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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Homer ‘big truck’ parade planned for Trump on Sunday on the Spit

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The enthusiasm across Alaska is unlike any seen for a candidate for president in years. Even in Homer, where liberals control city government, the Trump support is so strong that another parade is planned.

On Sunday, at 1:30 pm, organizers welcome parade participants to meet at deep water port on the Homer Spit, at the end of Freight Dock Road. They’re encouraging people to decorate their trucks and vans — large work trucks welcome — and join in the convoy that will drive from the Spit, down to Homer Bypass Road, up Pioneer Street, then out East End Road until Kachemak Drive, and then back to the base of the Spit.

From the Spit, they’ll go back through town and up to the top of Baycrest, and finish at the lot next to the Homer Maintenance Station (Maintainance Rd.) The group has permission to use the Dibble Creek yard for overflow.

“From there you are free to go wherever you like. Some people will be going back out to Lands End to continue the party. This is a peacful parade to support President Donald Trump, and all are welcome. Trump flags/signs are encouraged but you can still be in the parade without one,” organizers said.

This Parade is primarily for large vehicles, but smaller vehicles are welcome and will follow the large vehicles.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Excellent work as always Suzanne.

  • There was one in Soldotna today, It was Great.

  • Let’s hope the Homer Spitters know which way to go, or they could find themselves under water.

  • I filmed the Homer parade as they left the staging area by the harbormaster’s office, and then I got in line at the end. It took 13 minutes for all the trucks to pass my location, and I counted 178 when I watched the video at home.

    It was 26 degrees with the wind howling, and everyone was smiling. Have you noticed how Trump supporters tend to be happy people?! What a great parade in support of our great POTUS. Many cars joined in, and if a vehicle didn’t have a flag or two, the driver was often wearing a red MAGA hat.

    Had I not seen this post on Must Read Alaska, I would have missed it. Thanks, Suzanne!

  • This is voter intimidation, plain and simple. Part of the route was within 200 ft of a polling station which is 100% illegal. Tell the whole story or don’t tell it – otherwise this is political propaganda.
    Please look up the Trump administration migrant detentions on Wikipedia. Not only is there countless evidence of Trump wanting a dictatorship (his conversation with North Korea leader, as a primary example), I just can’t see how people don’t realize that with actual racial-based concentration camps people are blatantly refusing to awknowledge he’s the potential next coming of Hitler. Everyone who went to this rally is who I assume to be white supremacists or people who don’t know anything about their president or basic US law.

    • Sounds like snowflake needs to move to a socialist country soon. I don’t see you post anything about antifa. Tell me where the law was broken Spence your an expert.

      • Previous post is to Will

    • Will, Will, Will, you seem to be manifesting fear and delusional thinking. I’ve seen that a lot with Democrats. I recommend you make an appointment to see your primary care physician on November 3. You might want to spend the next few days in bed with the TV and radio switched off.

      You want both sides of the story? It would take a book to outline all the actions Trump has taken to strengthen America. He is also having a very positive impact on the world stage. It would take another book to list all the corruption and ineptitude of both “China Joe” and Harris. Can you believe that Harris was chosen for VP? She was the worst-performing of all the Democratic candidates for President. These two clowns support defunding the police and the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter. No thinking person can be happy with who they are and what they plan to do to our beautiful country.

      Look no further than the Homer City government to see what Democrats will do to you. Remember the underhanded attempt with our local, unelected, low-lifer leftist H.S. to draft and pass a resolution to make Homer a sanctuary city. Remember the council not following their own rules and allowing a non-city resident to be seated on the council. Remember that every June is now “pride” month in Homer whether you like it or not. (You will be made to care.) Etc. Etc.

      LOL, you get your news from Wikipedia. Hitler? White supremacy? Concentration camps? You have nothing of substance to say so you let random name calling and innuendo fill your comment.

      Come on, man! You’re a lying, dog-faced, pony soldier. That’s a bunch of malarkey.

      (Sorry, not sorry, but I will be so busy voting and celebrating on Tuesday that I won’t have time to read any reply you might regurgitate into the comments.)

  • Will you are watching to much CNN. You are just bitter because Trump is the leader not a left Democrat. Time to move to a socialist country where you would fit right in.

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