Mark Littlefield: I’d be honored to represent Chugiak-Eagle River on the Assembly



I am running for the Anchorage Assembly, District 2 to represent the people of Chugiak-Eagle River. As a 40+ year resident of Eagle River, an Air Force veteran, husband, father, and community oriented conservative, I believe I have the necessary experience and values to represent our community on the Assembly.

This is a unique election for our community. Should I be elected, I would serve a one-year term, to fill out the remainder of Assembly Member Kevin Cross’ current term. Next April, another election will occur in which our community will elect an Assembly Member for a full three-year term.

I have stepped into this race, and out of retirement, because I believe our community needs an honest, hardworking, and community minded conservative, who shares the values of Chugiak-Eagle River residents, on the Assembly. Our voices need to be heard and our values need to be defended.

We are fortunate that Member Cross timed his resignation to allow the people of Chugiak-Eagle River to choose our next representative on the Assembly. We do not need 10 Anchorage Assembly members deciding who is the best fit for our community.

Now for a little bit about me: I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and met my wife, of now 44 years, in high school. After high school, I enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed in Alaska in 1982. We’ve been here ever since. We found our dream home in Eagle River. We raised our children here, created lifelong friendships, and enjoyed successful careers. We have deep roots in this community and aren’t going anywhere.

In 1995 I retired from active duty, and spent the last 28 years serving our community through various roles with the Municipality of Anchorage. I retired last May from the Muni, after serving for 13 years as Superintendent of Road Maintenance for the Chugiak, Birchwood, Eagle River Rural Road Service Area. In that role I managed road renovations, oversaw the contract workforce that handles snow plowing, and supported the community during natural disasters such as landslides, the 2018 earthquake, and the 2022 Hiland Valley avalanche. I am no stranger to how our local government works, and would be honored to lend this expertise to our community through the Assembly.

Outside of work, I have given back to our community through time on the Eagle River Parks and Recreation Board of Supervisors, as the alternate to the Eagle River Valley Community Council and was recently appointed the mayor’s seat at that council. I also previously served on the Eagle Crossing HOA Board of Supervisors. My wife and I remain active in our local parish, St. Andrew Catholic Church, and enjoy spending time outdoors with our family.

Thinking about the issues our city faces, there is a clear need for strong leadership, backed by a humble heart for service. It will be my mission to listen first, evaluate second, and then act in the best interest of our families, community, and future.

Elected officials and public employees must be exemplary stewards of the taxes paid by our community. We need accountability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility when it comes to spending the hardworking dollars of our friends and neighbors.

Though Assembly races are technically non-partisan, I am not ashamed to let folks know that I am a conservative and registered Republican. Like many residents in Chugiak-Eagle River, I’m a firm believer that we need to find ways to reduce spending, lower property taxes, and ensure our community receives the level of services commensurate with our population size and amount of taxes we pay.

I am pro-public safety and will fight to ensure our police force and firefighters have the tools and resources they need to keep us safe.

We need a pro-business and limited government approach to growing our economy again. Micromanaging business and stifling innovation with red tape will not help Anchorage thrive.

Over the next few months I look forward to connecting with you and answering your questions about our city’s future. It would be my honor to earn your trust and vote.

You can find out more about me and stay up to date with the campaign by visiting our website at this link.

Mark Littlefield is the only candidate who filed to fill out the remaining portion of Assemblyman Kevin Cross’ term.


  1. Mark, the one thing that I would ask most of you, if and when you are elected to the Anchorage assembly, is to give the Marxist Nine majority Hell! Be a firebrand, and call them out on their authoritarianism and lies at EVERY opportunity! There is and can be no compromise with evil, which is exactly what the Marxist Nine are, and we already have more than enough spineless and wishy-washy, go-along-to-get-along members of the surrender-monkey Designated Loser Party already.

    Let’s face it, you are going to be a member of a consistently overridden minority from the get-go. Make the most of it by vocally and heatedly challenging and rebutting the Marxist Nine every chance you get, because frankly that is about all that you can accomplish in that corrupted and twisted assembly.

    Be a voice, not an echo!

  2. Though I’m believing more and more in Eagleexit. Cause I losing confidence in Anchorage that one day its only place will be best as a wasteland after a great and mighty earthquake put it out of its sinful misery.

  3. The Roads in Chugiak/Eagle River are the best in the Municipality, by far, Winter or Summer. You being the Top guy is enough to get our vote.
    Cannot recall the last Chugiak/Eagle River politician that ACTUALLY did something that served the local community… and did it well. Typical of pass politicians it to get behind a brand MADD,NRA,Passed Military service and translate that into some lame reason for qualification to represent their fellow citizens. Nice to have a REAL Community servant that talks the talk and has walked the walk.

  4. I’m a little worried that we’ll be left in the ‘Littlefield’…but hoping for the best.
    I don’t know Mark but wish him the best representing us. I just don’t want to be ‘double-crossed’ again!

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