‘Ask Gabrielle’



At the risk of being accused of beating a dead voter, er, horse, we still wonder what happened in the District 15 GOP primary election, where seven deceased applied for absentee ballots and 26 ballots were nullified because of irregularities.

That particular race pitted Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux – who got all the votes on the 26 pulled ballots, by the way – against challenger Aaron Weaver. LeDoux was losing in the initial count, but won when all the absentee and other ballots were counted.

Clearly, whatever happened, somebody broke the law, but state officials, particularly in the Department of Law, are remarkably tight-lipped about whether they are investigating despite the looming Nov. 6 general election.

Most of the primary ballot problems sprang from only a few trailers in a single Muldoon trailer park where some of Anchorage’s 6,000-strong Hmong community live. It appears a lot of people were registered to vote from those trailers. When reporters asked people there why so many were voting from just a few trailers, they replied, “Ask Gabrielle.”

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  1. Think of it as a market test to see what the voters will tolerate and whether anybody important cares.
    Apparently the answers are (a) anything they’re told to tolerate, and (b) nobody important cares.
    Since nobody important cares, we accept LeDoux and Co. as a done deal and await our fate, which we may expect to be administered with petulance because we dared challenge the actions of our Betters.

  2. Where is Aaron Weaver and his East Anchorage supporters? Surely they are not going to roll over to this kind of ballot stuffing nonsense! Terrible.

  3. Suzanne,
    Annette Kreitzer and I have been in Sitka for Alaska Day the past few days with the experience nothing short of way too much fun. The people living in Sitka are nice, great to talk with but are a little on the side of not wanting to do their share on providing a road access to the backside of Baranof Island to help the State of Alaska reduce the cost of providing affordable Marine Highway service to the community and to stop the thousands of metric tons of herring taken annually by a few sac roe permit holders having a negative effect on the determent of the oceans food chain and the subsistence lifestyle for many Sitkans

    I highly recommend people going to Sitka for Alaska Day as festivities abound

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