Linda Boyle: Ninth Circuit Appeals Court rules the Covid-19 shot is not actually a vaccine



Every day, more truth emerges concerning Covid-19 and “vaccines.”  For years there have been debates and arguments whether or not the Covid-19 mRNA jab is a vaccine by definition. The truth is finally coming out.

While the debate raged, the CDC changed the definition of vaccines to include treatments like the Covid-19 shots. This caused further outrage.    

An “AP fact checker”  wrote in 2022 that to claim it wasn’t a vaccine was “missing context.”  Yes, CDC had changed its definition and yes, it was after the development of the Covid-19 jab. But it did not “alter the overall definition” and was done to prevent “misinterpretations.”  The changes were just accomplished to “reflect evolution of the vaccine research and technology.” 

The AP fact checker stated that the CDC has changed the definition of vaccine over the years and the latest change had nothing to do with problems with the coronavirus vaccines”.”

“The CDC has altered the language in the definition of vaccination on its website, including after the development of COVID-19 vaccines, but the changes were made to prevent potential misinterpretations, and did not alter the overall definition, according to the agency. Experts confirmed to The Associated Press that the changes reflect the evolution of vaccine research and technology. The AP was able to verify through web archives that the language on a CDC page titled “Immunization Basics,” has changed in these ways over time. But this does not mean that the agency altered it because of problems with the coronavirus vaccines,” AP wrote.

That was in February of 2022.

Those who have argued the Covid-19 shot is not actually a vaccine received good news this week from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Ninth Circuit Court ruled the Covid-19 jab does not meet the definition of a vaccine under “traditional medical definitions.”  

The case came out of a lawsuit filed by the Health Freedom Defense Fund and other plaintiffs against the Los Angeles United School District and its vaccine policy that required all employees to get the Covid-19 shots by a certain date.  

The plaintiffs stated the shot requirement “infringed upon their fundamental right to refuse medical treatment” citing mRNA shots don’t prevent transmission of Covid-19—they only mitigate symptoms.  

The court, which covers nine states and two territories to include Alaska, agreed with the plaintiffs and stated this “crucial distinction undermines the foundational premise of the vaccine mandates enforced by various governmental and educational institutions.” Judge Collins went on to say forcing people to get something for their alleged health benefits infringes on “the fundamental right to refuse such treatments.”

Although the Los Angeles school district dropped its Covid vaccine mandate for school staff last year, the lawsuit over workers’ rights may proceed, the 9th District Court ruled on Friday.

Readers may recall in a 2022 European Union hearing, Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets Janine Small stated they never tested the shot’s ability to stop transmission — despite what had been widely advertised.  

Perhaps there is finally some justice that will occur for those who exercised their individual rights during this mass fear campaign. Perhaps they will get their jobs back and not have to take any more of these “vaccines” that violate their rights.  

How many federal employees lost their jobs for refusing this so-called “vaccine”? How many military members lost their jobs? How many health care employees lost their jobs? How many private-sector employees lost their jobs?

As Mark Twain once said, “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”  

It’s more than a matter of semantics. It’s about individual freedom to decide about medical treatment.  

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. If the COVID jabs are not a vaccine, then the pharmaceutical companies should NOT be exempted from the injury inflicted on those that took the jab under duress of losing their jobs.

        • Zero evidence, nor peer reviewed studies to show it saved anyone, even saint Fauci, under congressional questioning admitted this fact, when pushed for evidence. Go look at the BMJ (British Medical Journal) data that was released this past month, their collated data from the NHS actually points to the opposite, with a serious (unexplainable) increase in the death stats.

  2. > the Covid-19 shot is not actually a vaccine

    It is an experimental medical device.

    It is a crime that this was forced upon people. Justice still needs to be served on many.

    • All of the people that got covid assosiated with a high fever suffered at least some brain damage according to studies.

      • Please list your source 3rd.
        Your assertion would logically include all those, who got the shot/s and still got sick or died anyway, correct?

        • Every single website after googling covid and brain damage all conquer, WebMD, Harvard Health, Medscape, National Institute of Health also found covid without fever has caused brain damage even when vaccinated or given the jab.

          • Okay?
            So according to your revised claim Covid causes brain damage not only in people with fevers but according to you, everyone, regardless of receiving the mRNA shots or not.
            What exactly does that have to do with micah’s original statement?
            If your intend was to establish that the shots are not living up to the claimed efficacy, supporting what micah stated, you are correct.

            • A Taxpayer; Was not my opinion, my post was according to the medical websites.
              As for my post not having to do with Micah, I often hitch my posts at the top to someone else’s so I’m not down at the bottom as my comments are important and should be read.
              I do not agree with Micah’s comment.

              • You do know what the word “Reply” means, right?

                Reading headlines and re-posting them here does not make your comments important, especially when you change them(see above posts).

                Furthermore calling other people’s comments “BS” or “disinformation” without elaborating on why you think so, is unhelpful and does not support your claim to have “important information” to impart.

  3. The first global psyop campaign.
    And the lemmings that lined up to take the shot – despite there being ample evidence that the risk of the experimental gene therapy outweighed the potential benfit – showed they will do whatever the State tells them to do.
    I honestly used to wonder how did the Nazis, the Maoists, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot get the “people” to do their bidding.
    I don’t wonder anymore.
    This was the greatest usurpation of bodily autonomy, censorship, human sovereignty in our lifetimes.
    Peoples livelihoods, children’s education, people’s health destroyed by the tyrants in BigGuv, BigPharma, the MSM and all the “little people” that willingly, many earnestly, marched in lockstep.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    • I have been asking this question from the very beginning, it seems that from the beginning of covid, all semblance of common sense seems to have exited the building via the back door very quickly and unquestioning stupidity, and fear ran in through the front door and has never left.

  4. The question remains unanswered, are 90% of our doctors, nurses and hospital administrators grossly ignorant or utterly corrupt? Or perhaps both? There was never a question that the Covid shots were or could be even loosely defined as a vaccine. Yet everyone in authority, including Dunleavy went along with the narrative. There will never be consequences for those who destroyed countless lives. We are just limping along to the next disaster.

    • I have heard so many hospital employees saying that they needed their jobs, so they did not speak out against the narrative. So sad. If everyone had took a stand back then, we would not have this mess today.

    • Considering the shot plays with RNA and cancers are generally a malignant mutation of cells, the question here should be; did the mRNA technology interfere with cell growth to cause these cancers?

  5. The definition was QUIETLY changed in order for the mRNA shot(s) to qualify for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and consequently for the pharma manufacturers, the gov’t, those mandating/requiring the shot, and all those administering the shots to receive legal immunity from the known and ultimately pervasive negative health consequences caused by them.

  6. A brief review of what our Federal Court system does and does not do is in order. The federal courts have three main levels: district courts (the trial court), circuit courts which are the first level of appeal, and the Supreme Court of the United States, the final level of appeal in the federal system.

    The 9th circuit appellate court reviewed the procedures and the decision in this case to make sure that the proceedings were fair and that the proper law was applied correctly in this case. The 9th circuit court of appeals found that the lower district court has erred in its decision to dismiss the case, it did not rule on the definition of a word since it does not hold the authority to define words, as much as leftists would love to grant the court that power. This ruling puts the onus back on to the lower district court to hear the case they previously dismissed.

  7. So if it would have conclusively been ruled a vaccine all you conspiracy theorists would have lined up for “the jab.” Is that what you are trying to convey to all of us sheep? Meanwhile how many died because you talked them into not getting vaccinated? Everyone I know that died from Covid wasn’t vaccinated. Ramble on….

    • Naw. Just you run of the mill sovereign citizens. You know…gov’t haters. They want their cake and after they eat it, complain it made em fat. They don’t own or use mirrors.

    • Everyone I know that died took the vaccine. Plus numerous people I know who took the shots now have cancer, heart issues, or are constantly sick with colds. (The cancer was a little known side effect of the shots. That’s why I said no). More people have died of the shots than covid and more will continue to die. It’s so sad and so criminal. But hey keep playing russian roulette ans go get another

        • SM, you are absolutely correct! Thank you for bringing out these truths about the toxic jabs. One thing that I would like to point out is that these were “therapy” shots, not “vaccines” from what I understand.

    • Sebastian, it is impossible to answer a hypothetical.

      However what is clear today, is that a more neutral, fact based debate of the actual potential and side effects of the Covid shots, instead of the “take it or else” approach would have been beneficial. It would have been better to declare the mRNA shots an experimental drug and leave it up to the individual whether or not to take it, without government coercion.

      Unfortunately taking the shot or not morphed into a political loyalty test. It required suspending accepted medical knowledge of natural immunity, vaccine-created prevention of transmission and immunity and demonized the medical community for suggesting alternatives which in the end left little room for rational debate and individual decision making.

      I further believe that US statistics are skewed, as deaths were attributed to Covid, when it was clearly not the primary cause of death. (Read an account of the gentleman who died in a motorcycle accident. He also tested positive for Covid and his death was declared a”Covid” death and listed as such). If memory serves the CDC declare that only 6% of all “Covid” deaths were from Covid and the rest died with Covid (like that unfortunate motorcyclist).

      In the genetic lottery of life some simply do better than others. To claim that the use or lack of a drug that in the final analysis merely lessens symptoms, is the decider between living or death seems a reach, considering that inoculated individuals also succumbed. It is like claiming acetaminophen cured your infection.

  8. I’d like Dr. Anne Zink and Lisa Murkowski to issue an apology for joining forces in the campaign to convince pregnant women to take an experimental jab.

    Btw, the Covid shots are still recommended by HHS for pregnant women because they “might protect your baby during the first six months of his life outside the womb.” (Paraphrased)

    Don’t ask any midwives or OBs whether or not the in utero or still birth rates skyrocketed post-vaxx campaign…

  9. The jabs are conclusively not a vaccine, do not prevent the virus, and are documented in causing lose of natural immunity. We know dozens of people who have died from the jabs, dozens more who are suffering ailments, including very aggressive cancers and heart conditions. Don’t know anybody who died from Covid. People would get sick once, the jab happy ones would get sick multiple times. So many are remorseful dealing with the permanent loss of health consequences from having taken one or more of the damn things. Fortunately only one of our grandkids was injected, and so far she seems OK. It doesn’t take a court to interpret what a vaccine is, that is clearly defined, the courts should be imprisoning the politicians, RX board members, doctors and hospital administrators who pushed these toxic drugs on the public. Fauci should be the first.

      • Yeah Greg, most likely because your peeps were all old like you, had a lot of other health issues and regardless of vaccination status it pushed their system over the edge. Interestingly you did not mention whether or not they were “vaccinated” (I bet a lot of them were), as it would undermine your entire argument.

          • Greg, you are correct, it was a callous and insensitive statement. I apologize.
            Your casual use of the word “peeps”, coupled with the fact that you are old and live in Florida made it sound like an exaggeration and not a personal loss.

  10. It’s funny how the Cult of Covid is populated by people who hate Trump and think him worse than Hitler. Yet Trump was the driving force behind the shot they worship.

    I wonder how those idiots square this reality in their minds.

  11. Sebastian, they changed the definition of “vaccinated.” If someone had been “vaccinated“ with every shot except for the last booster shot, then they were labeled as “unvaccinated.” They did this to scare more people into thinking that the “unvaccinated” were a threat to their health and safety.

    Secondly, the hospitals were forcing people to take Remdesivir as the “only authorized protocol” way to “treat” COVID patients. They refused to let patients take Ivermectin simply because President Trump said it was the best way to treat COVID, and their hatred for President Trump caused them to force people to do the opposite of what he recommended, even if his advise was based on his excellent doctor’s recommendations! Do a little research: Remdesivir is a poison that causes your organs to shut down!! Repeated dosages of Remdesivir would guarantee that all the organs shut down until the patient was dead. I believe more people died of Remdesivir poisoning than those who actually died of Covid. Without Remdesivir poisoning, it might have been like any flue season where people died of the flue, but not so much as to cause a world-wide fear and over-reaction, as we saw with Covid. A little research would reveal that America had more deaths than any other country, because America was the only nation forcing people to take Remdesivir. In fact in some countries where they actually allowed people to take Ivermectin, they actually had an amazing recovery rate!! I’ve heard stories of where doctors in America had their medical lisence stripped away from them for using Ivermectin to treat patients. Even though they could show evidence of 400,000 patents or more recovering from COVID by using Ivermectin, yet their medical license was still stripped away from them because they did not follow the prescribed protocol of using Remdesivir.

    • Right on.
      The truth is savage.
      I’ve lost sooo much respect for the medical profession.
      Now I see most of them for what they are – corporate hacks following mandated protocols of the medical industrial complex.
      Very few actually “practice” medicine.
      Get out of the corporate medical structure – find small independent practices – look for holistic practices – not someone who gets a comi$$ion for every prescription they write.

    • Linda, there is zero data suggesting Ivermectin is effective for Covid. Yes, some unblinded case studies can always be found for any quack cure. It is very easy to look up the results for Remdesivir in the NEJM BTW – Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are both “Big Pharma!” Thanks to your misinformation we now have measles outbreaks across the country. Thank God you weren’t around to promote disinformation when polio was ravaging the country. Let’s see your evidence for the 400,000 “patents.” There is something called spell check if you search for it.

      • Sebastian, I understand that your reality starts with your birth, but some of us clearly have a longer reality and/or remember things better.
        The measles outbreaks have been around for decades when the “enlightened” parents bought into all things “natural” and decided that immunizing their kids wasn’t needed anymore.
        If you had done any research you would have found the outbreak in Portland, Oregon in 2019 and many earlier outbreaks, after the CDC declared measles eradicated in 2000. The university in Portland send unvaccinated students home. These are young adults in their late teens and early 20’s. Any epidemiologist will tell you that you need a certain level of inoculations in order to arrest the spread of a pathogen. Measles outbreaks since 2000 clearly indicate that levels of vaccinations have dropped.

        Furthermore every one is entitled to their opinion and even if you don’t agree bring an argument instead of dismissing them out of hand as “disinformation”.
        In my opinion the heavy handed and less than transparent way the CDC and other government agencies dealt with Covid has a great deal more to do with individuals reluctance to inoculate their children. You force people into an action, they naturally push back the only way they know how. So it can be argued that the mismanagement of the pandemic is contributing to the vaccine reluctance in new parents (who themselves may not be vaccinated against measles), exacerbating a decades old trend of declining childhood vaccination rates. Per the CDC 55% of affected individuals in 2024 measles outbreaks are OLDER than 5 years of age. In 83% of the 151 cases this year the vaccination status is unknown or unvaccinated, 12% had one MMR and 5% both MMR doses.

  12. Many knew the shots were no good when they saw the Government allow illegal aliens into this country during that bad “Pandemic” and not be required to take the shots to protect the Country.

  13. Someone needs a long time in, or under, the jail for forcing this murderous experiment on defenseless Americans.

  14. IT saved millions? Where did that theory come from? Not one shred of evidence that it saved anyone pure conjecture! I could say it cured some people from AIDS. Does not make it true!


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