Linda Boyle: Should U.S. surrender its sovereignty?



The global elitists finished their annual World Economic Forum event in Davos last week. More than 60 heads of state and governments, along with some top political and business leaders, attended. Also at the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization met to discuss global pandemics.  

Former Vice President Al Gore, author of “An Inconvenient Truth,” discussed the need to get rid of natural gas, coal, and all other fossil fuels to save the planet. He then flew back home to get to work on the reelection campaign for President Joe Biden.

Our U.S. representative to the World Health Organization panel was the only participant wearing a mask. That should give you a clue as to what to expect with the next pandemic. 

Most frightening is what the WHO wants to do to prepare for this new “Disease X”.  Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, believes we need to plan for the next pandemic. 

And WHO has developed a plan that is scheduled for ratification on May 24. This plan would give incredible powers to the WHO if approved by the U.S. This plan would surrender our sovereignty to a UN organization. The plan, as now envisioned, could:

  • – Shut down our economy with no end in sight.
  • – Mandate lockdowns in America.
  • – Mandate face masks.
  • – Shut down our supply chains to severely impact our economy.

Bear in mind, the WHO officials have no accountability for their actions and all who work there have diplomatic immunity. Basically, there is no one to charge for any crimes the WHO may commit. Add to this, the WHO is the only “sub-agency of the UN with its own constitution.  It’s allowed to make treaties with other countries. 

This plan would require every country to sign away its sovereignty for the good of the world community and of public health.

Remember what our own Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, White House executive orders, and healthcare community did to us with Covid-19? This could be even more far reaching. 

The following chart shows the approval process for both the International Health Regulation Amendments and the Pandemic Treaty. Note that the IHR is an opt-out process so if no action is taken by a country, that country is automatically opted in. On the other hand, the Pandemic Treaty is an opt-in process; once a nation signs up to the treaty, there is at least a 3-year effort needed to get out.

What does this plan contain? The plan is all inclusive. It dips into taking complete control of global health as its first step. 

Because the plan is not specific to disease, it could be applied to anything else the WHO thinks is important to control, like climate, our food, ecosystems, supply chains, and more.

This overreaching idea would agree with the new “One Health” concept being preached worldwide and approved by our CDC.  

The One Health concept is that humans, animals, and the environment are closely interrelated. They are equal to each other and are intertwined.  

Therefore, if the pandemic treaty and the IHR are ratified, it could become a slippery slope to control agriculture, the environment, and climate in future renditions.  

For now, it is only about health. WHO’s director would have the power to give binding orders to all countries worldwide. He would be able to mandate a vaccine passport, tell you what medicines you can and cannot take. 

So much for U.S. sovereignty. We would lose it to this New World Order.  Dr. Meryl Nass of Children’s Health Defense states the following:  

“Basically, One Health gives public health officials total control and surveillance across AI, the internet, agriculture, climate change, public health, medical systems, ecological sites, urban and rural areas. It can encompass just about anything. It also values animal and plant life as equal to human life.”

Our own Biden White House piled on with its statement on biological threats and other health threats:  

Former President Donald Trump opted the U.S. out of the WHO and quit funding the organization. However, on his first day in office, President Biden used an executive order to reenlist America into the WHO.

There are many threats in the world today. We have military conflicts and illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border.  

But the greatest threat to America’s sovereignty may come from a piece of paper which is legally binding: the IHR and Pandemic Treaty.  

Covid isn’t over. Government control isn’t over. Pay attention.

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. You have a typo in the first line.
    “The global elitists finished their annual World Economic Forum event ”
    I am pretty sure you meant to write:
    “The global parasites finished their annual World Economic Forum event ”
    No need to thank me, I am glad to help.

  2. Good luck finding a politician who will recognize the United Nations threat, criticize the United Nations, take action to disband the United Nations, or work to sever ties between it and the United States. Do we have any in Alaska?

  3. Biden and his ilk should be arrested, tried, convicted and inprisoned for life. I know that won’t happen. They have too much power, but that is what should happen!

    • Constitutionally, the POTUS doesn’t have the authority to conclude and sign treaties with foreign powers – that duty belongs to the Senate through ratification. Tell that to brandon.

  4. When “animal and plant life is equal to human life” is enforced, you can bet hunting will be outlawed, unless of course you have native privilege. With all of the issues we’re witnessing today, there isn’t anything on the horizon that’s relatively good.

  5. Regarding their climate bs meeting, Al Gore spouted about how we need to get rid of Coal, oil and gas then!

    “He then flew back home to get to work on the reelectioncampaign for President Joe Biden.” Against all oil and gas and coal but sure gonna hop on that fuel burning plane to go home! The WHO can stay in hell where they belong. The US better not fund this garbage!

    • In the eye of a blindly conforming radical leftist lickspittle like cman here, acknowledging reality is equivalent to being “paranoid”.

      And if this story that is based on facts and current real events and developments is “red meat for the right wing”, does that make it fat-free, non-dairy, gluten-free tofu for you radical leftist extremists?

      Aside from your agenda of continually pressing to reduce or eliminate the freedoms of others, does your bitter, empty soul derive ANY satisfaction in life, cman?

  6. Could get messy if surrender’s not done properly.
    Who has Constitutional authority to surrender U.S. sovereignty?
    What will the government do to Americans who aggressively oppose, even try to sabotage, surrender?
    Who will impose and enforce counterinsurgency measures, like martial law, civil disarmament, mass arrests, media blackouts against Americans who actively oppose surrendering U.S. sovereignty?
    Who will assure the government has enough enforcement personnel to take counterinsurgency measures, possibly against their families and communities, when U.S. sovereignty is surrendered?
    Was this the contingency someone had in mind by inviting tens of thousands of military-age males with no family or community ties to enter America illegally, could this have something to do with why they’re here?
    As an aside, after reading about the recent Mother of All Breaches and pondering the implications, why should Americans be anything but underwhelmed (maybe slightly amused) at the Biden regime’s breathless proclamation of “new technologies” to shuffle data of dubious provenance around the government-medical-media complex?
    What should be government’s response to the threat of mass labor strikes when U.S. sovereignty is surrendered?
    When U.S. sovereignty is surrendered, how will the catastrophic drop in value of the U.S. dollar not trigger world-wide economic depression and quite possibly WWIII
    …which could be problematic for “elites” if their tradesmen and servant-class don’t survive the war, or do survive the war but with a completely different attitude toward their masters?
    What stops a consortium of U.S. allies from using -any- means to prevent surrender of U.S. sovereignty and to restore stability of the U.S. government?
    Maybe our Ruling Class have this all figured out …just haven’t had time to share, no?

  7. The US Constitution says that would be treason. But the US group of international agents give no credence to the supreme, laid down law of this land.

  8. Linda Boyle: This is a false claim: “The One Health concept is that humans, animals, and the environment. . . are equal to each other.” There is no such statement in the legitimate documentation about One Health. Instead, the concept of One Health is that systems are interrelated and affect each other in tangible ways.

  9. Has anyone researched the United States, the United States of America, The United States, The United States of America, the UNITED STATES, the US, the USA, the U.S.? These are all separate entities, and “the” with a small “t” indicates a corporation. A government that incorporates has no sovereign powers to give away. The Clearfield Doctrine clearly states that and so does Title 22 USCA 286e. Sovereignty resides in the people, so why is any true American putting up with more of this plandemic nonsense?

  10. Wars & sovereignty surrendering are the climax of perennial, indeed human conflicts. Wars are on-going, taking various paths. Measuring the USA today (I live in New Zealand)leaves few in doubt why copious movements are on all over our planet with autocratic rulers and aggression. Yes, the USA has ceded its power and won’t acknowledge such until its dollar value is finally finished, viz. soon! As all of you who are writing your comments herein would sense, US leadership, indeed the political and electioneering process within the American democratic experiments, isn’t seductive to bringing about moral, personas of a strong sense of right-and-wrong, persons of adherence to many of the principles that founded the USA. It is sad to view all these commentary forums where those of you are on the sidelines and anxious about what is impending: the end of America…. Indeed already an incontrovertible reality!

  11. No Fred the US Constitution and Republic still stands until God’s Kingdom comes. What drops away is the corporate underpinning that didn’t fit anyway. The US Constitution and Republic will remain standing. Please mention it to our friends in Australia. The actual Republic still stands.

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