Leaked e-mail: Biden Administration cancels leases in Cook Inlet


The Biden Administration has canceled leases pending in one million acres in Cook Inlet, according to CBS. The Department of the Interior said there was a “lack of industry interest in leasing in the area.” At the same time, DOI canceled leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

The news was announced by CBS, which appeared to be given an exclusive by the Department of Interior. It now appears a CBS reporter was accidentally copied on an internal e-mail within the Biden Administration. The Biden Administration has released no official documentation concerning the news reported by CBS.

The leases were part of a five-year plan set to expire on June 30, when the department was required to complete the sales.

The federal government claiming there isn’t interest is unfounded, said oil industry people in Alaska.

“How do you know, if you don’t have the sale. Oil is at $111 a barrel today. There’s no harm in having the lease sale to gauge interest,” said Rebecca Logan, president of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance.

Hilcorp has been interested in that area and has had state and private leases in Cook Inlet. Hilcorp had acquired permits to conduct off-shore seismic studies. Hilcorp and HEX-Furie Operating Alaska are two companies in Alaska that would be interested in bidding on new leases.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy spoke out on Twitter about it, but his source was also the CBS report, which he linked as the reference for his statement: “The Biden administration has yet again targeted Alaska and proved their lack of commitment to oil and gas development in the US. Gas prices are still hitting new highs and @POTUS halts the potential to drill for oil in over 1 million acres in Cook Inlet.”


  1. Another filthy stinking lie coming out of this administration HE HATES America and despises the American people

    • Yes, that’s the plan. You think any of this is just poor judgment? btw Biden is NOT running the show

  2. Boy I’m sure glad Lisa and Dan voted in approval for those Biden appointments!

    This is one more step in turning all of Alaska into a giant National Park & Refuge. When is the State going to bring suit against the US for violating or state Constitution and not releasing promised land?

  3. If you were to try and destroy this country, would you do anything different than the Biden junta?
    Stolen elections have consequences.

  4. Hahahahaha good. Good job liberals. You want this. Everything more expensive….brilliant plan to “fix” the economy.

  5. Time to disengage our state from the federal govt yoke. We are a sovereign people and state. Our governor needs to step up use his full authority and power.

    • Pointless to sue the Biden Administration. By the time the suit winds its way through the courts, it will be 5 years and $10 million in lawyers fees. All for a resounding “no” from the Ninth Circuit.

  6. We used to ask, “How stupid can they be?” Now, we see it is actually a deliberate castrating of America, the dollar, and the people. It may still be stupid. But Biden voters will need to come to grips with the reality that everything from arming Afghanistan to begging for oil from countries that hate us is intentional. Trump won’t save us. But Biden et al will certainly cripple us. He has shown that in very short order. Those still blaming Trump for today’s ills are a lost cause. But some are facing the reality. Choose wisely when you vote next time.
    We can watch things happen, make things happen, or ask, “What happened?”

  7. Take another bow, Lisa Murkowski, and see if you can go low enough to hide your head in shame. You are a disgrace to Alaska.

  8. Why do our elected officials do nothing? Dunleavy should be initiating lawsuits, Murky and Sullivan should be camped out in DC fighting for us. Nothing happens, we get Tweets and that’s about it. If guess they feel its better to buy from evil regimes and fuel Putin’s war machine as opposed to prosperity for Alaskans. You know, many native tribes depend on oil royalties. Why don’t they start playing the race card?

  9. Meanwhile producers cannot find rigs to repair or finish wells, as the rigs are moving to lucrative government contracts for the stimulus “plug abandoned wells plan”. In addition to rigs, labor and supplies like pipe are being squeezed and driving up prices. If this administration actually wanted to increase production they would put this program on hold. And stop canceling leases.

  10. At least Sullivan held his nose while he voted to confirm Haaland. I wish he would have fought that one. Murkowski has had zero misgivings about giving the Biden admin their dream locker-upper-in-chief. If Lisa had spent one percent of her energy protecting Alaska and Alaskans from this radical administration, as she had spent fighting and demonstrating her irrational hatred for Trump, we’d all be in better shape. Lisa has to go.

  11. If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, turn from their wicked ways…. THEN will I hear from heaven , forgive their sin and heal their Land !

  12. Has anyone ever seen comedian Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter AND Joe Biden in the same place at the same time?????
    Sarcasm ……. There is a big difference between the two.
    Walter was made in America.

  13. Is “voting” permitted? Oath to defend Alaskans’ property interests is on file. Please file federal legal claim. Signed: We the Alaskan people..

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