Linda Boyle: The battle for back pay continues for warriors who refused the Covid shots


Shortly after I wrote a column for Must Read Alaska that discussed the relationship between Covid, vaccinations, and myocarditis, I had a disturbing phone call from a friend whose son is in the military. 

 Her son is an extremely active young man and body builder who recently contracted myocarditis and pericarditis. It was puzzling to her because there was no family history of these diseases. Her son was only 30.  

He was mandated to take the vaccine and he got the first two jabs. He also contracted Covid four times after receiving the two Moderna shots.

When this young man went to the cardiologist, he asked if the vaccine or Covid had anything to do with his heart problem.  He was told “no, neither the jabs nor the Covid virus caused his heart problems.”

This is hard to believe because the CDC states these illnesses can result from Covid. 

Both myocarditis and pericarditis are also in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as possible complications from the “vaccines”.  

The recent law passed by Congress told the Department of Defense it could no longer mandate the jab. DOD continues to push the jab for all, but released a Jan. 10, 2023 memo stating service members will no longer be separated just because they wouldn’t take the jab.

That’s good news; or does it sound too good to be true?  

When reading the fine print, there is a significant caveat written by the military leaders, who evidently don’t want to give up this fight. 

The memo goes on to state, “commanders may consider a service member’s vaccination status in making deployment, assignment, and other operational decisions, including when vaccination is required for travel to, or entry into, a foreign nation.” 

Read about the uphill battle for unvaxxed military members here.   

As a retired military member, I know what that means. The military leadership can use “vaccination status” for determining assignments needed for promotion.  

The military can use this “vaccination status” to determine who is eligible for temporary duty assignments, which are also needed for promotion.  

So, vaccinations cannot be mandated, but the consequences for not getting vaccinated include lost opportunities. This is “friendly persuasion” at its worst.

It is a way to mandate the jab without saying that’s what they are doing.  

What of those military members who have already been separated? There are 8,400 service members who were separated for refusing to get vaccinated. An additional 8,945 soldiers, 10,800 airmen and guardians, 4,172 sailors, and 3,717 marines unsuccessfully sought religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate. 

Read about the back pay status in Task and Purpose.

Add to that the 60,000 reserve and guard personnel who were unvaccinated and therefore unable to receive pay and benefits. 

Read about the Army cutting off 60,000 unvaccinated soldiers’ pay and benefits.  

The military is not currently considering back pay for these individuals. 

Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican from Texas, has introduced a bill that would reinstate troops discharged over the military “vaccine” mandate. It would also protect unvaccinated troops, cadets, and midshipmen from punishment.  

Rep. Roy’s legislation would also reinstate troops discharged over the mandate and return service members to their former rank and pay at the time they were discharged. Finally, it would remove from their official records any reference to adverse actions taken against them based on their refusal to be jabbed.  

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.  For now, a partial victory has been won. 

But sometimes you can win the battle and lose the war.  I hope we win the war too. We owe it to our military and our veterans.

Linda Boyle, DM, MSN, is a member of the Alaska Covid Alliance.

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  1. This entire covid affair has come to make the vaccine/autism farce look like a Sunday barbecue. The extremists at both ends of the spectrum, like usual, will not relent until they completely destroy society. They have proven to be many times more destructive than the virus or unproven vaccines in combination. The public cannot possibly believe anything anymore written or published by anybody. The Age of the Lie has completely consumed the entire planet and all of humanity. It appears that the stage is set for the next manufactured biological agent to sweep through the globe, and the majority of people will refuse potential life saving medicine because they cannot believe either the reported danger of the agent, or the agents offering a medical solution.
    Congratulations, Folks. Welcome to Hell.

  2. More proof don’t join uncle sams army because you won’t be treated as a human being. The military changes the rules as each problem rises.

  3. Why does the author put “vaccine” in quotes in this article? Is he implying that the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t a vaccine? If he/she is, then they are woefully ignorant of what a vaccine is; that is, anything designed to elicit an immune response, which is what the Covid vaccine does. Therefore, it IS a vaccine. Also, the incidence of myocarditis is exceedingly rare, but never mind that since this article is designed to elicit outrage by anti-science kooks. Congratulations and thanks for helping make the American public even more ignorant than it already is.

    • Well, you are the expert on ignorance so I guess we’ll have to take your word for it. Also the CDC and WHO conveniently changed the definition of “vaccine” during the scamdemic. You probably are ignorant of that little bit of “science” though. Either way I never got any shots so there are probably a few extra doses laying around… yourself. You’re probably about due for another “vaccine”.

    • Funny how the “kooks” can tell the difference between a boy and a girl, but the “ party of science” can’t.

      Who’s making America dumb again? Not us.

  4. They are victims of the biological war that China has waged against us and should be reimbursed and reinstated as well as congratulated for recognition of the enemy so well hidden amongst us. As well, those who took the shots and lost their health as a result should also compensated as well if their decision was based on a mandate. By the same government that excused the pharmaceutical companies from liability and pushed the mandates. The military doctors who were whistle blowers and subsequently punished for their unselfish actions deserve apologies and reinstatement as well, such as the Chief Flight Surgeon of the Army (formerly) who expressed her concerns to Congress early on when she saw the effects of the shots on a number of young healthy troops, in their prime. The politicalization of a very real threat to everyone is disgusting and reparations need to be made.

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