Chris Tuck plows a path into Anchorage mayor’s race — clearing Mayor Bronson’s street


Anchorage mayoral candidate Chris Tuck decided Mayor Dave Bronson’s street needed plowing, so he did it himself, and videotaped his effort, in what may be the lowest-budget, highest-impact campaign ad of all time.

He posted his effort to YouTube, where it started gaining traction and is being passed around on social media. There’s no music, no introduction, nothing but Tuck operating a snowplow while the windshield wipers whack back and forth, somewhat annoyingly.

Tuck, a moderate Democrat, is running in a four-way race against first-term Bronson, leftist Suzanne LaFrance, and moderate leftist Bill Popp.

Anchorage has had record snowfall over the past two weeks, with both state and city plowing operations unable to keep up, which has led to plenty of complaining among the residents of Alaska’s largest city. It appears Tuck figured out what matters to Anchorage right now, and got his point across with his own blade, saying it is important that Bronson be able to get to work so the rest of the city can get cleared of the snow.


    • Hey Chris,

      Feel free to drive over to Hunt Circle for more street work. The snow here has not been plowed recently and this is not a neighborhood where neighbors help each other. In order to get my car out of my driveway I had to shovel the berm the Muni plow drivers left at my driveway. And in order to get mail, I had to clear the mound left around my mailbox. Paul Vanlandingham’s office workers did not arrange for the city to fix any of this. Four senior Muni “leaders” I called 36 hours after I first asked for help (and I needed to get out of my driveway) refused to return my calls. I am 70 years old and a service-disabled veteran and should not try to shovel snow!

      Now I am looking for a new mayor with a much better senior leadership staff. And I’d also like some better neighbors (Air Force retiree Chris must be the worst).

      • Barbara, I read your post several time. I suggest you move to a warmer climate. Before you get all exercised about the younger generation having no respect, my neighbors and I are close to your age or older. When it snows a lot, we deal with it and are grateful when the plow comes through, so we can get into town.
        It seems that you are under the mistaken impression that the mayor and his staff should be at your beck and call to assist you with your personal space. It also appears you have the same expectation of your neighbors.
        Berms are what happens when it snows a lot and there are thousands of homes and businesses dealing with the same problem. The city is doing their best to clear the roads to use for all and then haul away what has piled up. While you point out that you have service-related challenges, you seem disinclined to cut your neighbor Chris any slack, even though as a retiree, one can assume he isn’t a spring chicken either. Kindness, cooperation and community spirit starts at home. Maybe a batch of brownies for each of your neighbors may start a conversation. Otherwise there are services, who will come and clear your drive and move the berms. I personally would not hold my breath to have Chris Tuck show up at your door (unless he sees another opportunity for a PR stunt video) and you may not be happy with the quality, judging by his plowing abilities from the video.

        • Another thing tax payer you forgot to mention but also this is for Barbara and critics; Tuck may been borrowing a friend’s truck with plow for the event day. He may had just spent his first couple hours practicing before filming began. He wouldn’t be totally experienced knowing what driver’s plowing for years even decades would know how to complete a well done snow plowing job and removal service.

      • At 70 and disabled you should plan to stay home in a snow emergency like this.
        And i’d suggest you contact a plow service for help on the berm/mailbox issue or hire some teens.
        Remember there is a reason old people retire outside or snowbird.
        It takes energy, that many of us don’t have to get through some of these winters.
        Better luck going forward.

      • Me, I shovel my own, or pay someone to do it.

        Also: being a 70 year old disabled veteran (taking you very skeptically at your word) does not give you standing over the rest of the muni, who also pay taxes. Many of who also are retired vets with challenges.

  1. So what point is Tuck’s ad making? I see he is showing that Mayor Bronson did not get favoritism getting his own street plowed ahead of others! The state is responsible for plowing major streets (like Northern Lights, A Street etc.) and it has been unable to respond. Bronson showed leadership by taking action by using MOA crews to get the worst of the frozen deep ruts removed quick, “so ambulances won’t be breaking axles”. These are record breaking snowfalls. Tuck’s ad is a cheap shot as our snowplow crews are trying the best to deal with an emergency.

  2. Are you kidding? He is a union man and knows very well a stunt like that is just that a stunt! Is he saying his Union buddies are working hard enough?
    At least the mayor didn’t have privilege and get his done.
    Perhaps he should talk to his buddies in the assembly. I believe they cut some snow removal for homelessness!

    • Must Read Alaska failed to print my honest comment about our lack of snow removal on Hunt Circle, the failure of four relevant Bronson administration “department leaders” to return my calls for service after 36 hours, and an invitation to Chris Tuck to plow our street. I am an 80% service-disabled veteran and I had enormous difficulty shoveling the berm at the end of my driveway and clearing the areas about my mailbox. But, I had to do this in order to get my car our of the driveway and so that the letter carrier would deliver mail.

      Why the censoring, Suzanne?

      • I’m a 100% service-disabled vet with PTSD, TBI and a fake leg. I don’t ask for any special services or use this as an excuse. Please stop whining and get off your computer and shovel it. I know we all have different needs but don’t use your service as a reason to pull weight. They don’t need to respond to you, they are busy with the other 300K population.
        BTW- I shoveled my driveway and 3 other neighbors. It’s great to serve others again!

      • Why do you feel ‘mail’ is a reason to hurt your back or risk injury?
        They don’t throw your mail away if the box is blocked & most mail (what’s left of it) is junk mail
        When blocked, the carrier keeps that mail and delivers it when the box is clear.
        Don’t know, of course, but you sound like a Democrat; as they have elevated ‘whining’ to an art form.

      • Funny. I just read it.

        Odd thing about blogs. As they are private publications, they have the prerogative to add or remove posts as they wish.

        Don’t feel pregnant or special, sunshine. Most of us who post regularly go into moderation limbo from time to time. I usually joke about it.

        Pro tip. If you learned to use paragraphs, it might make it easier for whatever method releases posts to do so.

  3. If elected, Tuck will immediately turn his attention from passable streets to socialist pampering, just like all liberal/leftists, because the socialist machine simply won’t allow him to do otherwise. The miraculous blessing of snowpocalypses in November instead of March is that the muni hasn’t had the chance to waste the annually inadequate snow removal budget on social spending yet……..although they’re trying as best they can………

  4. Didn’t look very plowed to me. If he’s going to half a– a plow job, I doubt he’ll put much effort into being a good mayor.

  5. Wow.

    You mean Chris Tuck will be the kind of mayor the Assembly wants? One who’ll dedicate himself to pandering to the spoiled brats of Anchorage who’ve eaten up this asinine narrative that Bronson is Orange Man Bad because he didn’t personally shovel our driveways for us?

    This videos reveals two things: Tuck is not what Anchorage needs and this city is filled with Snowflakes.

    If he appeals to the Snowflakes, I’m sorry for him and sorry for us.

  6. Everyone should watch this mornings Michael Dukes Show.
    I’m drinking Thursday morning coffee and wacthing Mayor Dave Bronson fully explain the Cities response to this record snowfall.

    As far as Tuck’s video, it’s even less productive than his time spent in the Legislature.

    Portland awaits all those that can’t handle winter.

    • Wow Chris Tucks fisher price plow really did great. At his rate of 20 ft every 1.5 min he will have Anchorage’s 1,200 miles of road done by next winter.

  7. Well Mr. Tuck, nice job being a helpful community member but there is very little difference between a leftist commie and a moderate leftist commie. In my opinion, a leftist will steal your freedom away without telling you, where a moderate will at least tell you he is stealing your freedom in an organized fashion. If Anchorage wants to continue to be free, keep Bronson. Can you imagine the pain coming with your current City Council if you elect a leftist mayor. Just take a look at what these kinds of people are doing to cities around the country. Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and the list goes on and on. If you want to live in a cesspool where law and order do not exist, keep voting for these communists that want to turn your once thriving nation into a 3rd world nation. They do not care about you. They care only for power and control, and they can never have enough.

  8. If an image of a fantasy mayor personally plowing our residential streets is “gaining traction” on social media, it proves one thing: Anchorage is full of Snowflakes.

  9. ThanX to Tuck, we get the opportunity to see a typical leftist pretending to work, all for personal gain, while accomplishing nothing..Nah.. I’m good, Tuck

  10. we aren’t supposed to be doing our good works in public. Since he did he got his little reward. Been better though if he was known to been shoveling neighbors and streets out for free to his neighbors last 23 years. Tuck is clawing at Lafrances voters and her support democrat network. Bronson’s voters need to remember Democrats won’t be happy until they get that mayor’s office returned in their control while they control everything else.

  11. Is everyone so stupid to see that the lack of snow removal is nothing more than an orchestrated event by the unions, at our expense, to reduce the Mayor’s chance of re-election? Thanks, assembly members. Thanks, union bosses, for making us look as helpless as a lower 48 city with a surprise storm. Makes us proud. Idiots.

    • I thought of that. There is more than the elect running Anchorage. There are those running and managing departments or businesses. This why Anchorage-Eagleriver Bronson voters must stick together despite what they think in spite of the criticism among us and outside of his base. South Anchorage neighbors are going to have to help one another especially those south anchorage neighbors professing themselves Christian where there are a larger quantity of self proclaiming Christians living in South Anchorage. Where’s their shovel, their truck plow, their gas powered snow blower? Their pouting and complaining is only adding tinder to the fire and the firing of Bronson. They don’t need a Democrat in the mayor’s office.

  12. So, let me see if I have this straight.
    Mayor Dave Bronson did not exercise any of the Mayor’s office power to get his road cleared first, and this is a problem for the left?
    Forgive me if I see this as an endorsement for Mayor Bronson, not an effective ad in any way.

  13. This guy needs a real job – as do many long-in-the-tooth politicians who get in “The Game” to make their fortune and ultimately lose touch with the rest of us. Now, they’re all going after Bronson’s response on the near-record snowfall but, I imagine if the many millions spent on pampering the homeless (to make themselves feel less self-loathing) was used to fund street maintenance, the roads would be in better shape faster. Naturally, THAT wouldn’t be good enough for them either. Tuck needs to walk away from this. Please.

    • Once a man or woman as had a taste of leadership where else can they go if they aren’t too old yet? Their belly for power and position is still hungry plus being in an everyday job with those who never hung around Alaska leadership (staying in nice hotel rooms, women fawning over the man, six-figure salary, invites to social events where pretty people go) would seem so common and dulls. Discontentment is sure to set in their heart of candidates. As well as who else do Democrats have ready and wants to run even among them to run for next year’s mayor race except Lafrance. I think Tuck is just there to diminish Bronson’s small base that brought him over the finishing line just making Dunbar short a couple thousand. Remember it was a close race. If Anchorage-Eagleriver voters who voted for Bronson last year can stay together while gaining new voters. Hopefully they don’t lose sight what Bronson’s been up against and the lack of movement some critics have criticized is Anchorage is like an uphill car stuck on ice spinning its wheels just to keep itself from descending backward. Then maybe Lafrance and Tuck will end up splitting their peoples own voters making their side having to wait four more years before getting a chance to have that coveted office returned to them.

  14. After watching the video, it appears to be a one-lane job, not sure it accomplished much.
    Unwittingly he actually made Mayor Bronson look good, since Mr. Tuck firmly established that the mayor does not ask for special treatment of getting his street plowed first and deals with snow like all who live here.

  15. It’s hard for me to see Tuck as a “leftist commie” when he has consistently opposed abortion, supported the full PFD and worked to further the union in the electrical industry and that directly advances middle class Americans!!

    • “ and worked to further the union in the electrical industry and that directly advances middle class Americans!!”
      Are you high? Do you see more or less union work out there for electricians? As an electrician do you work all year round? Or do you endure multiple periods of unemployment waiting for the phone call from dispatch? Are you an IBEW 1547 member? Good for you if you are but many many of us have left because we couldn’t afford to not work. How exactly did Chris tuck advance the union? The non-union side is eating our lunch out here….let me guess, you’re retired?

  16. The real question here is….. can He keep his PANTS on and perform the duties of Anchorage Mayor without posting pics of his naked a** and do a bangin job with the news anchors.

    He seems to have the attention of ADN’s anchors…are they married? or wait…that doesnt seem to matter anymore.

  17. Hard to believe Tuck is a “leftist commie” when he has consistently taken a stand against abortion, has consistently supported the full pfd for the people and dedicated 40 years of his life to advancement of the IBEW in the electrical industry which directly strengthens the middle class!!

    • I appreciate his pro-life stance. He is not a mass murderer, and he deserves credit for that. However, the PFD is as socialist an economic program as any other I’ve ever even heard of, and collective bargaining is socialist as well. Socialism and communism are economic models, and Alaska is as far down that economic road as any other state in the supposed union.

  18. Well(!!!), if CT can’t make it in the other career path’s in his past, maybe(???) he’ll make it as a snow plow truck driver? It very well might be his true calling and best career path.
    Best Of Luck!

  19. Gotta hand it to Chris Tuck. It’s creative, opportunistic, and definitely rings with the voters. Bad timing for Mayor Bronson, poor guy.

  20. Cheap political theatre. Tuck is another lefty waiting to swing anchorage completely over the cliff. He could’ve plowed any number of streets to be helpful, instead went for political points and smarmy tactics. No thanks Tuck, you’ve done enough damage to anchorage and the working class. He’s not any better than LaFrance or the other empty-headed empty suit.

  21. Virtue signaling.

    I think the biggest problem is how much we’re made to rely on the local government to save us. How do we get back to being neighborly and plowing our own streets? Neighbors need to come together to problem solve.

  22. IF we had a functioning Republican Party, they would be in overdrive trying to figure out how to use RVC to their advantage here.

    This kind of situation is what gave us Mary. It can in theory work both ways.

    But our GOP is only slightly more useful than poop left on the Alcan during elk migration.

  23. It’s my deepest wish that Anchorage votes in a far leftist mayor next year. It’ll be the final nail in the coffin of what used to be a vibrant, clean city that was moderately enjoyable to live and recreate in.

    • Anchorage is likely to go that way to hell in a gift basket sooner if Mayor Bronson doesn’t get re-elected just to keep the coveted mayor’s office out of Democrat control or we get eight years on borrowed time not really doing anything nor going anywhere as a city; however at least we ain’t watching Anchorage being destroyed by a leftist. We be like a car stuck on ice on hill spinning its wheels instead of sliding downward where I am reading and hearing Anchorage is at between a Mayor Democrats can’t control and an Democrat Assembly and their City of Democrat unelect leaders but no less important and probably even more significant than an assembly member.

  24. Tuck, the big pro-union guy, is now the big scab, busting into another trade?
    Not a peep from the union rep whose guys got slicked out of their work by some guy from a different union, not even the whisper of an unfair labor practice.
    Shock and dismay… is nothing sacred?
    Don’t need YouTube to visualize an alpha-male union dog, a pedigreed Alaska Municipal League bit… er, female dog, and a mongrel beta-male Leftie hounding a wounded Anchorage to death.
    Hope Team Bronson runs ’em off, before they do real damage.

  25. I be more impressed with Chris! If he actually! Got out with a shovel! Instead! Showing off! With plowing! Hey dude??? Let’s help each other???

  26. Too obvious to be just the Anchorage mayor. With all this Democratic “know how “, Chris Tuck must run for the US House of Representatives. There are more than enough Progressives running for Mayor of Anchorage.
    The former State House leader and IBEW business agent is known well all over the state and carries the union seal of approval (one of their own) to assure votes.
    Democrats owe it to their party to make the present incumbent earn her way back to Wasington DC….

  27. La France will be the one to go head to head with Bronson should no one garner the coveted 50+1% vote first round.

    The Assembly has been at war with Bronson since day one and they’ll do everything they can to topple him. Where is the AKGOP on this?

    • But the real question will be: Can LaFrance plow the streets herself before the buses head out to pick up the kiddies or will she be a failure just like Bronson who somehow couldnt get the streets plowed like they have been doing the last 50 years.
      God help us if the fire dept took 3 days to respond to a house fire or police showed up the next day after a mass murderer slaughtered a room full of kids in school.

      I guess since Covid stupidity set in its up to the New Mayor to reeducate the street clearing crews on how to clear streets. (Snow removal is very tricky).
      Or are the union brats just a little bit spoiled on account of their labor agreements dont have guaranteed monthly pay raises so they can pay their rising property tax bills?
      Sign the labor contracts or wade through knee deep snow… Its up to the homeowner.
      Pay up or shut the hell up.

      • LaFrance couldn’t even do the assigned job while Assembly Chair, constantly asking Chris Constant what to do next. Similar to O’Bama pulling Biden’s strings, Constant pulled LaFrance’s, which is why they are running her. Cheers –

      • Are you kidding??
        It simply wouldn’t snow while LaFrance is mayor!!!
        She would decree it so and be royally irritated when Mother Nature gave her the finger. While Anchorage would drown in the white stuff she’d blame the those fascist conservatives!

    • If this true, then I think neighbors voluntary burning the extra fuel to plow the neighborhood street ought to be allowed.

      Last year in December when there was another snow dump worse than last weeks snow blizzard a neighbor did a couple passes up and down our neighborhood’s main street. It was much appreciated by me while we all waited for the city plowers to do a more thorough job whom came later that night during the wee morning of 3am, they seem to have my neighborhood on a schedule they consistently come at 3am. At least he pushed the snow back to the edges. That’s the way neighbors used to be. South Anchorage neighborhoods if their neighbors were truly living Christ-like, which south anchorage is Christian professing community, their men would be out there either manually shoveling snow back from the road, using a snow blower, or driving a pickup with a plow working together while they wait for big city steel bladers arrive. From what I hear their men nor their able bodied women don’t even lift a hand to do any more snow moving not on their property.

  28. Isn”t Chris Tuck old school Alaskan? There is a values clash among the old schoolists and the enlightened. The enlightened have unions fighting for wages for them sufficient to make middle class wealth possibly available. To volunteer their noble laborious snow removal is to sneer at negotiations between neighbors for the public good of cleared roads? “Jen” is always working to transmute Anchorage into behavior she would recognize in her “native” village, everyone pulling together sinking and or swimming. When everyone works together new hierarchies get sorted outed out. The strongest most effective with snow removal process receive admiration and gratitude perhaps awe and higher regard. In the village she and her large thug family would shine by virtue of sheer size and brawn among the smaller spindlier neighbors. She has a right to your husband by virtue of the size of her forearms the size of logs, alone. Just Jen’splainin to ya, South Anchorage, here”s your chance to go bush. Might work for you. Give it a twirl.

  29. See, Alaska is not a culture of beauty and welcoming. It is a culture of the barest survival. if that’s your pinnacle and load you want to bequeath to your children have at it. Wolves have more charm and fellow feeling. Gratuitous lies in Alaskan tourism marketing are budgeted by the state millions. You aren’t believing your own hype are you? Sell it to someone else. Be sober and aware of what you are choosing for your family. Repent if possible.

  30. PS: The enlightened cottage industries of
    spiritual health in Alaska still feebly appear to be lashed to the mast of the Hesperus, unfortunately and thus of little perceptible help thus far with 2000 miles yet to go to get to civility it may appear. I have helped out for a quarter of a century with God’s help by use of the English language crying out in the wilderness of detestable things I have seen to little human avail so to speak, per se.

  31. All the bad snow, poorly plowed roads, closed schools, using muni plows for state roads and this is the only article about snow or roads? Seems like maybe this publication is actively avoiding opening up any real valid criticism of Bronson. Let’s all just pretend he’s doing a good job after two years of this snow mismanagement.


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