Linda Boyle: Follow the money on the next ‘vaccine’



“It is the love of money that has the potential to exterminate – to render extinct – the entire human race.” ~ Michael Rupert

Dr. Anthony Fauci, at a Feb 1, 2021 White House Covid briefing, said: “The best way to fight the new variants that are spreading is to get people vaccinated as quickly and expeditiously as possible throughout the country.” 

He concluded by saying that by vaccinating the entire population as soon as possible would “prevent the emergence of variants here in our country.”

Five or six more boosters since then and Covid-19 continues to mutate. Now there is a push for a yearly shot, much like the flu shot mentality.  

It seems, however, most Americans aren’t buying this “you must get this jab or you will die” propaganda anymore. Drug companies such as Moderna aren’t making big bucks any longer. In fact, the total revenue for Moderna in fourth quarter 2023 was $2.8 Billion—a decrease of $5.1 Billion from the same time frame in 2022.  This is a dramatic 43% decline.  

But have no fear — the government is gearing up to stop other diseases and preparing for the new diseases that are just around the corner. The government is also working on older diseases that need a makeover with modern vaccine technology. It plans to use your tax dollars to fund Big Pharma so the income stream can flow again. 

Moderna is ecstatic to report the first mRNA “vaccine” for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for folks over 60. 

It was approved even though it is only 78% effective against two of the RSV symptoms—cough and fever.  

This newly developed RSV vaccine still needs to get approved by a panel of “experts.” Moderna’s CEO has announced this approval will give the company a much-needed shot for new revenue. It’s revenue that will make up for the losses due to people not taking all those Covid-19 boosters.  

The new mRNA drug for RSV has the brand name of mRESVIA. The company says because it is made by an mRNA process, it has the potential to be more effective than any conventional shots. 

What does this approval mean financially for Moderna?  “Analysts on average forecast sales for Moderna’s RSV vaccine of $340 million in 2024, growing to $830.5 million the following year, according to LSEG data.” 

Moderna is also going to receive some more good news. The U.S. government is ready to make an agreement with the company that will fund a “late-stage trial” of Moderna’s mRNA bird flu vaccine.  

There is concern that the bird flu has been contracted by a grand total of three Americans, none of whom died.

This bird flu vaccine funding would be through the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) with an expectation of tens of millions of dollars to be funneled to Moderna for these trials. This deal may include a commitment by the government to buy these vaccines for the H5N1 Bird flu if the taxpayer-funded trials are successful.  

Not wanting to leave Pfizer out of this lucrative deal, the government is also in talks with Pfizer to develop mRNA vaccines to target the H5 family of bird flu viruses. The Financial Times stated the ability of these two companies to add to the U.S. pandemic stockpile would be a big boon for them; both companies’ shares fell as the demand waned for Covid-19 jabs.  

Pfizer announced it is ready to “deploy the company’s capabilities to develop a vaccine for strategic stockpiles.”

Despite the very low threat of bird flu, the World Health Organization is sounding the alarm, as is FDA Commissioner Robert Califf.  Califf has warned this potential bird flu pandemic could have a “mortality rate of up to 25%.”  The CDC, however, says it is still a low risk and if contracted by a person it can be easily treated. 

Other public health experts stated this prediction is a bit over the top and even “farcical.”  

 Still others ponder if this potential “fear-mongering” is related to profit possibilities.

It seems as if Big Pharma is gearing up and their eyes light up over the profits that could be made. 

The National Institutes of Heath is also interested.  Afterall, NIH scientists made $71 million in royalties from the last go-around.  About $690 million went to the subagency called the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — the one Dr. Fauci used to run. Add to this the  $400 million of Covid royalties NIH got from Pfizer and Moderna. It is unclear if the $71 million is in addition or part of this $400 million settlement. NIH isn’t saying.  

Follow the money. Follow the greed. Sadly, many people in power are more concerned with that than they are with your wellbeing. 

Will we fall for this again? It’s hard to say. There are still those among us wearing the face mask—N-95 no less, and over their beards, or with their noses hanging out, virtue signaling to the rest of us.    

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. After the damage the lord god Fauci did to the national healthcare system,
    good luck getting people to trust “ the next bug”.

    Especially if it comes just in time for the next election.

    Fauci should spend the rest of his pathetic life in Gitmo and every cent he had, has, or ever will have confiscated to pay Covid related damages.

  2. Not to mention the hospital industry and physicians are also paid by our government massive amounts to administer the “vaccines”. The same politicians who are “lobbied”, more accurately bribed to allocate funds to research and manufacture these toxic products enact emergency powers to force their use. The AK Native community has been decimated with deaths and permanent health impairments. We constantly have to warn our kids to be very careful with their kids at Native Health with their insidious approach to promoting the use and destroying the health of our grandchildren.

  3. The symbiotic relationship between big Pharma, big government and the medical establishment. Money, power and control. Sad.

  4. I met a guy the other day at the boat dock. No, he didn’t die like a lots of folks I knew, but he was fubar from covid. His balance was gone from brain damage, 🧠, and he needed a cane to limp around. I also know someone when had to have a valve replaced by open heart surgery because of it. Long covid is a thing. Now, all you phantom no named posters can chime in. Ironically they are the same folks who think Trump did nothing at all wrong. Hmmmm?

  5. I have personally observed a medical doctor falsify a medical record to say the ailment was strictly COVID. I wonder how many times this played out across the entire country, and world.

  6. We know that unvaccinated Americans are more likely to be Republican, that Republicans in positions of power led the movement against COVID vaccination, and that hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated Americans have died preventable deaths from the disease. Thanks for doing your part Linda.

    • We know that progressives are mindless sheep who need others to think for them.

      They also think boys can spontaneously become girls, too.

      Hush child. Adults are talking.

    • There was no organized Republican political movement against the toxic Rx products which were subsidized and forced on the public in response to a government project which manipulated a Corona virus to create a weaponized variant. Republican politicians tend to be spineless, like Dunleavy. Who stood by and allowed health workers be fired who refused to destroy their own health over what anyone with a flicker of light between their ears know are dangerous toxins. The politicians subsidize the RX companies and create additional power for themselves in creating crisis. The injections are not “vaccines” and do not protect against Covid. They do compromise the immune system and millions have died prematurely or acquired chronic health issues from their use. If Republicans tended to be less likely to take the jabs, it’s because they tend to be more intelligent and some actually think things through.

      • “Millions have died prematurely.” Do you have any evidence to back this ridiculous statement? Countless US military got the Covid vaccines with boosters but we don’t hear of these men and women dropping left and right. You don’t think the military would have noticed a problem with the vaccine? Like if every 10th marine dropped dead within a week of getting Covid vaccine we would know about this. C’mon man. The death rates per county and borough are readily available if you are willing to deal with reality. Compare Mississippi and Alabama vs. Northeast states. Especially after the vaccine became available. The real tragedy is the number of people that died after the vaccines were available but their 2nd cousin convinced them that the “jab” was really the problem. May they rest in peace. And may the 2nd cousin rot…..

        • Sebastian, do you have any evidence that there are “Countless US military” that got the jabs and have not had issues? Do you really think that the military is going to tell us about the countless number of military personnel that are injured by the jabs when they are having problems recruiting? Do you think that they are really going to tell us the truth when the industrial military complex wants to take us down? You can hide your head in the sand and not find the REAL results from the jabs; but, you cannot keep repeating these lies that you are repeating without getting push back from people who know the truth about how toxic the jabs are to the human body. Besides the pushback, guess what? More and more people are finding out the truth about the toxic jabs. Even if they try to shut up lawyers like Reiner Fuellmich, it is too late – the truth is out there in the interzones for everyone to see. Truth wins in the end – it is written.

        • Well, this was a timely find: video on X calling out injury numbers from the DMed (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database) after the rollout of the jabs. There is some “evidence” for you Sebastian.

      • Dunleavy not only stood by and let countless healthcare workers be fired or quit because they refused the jabs; Dunleavy went on to endorse Zink for a higher political position in the medical field. That was messed up!

  7. it seems like every day, there is more evidence that the COVID vaccines caused much more damage than they prevented. (Despite claims from folks on MRAK that the vaccines saved their life)
    And, for some reason, the powers that be are going to continue to push unproven injections and think the average person is going to take them? Well, they are likely correct on that front. (Have you gotten your Prevnar 20 shot yet? After all, continued approval is dependent upon continued study, What could possibly go wrong?)

  8. As damning disclosures and evidence continues to become public knowledge (ie: just watch the public hearings on any news channel), public trust in these … Big Guv’ment – Federal Agencies – Social Media // MSM – Hospitals – Big Pharma – Doctors have completely vanished. Each one of these institutions have intently broken their ‘professional oaths’ and completely violated their fiduciary responsibilities. Their Legal Counsel & Public Relations Departments have been maliciously // manipulatively playing defense. Absolutely ‘none’ appear to be held accountable rather, those who have courageously voiced concern and/or question the subject have been vilified and attacked viciously.

    Bottom Line: Until these institutions come clean with the truth, nothing but the truth and the complete – full truth, the public will rightfully distrust ‘ALL’ associated; absolution and forgiveness will be a monumental challenge for the public to grant.

  9. Any and All vaccines should be mandatory straight across the board with absolutely no exceptions regardless of dangerous side effects with or without FDA approval.
    The Big money $$$$$$ made from investing in pharmaceuticals is beyond belief especially when the government uses tax dollars to pay for the “Free” vaccines.

    Shoot up everybody! Investors need your support.
    Donald Rumsfeld became a multimillionaire overnight with Remdesivir….(which by the way saved millions of lives!)
    Who could possibly not trust a former politician who became a virologist expert?

  10. At “no time” during the pandemic did Fauci or any government official push for all illegal immigrants coming into this country to have to get vaccinated while waiting to be moved. That is when people all over started waking up to the fact that the whole process of getting healthy Americans vaccinated was a scam, along with the pandemic. All the “shot pushers” should face jail time for what they did to this country, the first responders, and the future generation of Americans were all put in peril do to the decisions made from the White House down!!!!

  11. Left unsaid, the author fully supports vaccination of your children for childhood diseases that have been virtually eliminated.

    “It is the love of money that has the potential to exterminate – to render extinct – the entire human race.” ~ Michael Rupert

    We are a capitalist society, so this is absurd. Well, maybe “like very much” is okay, but tip over into that love area, and you might get into trouble.

  12. Business consolidation is an old style GOP mantra, market effecienes result. there used to be 15K listed stock market companies, noe down to around 5K. some swallowed up by bigger competitors, others absorbed into private equity

    your short life, useful as L, labor in an equation is quickly losing its efficacy. they don’t need you anymore, cost too much, eat too much and aren’t productive anymore

  13. Excess deaths are up worldwide, life insurance actuaries keep very close eyes on these types of statistics. Insurance companies are not driven by hype. I said millions have died prematurely or acquired chronic health issues. Particularly hard hit in Alaska are the Native communities, amongst our extended families and communities where we know most people, the deaths and serious chronic health cases are real and tragic on a personal level.
    Young men are particularly subject to sudden heart failure. By all means, if you wish to risk your health I’m sure doctors will jab all you like. We don’t want those toxins around our family.

    • Brian, I pray that the native communities are waking up to the fact that the federal government is genociding them. Their hospitals, primary care centers, and local clinics want to genocide them (some unknowingly). Their dearly beloved Lisa Murkowski and Mary Peltola could care less about them. The globalists have bought off these two women, so now they do the bidding of their masters – not their constituents. The Bethel Hoffman family and extended family – how much have they been helping Alaskans? Hardly. They are happy to keep the natives poor and sucking on the gov’t teat. I have met many wonderful native Alaskans. Watching them walking off the cliff as they blindly follow the tyranny breaks my heart.


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