Chemical abortion drug approved by Supreme Court


The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously threw out a lawsuit that sought to block access to mifepristone, one of two drugs in a chemical cocktail used for abortions.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the drug in 2016, and expanded the use of the drug in 2021. The challengers didn’t make the case that they would be harmed by the FDA’s relaxed regulations on the drug’s use, and were just objecting to abortions in general. The correct place to make the objections, wrote Justice Brett Kavanaugh, is with Congress or regulatory reform.

Mifepristone is used in over 60% of abortions. The challenge came through the federal appeals court in Texas from doctors and medical groups who oppose to abortion on religious or moral grounds and said the process used to approve the drug was flawed.


  1. So fun to watch the Conservative occupants of SCOTUS-a-Lago backpedal after Dobbs blew up in their face. Unfortunately for them, it’s too late to redeem themselves.

    • Know what’s even more fun?

      Watching you make an absolute fool of yourself thinking you’re clever.

      Go cuddle your Trump doll. Adults may want to talk.

  2. When you have a minority position in women’s rights and you hate being a loser you talk about choices between boat electrocution and shark attacks

  3. A huge danger to women self administering this drug!! Unrestrained bleeding may result quickly incapacitating the pregnant woman!!

    • That may be, but under current law it’s their risk to take.

      Every drug is dangerous to someone.

    • I don’t know how it works. I would hope it would be like the morning after pill, but if they’re gonna kill a baby inside them and potentially needed a DNC, that’s something …else that’s murder.

  4. One can’t go to SCOTUS and say make something illegal because we don’t like it.

    There must be a compelling legal reason. In this case, there was none.

  5. Just like the majority of SCOTUS decisions this is yet another in the long list of unanimous decisions.

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