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Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Kenai Democrats come out in force for Rep. Gary Knopp

Rep. Gary Knopp is getting no love from the Republicans of District 30, but the Democrats are now waving signs for him in Kenai.

Knopp, a registered Republican, helped install Democrat-dominated House leadership team, saying no House Republican caucus would survive so long as Rep. David Eastman, District 10, was involved.

He was not the only one. Eastman had, during the formation of the House caucus in 2018, remained in an adjacent room and refused to appear with the Republican caucus for photos.

At that point, the Republican majority started fracturing, with Knopp and fellow Republicans Jennifer Johnston, Tammie Wilson, Chuck Kopp, and Steve Thompson joining the Democrats, installing a Democrat Speaker, and divvying up the leadership spots to create a power-sharing team.

Knopp has been asked by his district to return to the Republican fold several times, and recently the district voted once again to censure him and endorse Ron Gillham for House District 30.

Sign-wavers came out for Knopp this weekend, and it turns out, the Kenai Democrats and Alaska Democratic Party took pride in their efforts to boost the recalcitrant lawmaker, who was a registered Democrat for years before he started seeking public office.

A group of others on the Peninsula, put together a “Fire Knopp” rally, and Knopp went over to join them, sending a decidedly mixed message he may not have intended — it looked like the “Fire Knopp” event was bigger than it actually was.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Of course they did! This is not bipartisanship, Gary is a Democrat. An infiltrator, a Trojan horse, a textbook RINO! Vote him out!!

  • Knopp is truly a leftist and has a big ego which is why he (and only him) destroyed the caucus. It’s shameful to blame those who voted for the republican caucus but were trying to negotiate away the binding caucus that we’ve all come to hate. Don’t blame-shift.

  • On the one hand you have Gary “Judas” Knopp doing everything in his power to destroy everything fiscal conservatives stand for and using the regressive PFD tax to keep his special interests friends on top. On the other hand you have Representative David Eastman who is a uncompromising pit bull for conservatives and for the PFD. The idea that those two are going to work together in any kind of ruling majority is beyond most people’s wildest imagination. Knopp has the Democrats in his corner and Eastman has the 0 compromise wing of the ARP in his. It’s an uncomfortable situation for those in the AK State House who are still operating under the old “we must work together to get things done” paradigm. After 6 years of being almost totally steamrolled by the RINOs, many rank and file Republicans recognize that it’s “do or die” time and Eastman is the fighter over the target catching the flak.

  • More proof knopp has been a Democrat (communist) all along.

    If dopey Gary were a conservative, the left would not be beating his drum.

  • Suzanne spins and smears as she attacks conservative Eastman with her “slight of hand”. Her efforts only push the fulcrum to the left as she spins her web in the Eastman/Sumner race. The truth is NO one wants anyone like Knopp anyway, except Democrats. That is why we have Ron Gillham standing up in that race. A TRUE Republican Majority that actually understands the Republican Platform was not meant to be last time as Knopp was determined to undermine the Governor.

    From the article link below…

    “Knopp said a bipartisan coalition would act as a counterweight to Gov. Mike Dunleavy, while an all-Republican caucus wouldn’t.

    “You’re going to have that bloc of legislators who are going to support the governor’s agenda and a bunch of us who are not,” Knopp said. “And it will divide our caucus even more. And so we have to have that diversity in the House amongst members’ parties around the state.”

    While Knopp said he agrees with some of Dunleavy’s agenda, he disagrees with him on other issues, like whether to enshrine Permanent Fund dividends in the state constitution.”

    [Live link removed by moderator. Links not allowed in comments.]

  • Let Knopp change his registration from Republican to Democrat. That’s where his heart is. Then we can kick his miserable a$$ as an enemy combatant, not as a traitor.

  • Because Republicans closed their side of the primary, the only way I have a choice is to register as U Or N.
    The idea that Valley folks think we need their “help” in this election is, to me, personally offensive. And of course the truth is there are many nonparty folks who support Gary as they appreciate his willingness to respond to all his constituents…rather like the old school Alaskan Republicans. He doesn’t cave. I wrote the letter suggesting it and posted it on FB. Not much of a “secret campaign” that Hal got ‘credit” for.

  • Non-Party Folks are Democrats that like to pretend that they are free thinkers.

    • You might be surprised how many nonpartisan folks there are since Rs closed their primary.

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