LaFrance files for mayor, but it doesn’t quite go as planned


Timing is everything, sometimes.

Mayoral candidate Suzanne LaFrance gathered a dozen people or so and managed to get the television cameras down to City Hall for her official filing for mayor on Friday at 3:30 pm. There were photo ops, big smiles, and signs in front of the building, where she hopes to stage a coup and unseat Mayor Dave Bronson, who is running for reelection.

But there was a hitch. When she and her supporters went inside to register with the Anchorage Clerk, it was after the day’s deadline. The Clerk’s office had closed at 3 pm. It was past 3:30 pm.

LaFrance and her crew had to hustle down to the Election Office at Ship Creek to complete the filing, which was accomplished with an hour to spare.

LaFrance has the Democrat establishment and unions behind her and is considered by many to be a threat to Bronson’s second term.

Candidates for Anchorage seats have until next Friday to file with the Clerk or Election Office.

Also filed for mayor are Bill Popp, Chris Tuck, Darin Colby, Breck Craig, Dustin Darden, and Nick Danger. Mayor Dave Bronson has yet to file his official paperwork with the Clerk’s office.


  1. The votes have already been cast and counted for Suzanne LaFrance to be the next mayor. The actual election will be a farce.

    • It would be more honest if the Politburo just announced they saw no need for an election and elevated her to mayor for life.

        • When did President Trump ever say anything of the sort?
          Oh… wait a second. You actually thought that “obviously a joke to anyone with an IQ above room temperature” statement was real?
          No wonder why you leftists are always so unhappy and offended all the time.

    • Anchorage is overwhelmingly conservative. The problem is, attitudes like this. Why bother the election will be rigged. Or apathy to the point of not engaging. If half of Anchorage conservatives showed up to vote they would win with a landslide. Its not rigged. The left cares and the right wants to be left alone. Good luck with that

      • In what universe is Anchorage overwhelming conservative?

        It’s this kind of detail of reality that got you here.

      • We’re not all that conservative, especially after 20,000 oilies moved out of state over the last few years. You can prove it by taking a look at the legislators elected from ANC. We are decidedly purple, trending blue. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Cheers –

        • Yes and no.

          You have to remember that our legislative redistricting process has been hijacked.
          Traditionally the state legislatures drew the maps and the winner of the census-year election reaped the benefits. After the Obamacare debacle, Dems lost the vast majority of state legislatures in 2010. The realized this would be a big problem, so they ‘changed the rules’ via the courts ahead of 2020. Pennsylvania and North Carolina had significant shifts after court-selected maps favored Democrats.

          District maps are now drawn by activists and selected by judges. Surprise, surprise, the left leaning courts in Alaska pick Democrat maps. Alaska hasn’t really had a ‘Republican map’ since the Hickel 1990’s. Democrat maps over-represent their voters and create 50/50 splits in the Legislature. Why do you think its been so easy for ‘Republican leaders’ starting with Lyda Green to sell control to Democrats for the last 20 years?

      • Anchorage conservative? The elections tell a very different story.
        Do you really think we got the assembly we have because of conservatives not voting?
        the left cares? About what? Gaining unlimited power and pushing people around from what I can tell.

        • It doesn’t help so many
          Conservatives chose not to vote, but reality is what it is. Anchorage is on track to be Portland.

          The left wants power enough to do the work to get it.

          • Might have to do with moving the city elections to April instead of November. Less attraction to voting and what is really going on. More union voters, less aware citizens.

        • Turnout in Muni elections rarely exceeds 35%; if our elections were in a third-world country the UN would call them illegitimate. With turnout so low it is hard to make the claim, in either direction, that the elections in Anchorage actually represent the views of the population.

        • Just remember that we generally had 5-4 or 6-3 splits in the Assembly until they unilaterally changed how we vote in 2017. Radical measures had to be taken after the Orange Cheeto won, you see, and the coup was successful.

          So much easier to harvest hundreds of loose ballots from dense multi-unit housing with union ‘volunteers’, right? Bring back in-person voting with an ID check, and our Assembly might once again resemble the population instead of the current whack jobs.

        • Actually, yes. They are not motivated nearly as much as union voters, who literally vote for the size of their own paychecks. If conservatives got richer every time they won an election, they’d turn out too.

      • Saltypissgoblin, Anchorage doesn’t have the conservative voter number to win any landslide. Bronson is there because of God-one can’t cheat if God doesn’t enable it, he is also there because of the hard work and eagle eye that annoyed retired muni clerk of a 24 year old campaign manager, and Eagleriver-Chugiak, plus old fashioned good political luck from some democrats and independents who didn’t want leftist Dunbar as mayor after the ordeal of Quinn-Davidson and Berkowitz they went through, But can’t count on that thousand to vote for Bronson after the leftist media manipulated and painted Bronson into their negative image of him.

        If Anchorage really wants to change it needs to find its redemption in its churches, it’s the only way. While the world is sinking fast into sin or going downhill into sin, the more we need to rely on the supernatural God to get us out if the mess we all started and contributed toward. The churches have it in them be more hard working without fear but the church people are still being so slow to evaluating themselves and laying their own struggles and sins at the cross, so do the individual work God puts before each believer.

  2. I hope she is paying her cheerleading clowns a livable wage, paying in advance of course. Shocked that the rules were applied. Suddenly a sense of following the rules for once by a member her handpicked team. Glad to see them using caution. The actions of the assembly are being closely followed these days as their reign of terror and money shuffling is exposed to the good citizens of Anchorage.

  3. Opps…Never a good sign when you’re late for the very first task..sounds like an “All hat, No cowgirl” moment

  4. Call the cops she is creating an actual disturbance. We are asking her to leave. Security? We much prefer Dustin Darden and actually want to hear what he has to say even if it takes three whole minutes instead of one minute this time; or Mayor Bronson has done a great job! Let’s keep him!

  5. fellow shows up late to his dates home, should be there at 7:00 PM, it’s 7:30. Sitting on the porch with a shot gun is the date’s father. “Your late.” said the father, “Sorry: said the date, “Well”, said the father, holding up the shot gun, “Your not the only one”. So ends the political message.

  6. LaFrance was one of the least impressive Assembly members. She will be a front for others. Anchorage will be even more of a shit show with her has Mayor. Conservatives must start voting in Anchorage.

    • LaFrance was Constant’s mini-me while on the Assembly. He will do the thinking, talking and planning for her just like he did while she was Assembly chair.

      Note her incompetence at not being able to figure out when the Clerk’s office closed. Note also that while Assembly Chair, the Clerk worked for her. Cheers –

  7. Surprised that there was any problem. Rules, as a general matter, never apply to the Left.

    Acquire and hold power by any means necessary.

  8. Liar LaFrance. She signed the Dunleavey recall petition. That is public record. But then when she was running for State House against Kaufman, she said on video that she did not sign the recall petition. She is a pathological liar that is too stupid to cover her lies.

  9. With any luck, LaFrance’s multiple clot shots will really start kicking in before the actual election, and force her to withdraw from the (almost certainly fixed) race.

    One can dream, anyway.

  10. An inauspicious start for a campaign that I hope will fail miserably. LaFrance is responsible for tens of thousands of people being put out of work, thousands of businesses going under, school children being left behind in their education because of lockdowns and more. Worse: she’s shut down discussion during assembly meeting and turned the assembly into a virtual dictatorship when Mayor Berkowitz left office and backed Austin Quinn-Davidson’s takeover of the mayor’s office rather than electing someone to fill the position. She doesn’t need to just lose the race for mayor, she needs to be run out of town.

  11. So we can expect her to be a procrastinating mayor. What was she doing all day that she couldn’t find the time to head over to city hall before 2pm.

  12. Count on Lafrance crew to quadruple the property taxes. They’ll salivating over the newest property assessment how much more money they can siphon. Homeowners selling their property here since 2006 is looking a wise financial decision.

  13. She didn’t know Muni workers end their day at 3 PM!
    Unreal …. how out of touch can you be …. they ARE her team for Pete’s sake

    • It is when it is a corrupt and manipulated ‘election’.

      Which EVERY (s)election is in Anchorage now, with the fraudulent mail-in voting scheme that the Marxist Nine instituted to consolidate their rule.

  14. OK folks.
    Now is the time to start.
    If you are not already talking to your neighbors, friends, and coworkers, start now.
    Do not be an A-hole telling them how to vote, but let them know all about LaFrance’s history on the assembly. How the word “dilatory” made it into the record multiple times. (And, let them know that LaFrance thinks listening to public testimony is delaying her ability to cast votes.)
    Remind them that LaFrance, as well as most of the assembly, repeatedly place the wants of the homeless before the needs of the taxpayers.
    Let them know that while Bronson is not perfect as Mayor, he is not solely responsible for the problems placed at his feet. The authority of the mayor’s office is limited sharply by the Assembly. And, this assembly is perhaps the most hostile to the Mayor that I have ever seen.
    If you want to see real estate taxes rise sharply, while services drop off because both the Assembly and the Mayor are more interested in feel-good, but otherwise meaningless measures, vote LaFrance. Police and firefighters? Nope, homeless. Plowing the streets? Nope, plastic bag bans and green new deals.
    Anchorage is rapidly turning into a leftist hellhole overrun by addicts and wokeism. Elect LaFrance, and its demise is certain.

  15. Interesting, the city clerk’s office actually closed on time instead of keeping the door open for Mrs. LaFrance. Makes one wonder if there is now a more egalitarian wind blowing through the clerk’s office OR the new clerk didn’t get the memo and ruining the LaFrance adoration/free campaign event.
    Either way I am not ready for Chris Constant to be mayor and assembly chair, so she will not be able to count on my vote.

  16. How could she raise money and spend it on campaigning before she officially filed? Isn’t there a law against that?

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