Legislative meetings take their places on the calendar


With a new year comes a new legislative session, and the calendar is beginning to fill with meetings in advance of the Jan. 21 convening of the second regular session of the 31st Legislature in Juneau:

Monday, Jan. 6, 1 pm: Anchorage Caucus meets in the Anchorage Legislative Information Offices large conference room. The topic is homelessness and a program led by the Municipality of Anchorage, with invited testimony from members of various Anchorage Community Councils.

Thursday, Jan. 9, 9 am: VPSO Working Group (House and Senate) meets in the Anchorage LIO Foraker Room. They will review a draft report. Invited participants are: Aleutian Pribiloff Islands Association, Alaska Village Council Presidents, Bristol Bay Native Association, Tlingit & Haida, Chugachmiut, Copper River Native Association, Kodiak Area Native Association, Kawerak, Northwest Arctic Borough, Tanana Chiefs Conference, and Dept. of Public Safety. Will be teleconferenced.

Thursday, Jan. 9, 3 pm: House Health and Social Services Committee will hear updates on reform from Senate Bill 74 (2016) and other Medicaid cost containments. Participants are Department of Health and Social Services, Alaska Behavioral Health Association, Alaska Primary Care Association, Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association. The meeting takes place in the Anchorage LIO large conference room and will be teleconferenced.

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 3:30 pm: In the Capitol Butrovich Room 205, Senate State Affairs was the first “regular session” meeting scheduled for Day One of the session. The topic was the future of the Citizens Advisory Commission on Federal Areas, but as of now that meeting appears to have been cancelled. No word on if it is being rescheduled.

Friday, Jan. 24, 3:30 pm: A special Senate Committee on the Railbelt Electric System will meet to conduct a hearing on SB 123. The hearings will continue Monday, Jan. 27 at 3:30 pm, Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 3:30 pm, and Friday, Jan. 31, at 3:30 pm. All meetings will be in the Butrovich Room 205, and will be teleconferenced. Details here.


  1. The Senate State Affairs Committee Meeting schedule by the Committee Chair for January 21, 2020 has been abruptly cancelled by the Senate President. I find this very disturbing; no explanation, no consultation with the committee chairman, nothing. This type of heavy handed dictatorship usurping the authority of a committee chairman by the president of the Senate is taking us down a very slippery slope.
    Senator Giessel needs to be reminded she is President of the Senate, not Queen of the Senate.

  2. Does that mean the rumors are true they are removing those valley senators — Hughes, Shower, and Reinbold from their chair positions? Republicans stripping other Republicans of power and influence. This should be criminal! Yet they wonder why conservatives are angry at their low-blow tactics! That binding caucus thing has got to go. What’s next? Will the Giessel crowd join with Democrats who are opposed to everything these RINOs allegedly stand for? Didn’t that Landfield idiot rumor this weeks ago? Wonder which of the Senate leadership leaked it to that low-rent.

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