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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Trump rally in Homer draws 200 people to Land’s End

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A big turnout for President Donald Trump took place in Homer, Alaska, on Monday evening.

The local news media didn’t take notice that 200 people from around what’s known as the “Cosmic Hamlet” rallied for the reelection of the president.

At Lands End Resort on the end of the Homer Spit, the crowd spontaneously joined in as young Aspen Etzweiler and Hannah Gerasimof sang the National Anthem. Many in the audience were moved to tears.

Speakers during the two-hour event included remarks from Rep. Sarah Vance and Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce. Singers Kenny Lee of Nashville and Stephen Patrick of Alaska, author and singer of Vote America Great Again, entertained the crowd.

Country singer Kenny Lee entertained the crowd at Land’s End.

Vance reminded the audience that “Our children are watching us, as we weep over our nation. They need to see that there’s hope and that we are winning,” she said. Alaska has not yet stepped into her destiny and the best is yet to come, was her message.

Pierce told the crowd that if they want to see change, they need to get off the couch and get involved, run for school board, and engage with local political leaders. He gave a rip-roaring patriotic speech to a crowd that was greatly approving. Check out the clip from the Must Read Alaska YouTube channel, as Pierce talks about the American flag:

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Amen, mayor. I love my country, I love the Kenai Peninsula. This is awesome — 200 people. That is seismic activity in Homer. God Bless America.

  • Thank you for this excellent write up on the Trump Rally in Homer!
    Stephen Patrick Ak

  • They aren’t kneeling to disrespect the flag. They are kneeling in hope that all people are treated equally and respectfully in the great United States of America. How do you miss that? What does the flag mean to you?

    • That’s one of the biggest bunch of bull crap I’ve ever read. That’s like when the pope mobile goes by everybody flips him off and then you all say we wasn’t flipping the pope off we just don’t like Catholics. Find some other way to get your point across instead of kneeling with your clenched fist in the air when you should be standing with your hand over your heart.

      • Are you kidding me? Where in the constitution does it say, or even suggest, it’s un-American to kneel in peaceful protest? What kind of Nazi KoolAid are you drinking, telling people to “find some other way”? Why don’t you find some other way to measure patriotism? Maybe one that doesn’t limit free speech to a greater degree than the Supreme Court has seen fit to limit it? Geez, we can all have buckets of guns but you’ll be the arbiter of free speech. Nonsense. Fascist nonsense.

    • Look around your, who are people that are not being treated equally or respectfully? Hint: it’s not anyone from the left.

  • Any mention of the 200,000 fellow Americans who have died, to date, under Trump’s absence in form of leadership on this current plague we all face. That’s the number that history will judge, not some 200 who support this carnage waving our flag.

    • ray ray ray

      The Covid 19 killing fields were in New York and New Jersey among others.
      Because they sent sick patients to the Pioneer homes where the most likely to die live. President Trump sent a military medical ship to New York and it was largely unused.
      States with larger populations, had far fewer deaths because they took measures to protect those likely to die.
      The Governor of New York can legitimately be blamed for many deaths in his State.

    • Ray you ignorant fool. Trump has saved lives. I suppose you want to blame Putin for all the Russian deaths and the little twerp in North Korea for everybody that died up there or let’s just blame Trump for all the Kung Fu death in the world . Yeah that’s the ticket let’s do that.

    • Ray he tried to limey flights from China but was meet with no you can’t. He did not make large groups of people get together. Where are peoples common sense? You need to know a lot of these deaths had other issues besides coved19. Quit blaming someone else for your failures.

  • I’m from the USA, we are all treated equally and respectfully. Many Kneelers do not like our country or the flag. Disrespect the military and the police. These millionaire athletes with criminals on the helmets and the kneeling, it just disgusting.

    • Yeah bar the door of the police precinct and catch it on fire with officers inside. Fire bomb a preschool. But don’t disrespect the United States of America and its flag. Sarcastically the whole movement reminds me of a bad bowel movement I had once. I was glad to flush it down.

  • Sometimes a guy who salutes the flag with gusto is considered a good American even though he cheats on his tax return every year The guy who takes a knee is doing it for everyone to witness and judge and penalize. Only one of the two guys will benefit.

    • I’m not following you. Yes people cheat on their taxes but they’ll pick up a rifle and go defend the country. I doubt anybody that takes a knee and puts their clenched fist Black power is pretty thing would do that unless it was court ordered. I know people who didn’t claim their PFD as income. I know people who didn’t claim their fishing income because the tender paid them off in cash. There’s lots of fraud going on but showing a disrespectful motion towards our country and its flag his treasonous first amendment or not.

      • Avoiding taxes is stealing and against the law. We are a country of law and order. That’s most people’s argument about illegal immigration — if you don’t like the border patrol grabbing people then complain to your legislature because they made the law. Same goes for taxes. Our country can’t run without revenue, so not paying your taxes is chocking our country, stealing, and swampy. But kneeling? Peacefully? That’s American. And I’m starting to think if it bothers you it’s generally pretty American, because you’re a slime ball.

        • Burning a flag should be against the law too. All those vets that died defending the flag will haunt you.

  • Another propaganda piece by Downing. 200 people is not a lot and Homer did not vote for Trump in the last election doubt they will this time either. This is just spin.

    • I’m pretty sure they will vote for Trump this time around. Do you really think they want a president Harris?

    • Actually in 2016 Trump won district 31 (homer area) by a large margin. Even if you look at Homer precinct 1 and Homer precinct 2, Trump one by a large margin. Precinct 1 was 329 Hillary to 433 Trump. Precinct 2 was 284 Hillary to 346 Trump. Homer has a very vocal minority.

    • You do know that Homer is a small town right? 200 people is a pretty good showing for that size community or are you just butthurt? No need to answer, pretty sure we know the answer to that question.

  • In other words, more people attended this event than have attended all Joe Biden rallies this year…combined.

  • I must have missed your coverage of the Trump Rally in Big Lake on Saturday night. We had over 300 folks show up for that one. Two of them were Governor Dunleavy and Senator Sullivan.

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