Commission, the staffer in question had received six payments from the Snyder campaign at a District 27 address through Aug. 21, three days after the Primary election.

The next payment from the campaign, Oct. 1, was sent to a District 19 address.

The staffer voted in District 27 for the General Election, but her address change had given her plenty time to spare before the deadline for voters to update their voter registration. That raises important questions: 

Did her employment with the Snyder campaign influence her decision to vote in her candidate’s District 27, while living in another district?

How long has the staffer lived at the District 19 address prior to the Oct. 1 payment from the Snyder campaign?

The answers to these questions will be difficult to find, as the staffer’s residential address on the Early Vote Public Absentee Voter List is marked as “private.” The paid campaign staffer is also employed by the Alaska Center for the Environment as a field canvasser in Anchorage.

Not surprisingly, the Alaska Center for the Environment’s independent expenditure wing has been running ads against Democrat Snyder’s opponent, Republican Rep. Lance Pruitt.

Election integrity is at the forefront of our state and national dialog during this election cycle. In Alaska, election fraud is now in court after a similar incident in District 15, where Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux is facing 18 counts of first- and second-degree voter misconduct and unlawful interference of voting.

LeDoux’s pre-indictment hearing date, which has been moved four times, is set for Dec. 4. She was removed by voters in the primary.

According to the charges, LeDoux and accomplices knowingly provided false information on voter registration forms to show a residence address in House District 15, when evidence shows those individuals were not living at the addresses provided at the time of the election.

Snyder and incumbent Rep. Pruitt have been battling it out for votes in the district in a race many believe is competitive. Between both candidates, more than $700,000 will be spent on this race, although Pruitt is being heavily outspent by Democrat Snyder.

Recently, MRAK highlighted deceptive mailers that led recipients to believe Snyder’s legislative agenda aligns with Congressman Don Young and Sen. Dan Sullivan.


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