Latest Cook Inlet leases awarded to Hilcorp


The Alaska Division of Oil & Gas held its annual lease sales for Cook Inlet and Alaska Peninsula regions in late May and early June, for a total of 7.9 million acres of state-owned land. On Wednesday, the division announced Hilcorp was the only bidder for the 725 leases available in Cook Inlet. As anticipated, there were no bidders for the 1,004 leases in the Alaska Peninsula region.

This was the second time the division offered terms that included no royalty payments to the State of Alaska, with the State instead generating revenue through a profit-sharing method. This allows the successful bidder to recover costs more quickly and it is intended to make marginal projects more economically viable.

Hilcorp, which started working in Alaska in 2011, as larger oil and gas producers were exiting Cook Inlet, is one of the largest privately owned oil and natural gas producers in the United States. It operates in Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming.

It took over for BP on the North Slope in 2020 and has operated in Cook Inlet for nearly 15 years, investing over $1 billion in the Cook Inlet Basin and producing over 700 Bcf of gas since entering Alaska. In 2024, Hilcorp made its largest ever budget commitment to future activities within Alaska. It partners with more than 700 small businesses in the state and has donated more than $1.9 million to Alaska charities and nonprofits since 2020.


  1. They got the leases, but will they get permits to actually drill on them? Or will Old Yeller screw them over like last time??

  2. high capital interest costs, lack of skilled labor base. lot of changes since the 1960’s culture. the gas is still there. let’s hope this all adds up to a winning combination for Hilcorp, the SOA and of course the consumer.

    secure energy base would help to secure the economic sector for employment and business generation. HEA and Enstar hopefully benefit from a stable long term energy supplier. this is a great first step in the right direction, lets hope it succeeds.

    I’d like to see a Defense Department component as Alaska will only increase its strategic position with the current geopolitical shift. suppling the bases, especially with a bullet line north to Fairbanks might be a stretch but worth taking a look at. the major runway expansion means the BUFFS, B-52’s are coming. more hangers, more support staff, more families. a defense declaration might be the nudge needed to get over some hang up spots

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