Is LGBTQ month in schools a form of month-long sex ed?



The Fairbanks North Star Borough School Board will consider a resolution Tuesday evening (Oct. 16) that adopts November as LGBTQ month, and promotes the teaching of LGBTQ culture and history in classrooms from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Resolution 2019-08 recognizes that discrimination is bad and inclusion is good. It is being brought to the board by the district’s diversity committee.

Most of the resolution could be applied to people as a whole — all members of the education community should be valued and supported, regardless of their race, gender, or ability. In other words, be nice and don’t discriminate.

But the resolution goes a step further, to encourage the teaching of a specific kind of history — LGBTQ history and culture — throughout the month, and throughout the grades.

“WHEREAS, all students and staff members will benefit from inclusion of LGBTQ history and culture,” the resolution reads.

That “will benefit from” clause prompts teachers to include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer history and culture in their classrooms.

Not all parents think that’s a benefit. Some think it’s an agenda.

The resolution promotes the contributions and accomplishments of people who have an ever-elastic gender and sexual attraction identity, and recognizes the LGBTQ community as a “growing asset.”

Some parents wonder if public schools are taking it too far. The resolution, after all, involves the teaching of human sexuality, always a controversial subject. It takes sex ed and makes it into a month-long event to normalize what some parents think is not the schools’ role, but the parents’ role.

Teachers are not forced to include these topics in their coursework, but some of them are likely to do so, bringing in drag queen story times, and special visits from LGBTQ advocates. Teachers who identify strongly with the LGBTQ movement will tend to push the boundaries from teaching respect to teaching make-up tricks.

The United Nations and Planned Parenthood have promoted curricula that reaches down as far as kindergarten to ensure that five-year-olds learn about gender fluidity. That puts schools on a collision course with parents who are teaching traditional values at home.

Elizabeth Holm, a parent from North Pole, noted that the schools are teaching that gender has nothing to do with actual biology. She encourages parents to consider opting out of school in November.

“If this is something your family is not comfortable with, Alaska Law permits parents to keep their students home the duration of the resolution¬†but the students are still responsible for completing their homework and this does not count toward missed days, but you do need to communicate about your intentions with administration,” she wrote.

In other words this could be a perfect time to try out homeschooling, she said.


  1. Wow – thanks for letting us know this Suzanne! I urge all Fairbanks parents to get involved in the discussion to prevent passage of this resolution. The confusing indoctrination on gender is already bad enough in our schools. If they go down this route I hope many parents pull their children out.

    Enhanced home school options would help save education expenses in our state. We should be encouraging cooperatives using the home school system. This would be a great solution for some rural villages as well as many urban areas where parents of many faiths feel marginalized in our liberal public institutions.

  2. Education is selective and culture is religion externalized. You cannot teach sex ed without choosing and teaching religious beliefs. Claiming something is moral or immoral is a religious claim.
    Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have a common religious agenda, a religion they’d like to force on children in government schools, and encode into our laws.

  3. From perverted, to protected, to promoted by government; all in the span of less than one generation. Clearly the 2018 elections in Alaska are the battle for our culture and our values.

  4. These demonic individuals want nothing less than to molest your children to destroy the foundations GOD placed on family and those who think they can harm our children without severe reprocussion are highly ignorant. And those who do and allow it to happen will stand accountable if coughs in this world, but will not escape the next at CHRISTS JUDGEMENT!!!

  5. wow, kindergarten is far too young! if someone read to my class looking like the person in the photo i would have been freaked out and unable to focus on anything else.

  6. This is promoting mental illness in our schools and we get to pay for it. How did the vote go on this? Which board members are the access to this further decline of our culture?

  7. Seems simple enough…
    If you don’t like what your government-operated day-care system does, then withdraw your children, home school them, or put them in private schools, then start some kind of response like recalls and a property-tax strike until things change.
    Could be inconvenient, expensive, time-consuming, plus with home-schooling, you got the little darlings around all day, so you have to figure out what matters and whether you have what it takes to make it happen…
    Should be interesting…

  8. I lived in San Francisco for 25 years and am not especially worried about “the homosexual agenda.” But what I see in our local schools is indoctrination by an extreme element of the LGBTQ2+ crowd. What the lunatic fringe right wing kooks said would happen is happening. The alternative lifestyle people got acceptance and respect and now they’re aggressively pushing the envelope.

  9. This is the Democrat agenda. Promote perversion, eliminate religion, destroy moral values and bring down the United States and the US Constitution. Time to rise up and fight to save our country and our Constitution.

  10. The homosexual agenda has no bounds. This year in Petersburg (Little Norway) at the Independence Celebration of Norway, an annual event, an organized march was included in the parade — of Homosexual activists.
    It was noted by many of the elders and old times, who commented that May Fest is about the Norwegian ties to Petersburg not homosexuals. Blindsided by the homosexual agenda, dealing with it is the next challenge.
    I only share this to further the discussion of the uber radical, Left religion of homosexuals. Obviously going door to door to spread the homosexual agenda does not work in Alaska. They do it throughout our society, be it in the courts, schools, or public events.
    Suggestion for the Fairbanks Parents, Start a Charter School that DOES NOT allow homosexual teachings.

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