Breaking: Byron Mallott reported dead, heart attack

Byron Mallott takes the oath of office to uphold the Alaska Constitution in December, 2014. James Brooks photo

The former lieutenant governor of Alaska has died. He was 77. He suffered from a heart attack and passed away today, Must Read Alaska has learned.

Mallott was lieutenant governor after running for governor in 2014, winning the Democrat primary, and then making a deal with Bill Walker — Walker would run as governor and Mallott would be his lieutenant.

That deal was signed off on by the Alaska Democratic Party, and the two went on to win over incumbent Gov. Sean Parnell in the General Election.

Mallott resigned from office in October of 2018 after reports of inappropriate activities emerged during the final weeks leading up to the general election. Commissioner of Health and Social Services Valerie Davidson was hastily sworn in as lieutenant governor and Walker withdrew from contention for re-election, although his name appeared on the ballot.

Mallott had been the mayor of Yakutat, the mayor of Juneau, the president of the Alaska Federation of Natives and the executive director of the Alaska Permanent Fund. He had served on the Alaska Airlines board and the board of Sealaska Corporation, for which he served as CEO and board chairman.

The story of how he fell from power is still shrouded in secrecy. Gov. Walker, upon announcing Mallott’s decision to resign, said the story was Mallott’s to tell. It was one that he took to his grave, although there is a young woman somewhere in Alaska who knows the full story.


Mallott was born on April 6, 1943 in Yakutat to J.B. and Emma Mallott. His father was a storekeeper who had a general store in the family home. Mallott spent most of his youth in Yakutat and then graduated from  Sheldon Jackson High School, before attending Western Washington State College.

He became mayor of Yakutat at a young age, after the death of his father, who had been mayor. He left college to serve in that role, and then went to work for Gov. Bill Egan. After Egan’s defeat in 1966, Mallott returned to Yakutat and served on the city council. He also served as a special assistant to U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel. Upon Egan’s reelection in 1970, Mallott went to work for him again in a function that was eventually absorbed into the old  Alaska Department of Community and Regional Affairs when the legislature created the department the following year. Mallott became the department’s first commissioner, serving until 1974.


  1. Suzanne, check the dates; I’m sure he didn’t leave college in the late “1940’s” to serve in the Egan administration, having only been born in 1943.

  2. Suzanne, Any military service by the former LT Governor? Married at the time of his death?

  3. There is an ending to this story that goes beyond the final chapter of life. It becomes a parable. A consequential verse of, “this is what happens when…….. “. As for former governor Bill Walker, the same can be said. However, the parable is slightly different. When you purposely try and fool the public, and then retreat with no explanation, except to say, “it wasn’t me,” the issue is never resolved. So who does the public hold accountable? The perpetrator who ran off and hid from his crime? Or, the fool who ran with the perpetrator, only to disappear, hoping to escape a very public shaming? Bill Walker knows.

    • ….there are others who know, Kemosabee. Start with Bill Walker’s former chief of staff, Jim Whitaker. Bet he won’t be coming to the funeral.

      • Will Bill Walker come out of hiding and attend the funeral? Maybe pass around the recall petition at Mallott’s funeral?

      • This is what happens when a Republican does a deal with a Democrat. You either become one of them, or you go down with them. Ask Bill Walker’s wife. She’s the one who confronted Mallott over the child molestation affair. Mallott’s indignancy to Mrs. Walker led to his resignation. Like dominos, Bill Walker and his Administration went down. A disgraced Native leader in the Lt. Governor’s Office and the Governor he took down with him. A news story? It should have been a national news story. ADN, FDNM, Juneau Empire? ………..crickets.

        • When you want it that bad, that you’ll sacrifice all your ideals and philosophy- just to get a win? Then you are the last person who should be in there. Bill Walker was that sort of person, and we paid the price for putting him in there. He will go down as the least effective and most damaging governor in our history, and a betrayer of his own promises and professed positions, just so he could assume power that he was never fit to hold. Beyond shameful. The end of the campaign in 2018 was a reflection of its genesis; vile and arrogant.

  4. The state will be flying flags at half staff ……. for a week? Who ordered that? How about at 1/16 mast, to show how despicable Bill Walker and his “soul buddy” acted while in office. That was not a proud moment for Alaska.

    • I have a REAL problem with the media, Democrats, legislators, Me Too women and others giving Byron Mallott a pass. Child safety and the safety of Alaska’s young Native women is much more important than remembering Byron Mallott. Raise the flags, Governor Dunleavy.

  5. Picture accompanying this article; Justice Carpenetti swearing in Byron Mallott. What’s does Carpenetti think of child molestors?

  6. Ironically, the ADN just received a Pulitzer for reporting on the issues it failed to report on about the deceased.

  7. Last thing we heard about him in the news was he was accused of molesting his girlfriend’s underage daughter and he dropped out the governor’s election and blew Walker’s chances, if he even had one, after stealing PFD money with help from corrupt judges. ?

  8. Dear CDC: Put him down as a C-19 death, so we can another tragic death to stoke fear.

  9. This the first story in the mainstream media about old Byron Mallott since late October 2018, when he went into hiding. It took his death to bring out a report. Now, we’ll never hear the end of what a great, noble man he was…. an Alaskan icon. What a bunch of rubbish! Byron was a creep. And, his behavior was creepy. Ask the “Me Too” Democrat women who resent the creepiness, but love the Democrat man… …. because he was a …..Democrat. Biden/Kavenaugh. The same hypocracy from Democrat women. If Dunleavy had been hitting up on young girls…….what a headliner the press would have made of that. But for godsakes, this is Byron Mallott. A Native leader. The Alaska press will be stumbling over itself at his funeral. Rest well, Byron. The next world may judge you differently.

  10. Mongo, are you saying we should make Byron a “victim?” How about the real victims? The women…….. many of them probably Democrats. The Alaska Native people have always taken care of business in their own way. Banishment! Maybe we should all wish Byron good luck at his next Happy Hunting Grounds.

  11. Byron’s Obit.
    Here lies a chief
    Alleged molestor and stalker,
    Fooled everyone,
    Right down to Bill Walker.

    But the news went silent
    And the Democrats flinched,
    Me Too is suppressed
    And a recall be clinched.
    RIP, Byron.

  12. Of all the news accounts on Mr. Mallott’s death, none say where he died. Was it at home in Anchorage, Dillingham, where? This would indicate where he was “hiding out” since his fall from grace in the political arena.

  13. Maybe Mallott’s little side excursion is a blessing in disguise for Alaska. Walker went down with Mallott. It was Walker who wanted to put the Chinese in control of a future gasline for Alaska. Another blunder by the idiot Bill Walker and his criminal gang. So, in some weird way…….thank you, Byron Mallott. You kept us out of war.

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