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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Knopp responds to GOP: I am a Republican, will run as one



Kenai’s Gary Knopp has responded to District 30 Republicans, saying he has no intention of withdrawing from running for reelection to the Alaska House of Representatives, and he’ll run as a Republican.

Last week, GOP District Chairman Randy Daly wrote Knopp a letter telling him that the district Republicans didn’t want him running on their ticket.

“I represent all of my constituents, not just a handful of short-sighted individuals,” Knopp wrote. “Many people in our party have divergent views on many issues that will face the Legislature next session. It’s important that all Republican voices are heard. Most of us are hardworking compassionate people who know that it is working together not rancor and extreme viewpoints that bring results.”

Knopp said that Daly’s letter was dishonest, petulant and petty, and that of all the candidates running for District 30, he is the best one to save jobs and businesses.

“I don’t know why you would fight against someone as qualified as I am unless you simply don’t have our community’s best interest in mind,” he wrote.

Monday was the final day for candidates to file for District 30. Filing as Republicans were Knopp, Kelly Wolf, and Ron Gillham. No Democrats filed for the seat.

The candidates have until June 29 to withdraw from the primary.

Filing as a non-party candidate for the General Election ballot is James Baisden, who will go up against whoever wins the Republican Primary.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Morals integrity and following the Constitution and your Constituents are why you have been exiled,, Ron Gillham will repair the trust.

  • Sellout.

  • His hubris will be his demise.

  • Inconceivable that the recall Knopp petition has not gained greater traction than it has.

    I would vote for a Democrat over Knopp. At least that way one would not feel betrayed. Knopp might be a Republican, but certainly is no conservative.

  • Delusional.

  • Knopp has no principles, or morals. Just a little wormy guy who wants attention. He looks like a gas station attendant who pumps gas for a living. The other primary contenders need to get together for the sake of the Party, and flip a coin.

  • How did he respond? Is there a press release or post that you can link so we can read his complete response?

  • An undocumented aliens have constitutional rights to vote!

    Gary you simply are an undocumented Democrat.

  • This is where Republican Party leadership really counts. The Party needs to figure out the solution to get rid of the little impostor Gary Knopp. There is a solution. It lies in a compromise between the other two candidates and the Party bosses to work out an equitable agreement. Then, send the little POS Knoss out in Cook Inlet on a log.

  • Knopp

  • There are some very decent, smart, and well-intentioned people that get into local politics for good and honest reasons.
    But there are also too many petty, self promoting, dishonest, attention seeking not-so-bright low lifes.


      • Knopp really does look like a sleazy used-car salesman. Don’t the Republicans on the Peninsula get it?

  • You are nowhere close to being a Republican as Nancy Pelosi is.

  • This is a test for our friends in Kenai. If you re-elect this clown then it’s on you!

  • The inevitable primary will be informative. Provided responsible, honest people can agree to put up just ONE primary candidate against this closetcrat! Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing who will jump into the primary to split the vote.

    • Point them out and the voters will be informed. Anything to get rid of POS Gary Knopp.

  • Isn’t there another way to deal with the Knopp problem? Come on folks, let’s be creative.

    • Knopp for mayor of Kalgin Island. Now there’s a campaign I could get into.

  • There are Republicans on Kalgin Island?

  • Not a single penguin on Kalgin Island would vote for Knopp.

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