Linda Boyle: The Covid cult continues



The World Health Organization recently announced that healthy kids and teenagers probably don’t need to get a Covid-19 vaccination.

Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still states in its “vaccine” guidelines that children six months and older should get the jab, despite the updated WHO recommendation. This CDC recalcitrance is despite the increasing knowledge that there are adverse risks for children from getting the jab.  

After President Joe Biden announced in January that the pandemic will end on May 11, public service announcements are still being aired imploring Americans to get the jab for their health and the health of others. 

The craziness goes even further in a small private school in Ithaca, New York. This school kept all the Covid mandates in place after the end of New York’s mask mandate. Why? Because the teachers demanded it.  

New York Post: Covid alarmism was always a cult, zombie school rules prove

We know that masks don’t work and Covid is a near-zero risk for children. At this school, not only are the children still masked, but they are not even allowed to speak during lunch. They can remove their masks long enough to take a bite, but they are forbidden from communicating. The children have developed a sort of sign language to get by.

Mainstream media and the federal government have pushed this fear agenda for a long time. We had to wear masks, we had to be six feet apart, and family members couldn’t go to family dinners if they weren’t vaxed or boosted. Most disturbing of all, people were forced to die alone in hospitals.

In a January, 2022 Rasmussen Report, a majority of Democrats wanted to enforce restrictive policies and use punitive measures against anyone who dared not get the Covid-19 “vaccination.”  These measures included fining people who didn’t submit to the vax, locking them up in their homes, sending them to unvaccinated camps, and worst of all removing their children from these folks temporarily.  

Chris Talgo and the Heartland Institute commissioned this poll, which found that about half of likely voters oppose Biden’s vaccine mandates. These mandates appeared to be more about how to increase the federal government’s power than to stopping the spread of Covid.   

As Biden made the Covid shutdown activists happy, the government failed to evaluate what happened to people who religiously wore masks because either the government or their job mandated it.  

An article published just recently in the Journal of Public Health provided a systematic review and analysis of what happened to people who wore masks.  The research did not focus on why the masks were useless, instead it looked at what side-effects occurred.  

The results weren’t good for the mask zealots. The research review demonstrated “mask wearers had decreased blood oxygen, increased blood CO2, increased heart rates, higher blood pressure, more difficulty breathing, higher skin temperatures, and higher reports of headaches, acne, skin irritations, feeling overheated, voice disorders, and dizziness.”

It’s hard to believe in America, where we prize free speech and freedom of choice, we have had this horrendous response mostly due to the fear the federal government managed to induce in its citizens through the media. 

The researchers found even wearing masks in the short-term can cause long-term medical problems. They stated “Long Covid” may be the result of mask wearing—not recovering from Covid.  

Nearly 40% of main Long-Covid-19 symptoms overlap with mask-related complaints and symptoms.  These include fatigue, dyspnea, confusion, anxiety, depression, tachycardia, dizziness, and headache.

Dr. Meryl Nass, a true heroine of the alternative early treatment movement, had her medical license suspended in January of 2022.  She had to undergo a mental health evaluation and drug and alcohol evaluation for spreading “misinformation” about treatment for Covid.  She is still legally battling with the state of Maine to get her license back. 

What was Dr. Nass’ crime that caused such drastic actions?  At the start of the pandemic, she offered consultations to patients who were afraid they had Covid.  None of those patients complained about the care she gave them. 

But the letters to the board stated she was providing “misinformation.” 

Even as the truth comes out concerning the lies or manipulation the government used to gain power over us proves to be false, good people are still being persecuted for their beliefs. And we are still being held hostage.  

Don’t worry. The government learned a lot from these last few years. It learned it can control every aspect of your life by making you fearful. And it learned how to effectively use the media to control what we hear and read.  No debate is allowed. 

We learned one basic thing: Fear is a powerful tool to control people.

It worked before. Will we let them do it to us again?

Linda Boyle, DM, MSN, is a member of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. Well, here I am a year and a half later after being fired for declining the vax, and Native Health still beats the bushes recruiting for a replacement.

    • Not that it helps, but you have my respect. And the many who made the same decision about their personal health. Someday, they are owed an apology.

    • Trig has a good point. I may not be able to make your job loss any better but you did stand up for what is right. I have tremendous respect for anyone such as yourself that did right in spite of the threats and retaliation.

  2. They probed the defenses to our liberty, and are now preparing for the next assault. Time to shore up our defenses.

    • They (the NWO) have already deployed their plan, and it is still in the process of taking total control. Using claims of Pandemics is just one mode. They have taken over our three tiered Gov’t, the Schools, the Borders, and are preparing to take down the economy, which is on the verge of a depression. Financial “restructuring” is also part of the game plan. CBDC’s are the Globalist plan to replace the currency, and complete their takeover. This has not yet occurred obviously, but will precious metals stem the tide ? We can hope for a gold and asset backed currency, but what will be the cost ? The dollars days are numbered. Yes, “shore up our defenses” but don’t cease to call out their dire plans for world domination. We have to resist where we can.

  3. The Covid cult will never stop.

    Will they try something like this again?
    Certainly. It worked perfectly this time.

  4. The Covid cult will never stop.

    Will they try something like this again?
    Certainly. It worked perfectly this time.

  5. If the WHO Pandemic Treaty is implemented it will be the end of humanity’s freedom. Permanent lockdown, forced vaccination and total and complete dystopia! 1% can’t be allowed to destroy the world. Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice shame on me. My momma didn’t raise a fool. Time for humanity to unite and tell all the corrupt governments to take a hike. Tell all the non-government organizations like UN, WHO, IMF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC, FDA, we don’t need no mind control, we don’t need no vaccine passports, we don’t need no CBDC! Leave us alone!

    • Draw your line. This Globalist Cult is totalitarianism writ large. They really do want to kill off 90% of the People now living. In fact, I suspect that they will be happy with a transhuman future. People are waking up in great numbers, but the protests of millions don’t wrest power from their hands. The Media still concocts a narrative, that the politicians follow. We need to somehow regain control of the Gov’t before our society goes into meltdown.

  6. I would like to see a list of the studies done by the CDC over the past few years. Despite thousands of employees and a budget in the billions I haven’t seen any valuable product from them. Is there any Congressional oversight on this Agency?

  7. In a previous story (May 24, 2022) MRA expressed outrage that the US was in the process handing over health sovereignty to the WHO. This was not even close to being accurate BTW. Now there is outrage that the US is actually using its health sovereignty?

    • What, specifically, was inaccurate about the previous article? Yeah. I’ll wait. The U.S. government has no such thing as “health sovereignty”. Twisting some existing law or rule to make that claim is as absurd as the plandemic itself.

    • So, looking to sign a treaty allowing the WHO to dictate health care of U.S. citizens does not rise to your level of ‘handing over health sovereignty’?

      • Paul, you need a full time fact checker, Its exhausting. It’s a voluntary treaty that contains broad recommendations for international cooperation on pandemic related issues. That’s it, read the document, its only 30 pages long. It pains me to think that you actual believe the BS.

        • I only have faith in the Constitution when it comes to governing. I’m kinda funny that way. If you think any ‘treaty’ with entities like WHO is or will remain ‘voluntary’ then I guess I’m now in pain thinking that you would be naive enough to believe that.

    • The US government (NOT “the US” in the abstract, which has no agency) using its health sovereignty to impose an officially fearmongered tyranny is hardly a positive development. But perhaps you disagree.

  8. In the early days of the Plandemic, investigators returned from Wuhan, China, and reported to the WHO that the outbreak did not constitute a pandemic. Bill Gates, who literally owns and controls the WHO, (over 50% of their funding comes directly from Gates) set them straight. It just wasn’t the way it was supposed to go, according to Event 201, a health emergency response exercise staged by the Johns Hopkins Center for Medical Security (there is no way I could make that name up!). The exercise featured a virus known as… you guessed it – Covid -19. It was held a full year before the alleged viral outbreak took place. The Johns Hopkins center for Medical Security receives the majority of it’s funding from… government? nope. public donations? nope. Bill Gates? Bingo! – M.John

  9. I’m sorry but the line ‘After President Joe Biden announced in January that the pandemic will end on May 11’, made me giggle like a 3rd grader. Most of us have never believed that it actually was a ‘pandemic’. And evn if it was, ol joe is just going to make it end on a certain day? Really?! Lol!

    • It’s already over. Biden ended the emergency a few weeks early. I guess the virus got some time off for good behavior.

  10. Just like in WW2, when Germany was being accused of horrible acts, the accusers of being called conspiracy theorists. Now we are sending the Chinese trillions to manufacture solar panels to reward them for a pandemic and human rights violations. Or on a local level, for overfishing our waters to the point of depletion. The funny thing is that when I go to the Anchorage stores I still see people in masks. Are they stupid or just ugly. And now we worry about whether the ladies room should have a urinal. What was really in those shots?

  11. Early in the pandemic, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Homer News presenting information that face masks had no efficacy in stopping covid transmission. A local doctor wrote an impassioned letter the following week excoriating me, saying there was scientific evidence that masks worked to stop viruses, and implying I was trying to deceive the public into doing something harmful. There are now an overwhelming number of studies that now confirm that face masks don’t work. Funny, I never got a letter of apology from that good doctor admitting I was right and he was wrong. That’s a liberal for you I guess.

  12. Homer is chock full of the mask wearing , little fauci loving, big government types
    at the same time seems sick people are more prevalent than other Alaska towns, might have something to do with the clot shot which was well received there

  13. Anyone who is harmed by the vaccines can sue under the Consumer Protection Act of 2021, the Federal Trade Commission Act Section 18,(a)(1)(B) for damages. Those so-called “vaccines” do not appear to be as “safe and effective” as advertised. Doctors are afraid of losing their license if they refuse to obey deadly mandates.

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