FreedomWorks endorses Nick Begich for Congress


FreedomWorks for America, a conservative and libertarian advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., has endorsed Nick Begich for Alaska’s at-large congressional seat.

“Nick Begich is a principled conservative candidate who is committed to Alaska and its people,” said Noah Wall, FreedomWorks for America’s executive director. “Begich has dedicated his career to advancing opportunities for Alaskans through entrepreneurship and small business development. Through his work in the liberty movement, Begich has proven that it is possible to improve lives by embracing the principles of economic liberty and individual freedom and by keeping the government’s footprint on the Alaskan economy small and strategic.” 

“The Biden Administration has led an all-out war on America’s natural resource industry, hampering it with burdensome regulations and killing essential energy jobs. There’s no doubt that Alaska has been hit particularly hard by this attack, as well as by the interminable spending that has set into motion our current inflation crisis,”  Wall said. “Alaskans can trust that Begich will get to work on day one fighting for a return to energy independence and fiscal sanity. He will also be a strong vote and voice against the woke Left’s control of America’s institutions. The grassroots are firmly behind Nick, and we look forward to supporting his candidacy.”

“I’m proud and thankful to receive the endorsement of FreedomWorks. They have a long track record of supporting winning Republican candidates across the country. As a leading grassroots advocacy organization, FreedomWorks fights for lower taxes, less government, and greater freedom for Americans,” Nick Begich said in his statement about the endorsement.

Nick has also received the endorsement of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity Alaska, which has set up an independent expenditure group to advance his campaign. The election is underway for the job of filling the rest of the late Congressman Don Young’s term, which expires in January. A separate election will be held for the two-year seat.

Ballots for the special primary election were mailed to voters on April 27 and are due back to the Division of Elections, with a postmark no later than June 11.

FreedomWorks also backed Glenn Youngkin for governor of Virginia, who won against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and several other winning candidates, including:

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    • NB 2 may be a Libertarian but he was president of the AK Federation of Teachers and Anchorage council of Teachers. He received his doctorate, which cost him $150, from the University of Sri Lanka. So, not sure if he is “wacko” or not…something to ponder.

  1. I got my mail-in ballot today, this administration has really dropped the election ball as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be voting for someone else.

  2. It’s always strange seeing NB3 in a picture. It’s like if AOC had an identical twin who was conservative

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