Kenai Borough Mayor Pierce: ‘All workers essential, Kenai Peninsula welcomes you’


In a short video released just before the weekend, Kenai Peninsula Mayor Charlie Pierce declared all workers “essential” and said the Kenai Peninsula is open for visitors.

He gave a “shout-out” to the people of Alaska. “We’re essential down here. Everyone of us. All of our large businesses, our small businesses, we’re all open,” Pierce said, as he stood by his truck.

“If you want a place to go, you want a beautiful drive, there’s not a prettier drive than going along the Turnagain Arm, and heading south. You get to that sign that says, “Welcome to the Kenai Peninsula, well you are welcome here.”

He went on to remind people to practice what they’ve been taught about social distancing, and hand-washing, but reiterated that Alaskans know how to do that.

Pierce is the first mayor of any Alaska community to get himself on record and to welcome visitors from around the state to get out and enjoy summer with the bold message that “all Alaskan workers are essential.”


  1. Great News Kenai Pennisula! Finally, someone gets it, take precautions, but open the heck up for business! Kudos!

  2. Get ready Mayor. The leftists will be screaming their heads off. Saying you are endangering all people by opening for business. They don’t care if your constituents go bankrupt. That would fit their agenda. Enough of the ‘screamers’ dictating everything to everyone. If they don’t want to take a chance on fresh air, beautiful scenery, a chance to catch a big fish, lighter traffic than ever before, stay home and quarantine their own BS. The local grocer, today, announced a “sale” on halibut filets. Only $15.00 per pound, depending on weather and availability. What would that make a 100 lb. halibut worth? About a 70% recovery of ready to eat product on each fish.

      • Dan,
        You’re right on the filets. There are several prized parts of halibut that many do not take advantage of. Cheeks, collar meat, head chowder and more.

  3. I believe me and mine will travel down and spend a couple days in Kenai, just to get away and support the businesses.
    Thank you, Mayor Pierce!!!

  4. I love this. I’m going to spend some money in this borough. THIS is who we are. We aren’t rodents to hide away in holes- we are human beings. Good on this mayor.

      • Greg,
        The isolation does not work.
        Look at NYC, most new cases are “hunkered down” individuals?
        The CDC was wrong with their “China” approach to Covid.
        Charlie is 100% correct in his approach to the Kenai and the overwhelming majority of Alaskans support “opening up” for business.
        You are welcome to stay home with Netflix and your bowl of ice cream as long as you want.

  5. Wait! wasn’t there one new case of Kung Flu reported yesterday? Boy, given that I wouldn’t say that we are out of the woods just yet… maybe we should give it another month or two? Just kidding! About time time some community leaders called Bravo Sierra on the Gov’s lock down and feckless “re-opening” orders. A healthy measure of caution might have been warranted 6 weeks ago but we are well past that now. Perhaps travel into Alaska from outside should be controlled but lift all of these depressive hunker down orders in State now!

    • 6 weeks and you think you’re done?

      Get ready for a few more months if not more.

      4 months in and this particular global pandemic is not close to being done.

  6. Thank you Mr Mayor! We didn’t want to live by decree and mandate in the first place, and it has continued for far too long! If I have to hear one more official declare that we will have to continue to social-distance indefinitely I’ll be ready to revolt. No elected or unelected state official has the right to tell us what we will do “indefinitely”. We “did the thing” and made them look good now let’s get back to work, church, and life!

  7. Thank you Mayor Charlie Pierce. Very good message. Yes, all workers really are essential. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  8. Thank you Borough Mayor Pierce! We’ve been closed long enough. Six weeks too long, in my opinion.

  9. Nicely done, Mayor Pierce! We are ALL essential to our community.

    It’s time to stop being fearful and use common sense practices such as washing hands frequently, not touching the face and not inflicting yourself on others when symptomatic.

    The worst aspect of the state government’s role in dealing with the Wuhan Virus ‘pandemic’ is their identifying ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ businesses. Winners and losers. Big box stores and grocery stores can be open. Small businesses, not so much. Medical procedures were classified essential and non-essential. Medical examinations (more like encounters) being conducted by ridiculous “Zoom meetings”. How much is missed by not having a health care providers seeing the patient up close and personal? Patients avoiding medical appointments due to daunting rules of engagements for live visits. We need to get back to acceptable medical procedures not run by fear.

    So, its great to hear one of our leaders, Mayor Pierce, expressing so much optimism about getting our community back to work, safely and reasonably.

  10. Charlie is just doing what Charlie does best, he’s grandstanding.

    He’s making a campaign ad, because he wants to get re-elected and stay on the dole.

    He’s filmed in an empty parking lot of an abandoned fish processing plant and after the camera was done rolling he got back into his truck and rolled up the windows and headed right back to his bunker.

  11. Yes, come support businesses. But please, for the love of God, wear masks and stop leaving trash everywhere. It’s more important now than ever to be mindful about what is left behind at camp sites and on park benches. Here in Seward, most tourists are not social distancing, and instead are littering and being disrespectful of locals.

    • I’ll second that, there’s. a whole lot of self-absorbed slobs in Alaska who have little regard for their fellow man, being disrespectful is something they feel as though they are entitled to do.

  12. Why have so many people swallowed the Kool Aid about the masks???
    The few well-designed studies that have been done indicate they are nearly or completely ineffective at impeding aerosolized viruses and possibly detrimental to health. Of course they are! You’re obstructing your airway, re-breathing your own waste, and creating an abnormal moist bacteria-laden (and virus-laden?!) microenvironment near your nose and mouth. One of the things we know about the virus is that increasing dosages correlate to increasing seriousness of infection. So what does a mask do to a healthy person…?
    The CDC, which at this point has just about zero credibility left, first told us quite authoritatively that masks were unnecessary and ineffective, then did a 180 and said they were essential. Does nobody wonder about this? A mask is the perfect virtue-signal and/or indication that we will do whatever our masters tell us to do, no matter how ridiculous.
    People need to get a grip and stop seeing other human beings as simply viral vectors. If you are really scared, stay home, which unlike demanding everyone wear a mask will actually minimize your exposure to the virus and many other scary pathogens. But don’t insist the rest of us go along with the mask charade.

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