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Friday, September 24, 2021
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District 7 drop: Rob Yundt

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Rob Yundt II has dropped his candidacy for House District 7, leaving only Lynn Gattis and Chris Kurka in the running for the seat being vacated by Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard.

“Politics are a funny game,” Yundt wrote today on Facebook. “I wish Politics were as simple as a 1 on 1, bracketed style wrestling or MMA tournament but they are not.

“When I decided to run for State House it was because I knew in my heart the only other person who had announced would be absolutely catastrophic for Alaska. Every compass has 360 degrees & he’s proven he’s only focused on one small portion of them. A real leader & team player has to focus on the entire picture & there is no way Christopher Kurka (David Eastman 2.0) could have done that,” Yundt said.

The builder said that after Gattis jumped in the race, he realized the two of them could split the vote and hand the win to the most hardline conservative of the three — Kurka.

“For me, that is not an option & for that reason I have decided to pull out of the race,” he said. He will spend the next two months campaigning for Mat-Su Borough Assemblyman and fellow local homebuilder Jesse Sumner who is running against David Eastman in District 10.

“Anyone who is actively involved in politics & has been paying attention will tell you David has been a huge part of the reason the House of Representatives has been split the last 2 years. His refusal to focus on the big picture & work only on one single issue the last 4 years has literally drove a wedge inside of the House & is a large part of why we haven’t been able to get anything done as of late,” Yundt wrote. “Christopher Kurka would do the same exact thing Eastman has done if Mrs. Gattis & I were to split the vote & allow him to win our District.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Sounds like a good thing he dropped out!!

  • It’s a good gauge of how conservative someone is by how they rag on great conservatives like Eastman and Kurka. In other words, they’re just playing a conservative game, not out to make real changes.

    • Eastman is far too radical and unable to work in a legislative body. Completely ineffective.

    • Lance, being a conservative is a very good thing. But if the conservative in question is an egotist, he’s a loose hand grenade.

      He put forth a bill to ban abortion. It didn’t move. He voted against a piece of legislation that would have reduced abortions considerably, essentially voting in line with his Democrat colleagues and Planned Parenthood.

      This clearly demonstrates a diminished logic, if not a personal defect. Our state is going bankrupt and is being overridden with crime. I believe abortion angers God immensely, and I believe we’re experiencing judgement for it. Other things also anger God, like injustice (activist judges, weak sentencing guidelines), sexual assault (we’re the worst state in the nation), and corrupt government officials (there’s a rich list).

      I’d like to see an abolitionist who behaves just like Jesus advised his disciples: shrewd as serpents, innocent as doves. Instead, Eastman apparently takes advice from the World Wrestling Federation — shout, spit, carry on so the cameras are looking at you, then slam your brethren in the back with a steel folding chair.

  • Sounds like one less RINO in the race who undoubtedly would of, if elected, aligned with the Democrats. Good riddance Mr. Yundt and maybe next time be honest with everyone and run as D.

    • Mongo, when were you appointed supreme leader?

      • I was born to lead.

  • Why cant we all just get along? Because when socialists are taking over our State we need to stand. Being compared to Eastman is all the endorsement Yundt needs to say.. Chris Kurka I wish you well. You see we need Fighters for what is right in our State govt, Those like Mike Shower Lora Reinbold, Shelly Hughes, Mia Costello, These Folks are standing and taking the heat for our State against the dark side the Borg of Giessel Stedman Von Imhoff Kopp Knopp Coghill all the rest that have betrayed the States Constitution and chose to serve special interest instead of we the people of the State. They are standing tall on principle and I salute them.

  • Gattis is a huge Rino, sided up with Tammy Wilson when she did the Turncoat with Edgemon & the other Rinos last year in Juneau. Put her out to pasture.

  • Eastman is trying to do what the people elected him to do and the welfare perpetrators can’t stand him. I think some fiscal conservatives is exactly what the state needs.

  • Lynn Gattis is not what she says she is, worked hand in hand with Tammy Wilson when she joined up with Bryce Edgemon & turned to the Dems for power. Look at Kurka before going with someone who was in Juneau & was voted out.

  • So there’s only one conservative in the race? The choice should be easy then. Thanks for the tip.

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