Kelly Tshibaka’s free speech APOC hearing is Thursday, same day she launches new podcast


Former U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka has a big day on Thursday. She has already presented a robust defense before the Alaska Public Offices Commission against a host of allegations levied by Alaskans for Better Elections, a pro-ranked choice voting group. The commission staff dismissed all but one allegation, which it will take up on Thursday at 10:45 am by the quasi-judicial commission.

Meeting materials for the Alaska Public Offices Commission meeting are at this link.

The allegation focuses on the activities of Preserve Democracy, an organization led by Tshibaka.

The crux of the remaining allegation centers on language used on Preserve Democracy’s website, which was deemed a “prohibited expenditure” by the commission staff.

The website’s message advocated for election systems to be “easy to understand and accessible to everyone” and opposed the spread of ranked choice voting. This led to a recommended fine of $16,450.

Tshibaka, however, contends that the website’s content falls under constitutionally protected free speech, arguing that APOC’s regulatory authority is limited to expenditures related to direct voting advocacy on ballot measures or candidates.

Tshibaka’s defense highlights a recent case where APOC’s attorneys supported a similar stance before the Alaska Supreme Court, questioning APOC’s jurisdiction in this matter and asserting the violation of constitutional rights.

In a determined tone, Tshibaka expressed her readiness to escalate the issue to the Alaska US Supreme Court if APOC’s decision is unfavorable, emphasizing the duty of citizens to safeguard free speech from governmental overreach. This stance aligns with her broader political ethos, advocating for government accountability and citizen-led governance.

Also on Thursday, Tshibaka, together with her husband Niki Tshibaka, will launch a new podcast show titled “STAND.” Positioned as a platform where “courage becomes contagious,” the show aims to feature interviews with a variety of guests including national and local leaders, celebrities, authors, and entrepreneurs. The objective of STAND is to motivate and empower the audience to stand firm for freedom, truth, and a citizen-led government.

STAND is set for a weekly broadcast across multiple media platforms, including television, radio, and as a podcast on the internet. The inaugural episode features former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, with subsequent episodes including interviews with prominent figures like Dr. Ben Carson and social media influencer Alex Bruesewitz. It can be downloaded from all the widely used podcast providers.


    • We did not really defeat the USSR. We forced it to change tactics.
      Saying we defeated it is like saying we defeated the muslims in the Crusades. All we did was prove they cannot take over the world by force. So, instead they are breeding us out.
      Same with the USSR. They infiltrated our schools and now we have idiots who actually think socialism works.

      • Are you saying the USSr (russia russia russia) infiltrated Us ? or Socialism has…. I think we did defeat them in Reagans admin, because they couldnt keep up with our defense spending. The ideology coninues in various forms and countries, with the WEF as a leading contender.

  1. LOL, Free Speech! The actual allegations include failing to promptly report activity, excluding accurate “paid for by” disclosures, failing to register, and illegally filtering money through a Washington-based church, the Ranked Choice Education Association. This kind of activity is wrong regardless of the offender’s partisan affiliation.

  2. I lost a ten dollar bet. I bet the Tshibakas would not be in Alaska after June 2023. She/ they are like any other conservative grifter; I’m tired of the scam.

  3. The Honorable Senator Lisa Murkowski destroyed Tshibaka without RCV, and how dare Kelly ever think that she could beat one of the nations most powerful Senators, Lisa a born and raised true Alaskan 😉

    • You bet she is, 3rd Generation. We made sure Lisa had the best in her life. Private schools, new cars, outdoor swimming pool at home, cushy summer job with boyfriend at Prudhoe Bay, law school, state representative, appointment by me to US Senate, write-in for re-election in 2010. I even made sure that she got the exam answers for the state bar exam after a half dozen attempts. Nancy and I made so many wonderful new Democrat friends in the past 20 years. All of our old Republican friends have a
      abandoned Nancy and I. Who needs them. We’re Democrats now. The only down side to all this is that her freeloader house husband is still borrowing my money for his vacations.

      • I knew Frankie was going to lose us a lot of old friendships when he appointed Lisa to his US Senate seat. Frankie had it down to Lisa or Mr. Binkley. Mr. Binkley just didn’t have the Murkowski brains, or at least that’s what Frankie told me. But I don’t know. Lisa’s IQ is about the same as Frankie’s which is below room temperature. Most people know that I was the real US Senator from 1980 to 2002. He should have appointed me. And I would have got to keep all of my lifelong Republican friends. Now we’re just stuck in ……..
        Wrangell, Alaska …..
        counting House Husband’s inheritance.

      • Third Generation,
        Just so you know……… Nancy is from California. And I’m from out of state too. So if you are one of us Murkowskis trying to impress me and MRAK readers…….you might want to get your facts straight and test out that double digit Murkowski IQ at a much later date.

        • Funny. Frankie told me the same thing when Sarah Palin kicked Frankie’s *ss in the Republican Primary in 2006. Frankie SO wished for RCV back then. Instead, we now get maximum government retirement checks so we can live the good life and remember the days when the name Murkowski actually meant something good for Alaskans.

  4. Kelly and Nikki Tshibaka have all of the creds that liberals love:
    A good looking mixed-race couple, Harvard educated law school graduates, passed the bar exam on first try, good attorneys, speak well, and have a lot of common sense.
    But the one down side……..they are committed

      • Are you sure that Lisa Murkowski is a lawyer??. She may have finally passed the bar exam after 8 or 9 times, but I can’t find any record of her having any clients…….other than her retarded pop who appointed her to his his US Senate chair.

  5. This podcast sounds like a million others. The listenership will be in the low hundreds, and it won’t be long before the hosts run out of material – and therefore sponsors. It’s really time for this couple to stop pretending they are political influencers, and get real jobs. I hear that one can make good money shoveling snow in Anchorage right now.

  6. The Tshibakas are a striking couple. Compare them to Lisa and Vern. Lisa looks about 85 with all of her wrinkles and droopy eyes. Vern looks like an overfed drone, who’s never worked a day in his life. No wonder people hate the Murkowskis.

    • Say what you want, Ed. I’m living the good life and enjoying myself. Lisa is looking old and haggard from her many years of self-doubt and insecurities. I’m still pretty handsome and looking to trade up to a much younger model. I just have to wait until RCV gets voted down by the public in the next election. Then, we all get rid of Lisa.


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