Kelly Tshibaka: Murkowski lies to voters about birth control because she can’t run on her record



As the Aug. 16 U.S. Senate primary approaches, Lisa Murkowski and her allies have decided to launch countless dishonest and deceitful attacks against me, doubtless a sign of their growing desperation. After 21 years in the Senate, it’s telling that Murkowski is doing everything she can to distract Alaskans from her appalling record.

Let’s address the biggest lie first – her outrageous claim that I support banning the sale of birth control pills through the mail.

I and members of my family are among the millions of American women who have taken birth control pills. I do not support restricting their sale through the mail or otherwise. Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in an ad campaign will not change that fact.

The deceptive ads rely on video taken out of context from one of my many town halls – events Murkowski does not risk doing – when I was answering questions about abortion and other topics. Pills that induce abortions should not be confused with regular birth control pills that prevent pregnancies. 

Sadly, Murkowski and her surrogates have made the conscious decision to exploit and manipulate women’s concerns for political advantage.

But this is not the only way Murkowski is trying to deceive Alaskans.

She claims she supports lowering fuel costs and increasing energy production in Alaska, but she cast the tie-breaking vote to advance President Biden’s nomination of radical environmentalist Deb Haaland to be Interior Secretary. Haaland has since led Biden’s relentless assault on Alaska’s resource industries and the people who depend on those jobs to feed their families.

She claims to support the Willow oil and natural gas project and the King Cove Road, but she enthusiastically voted to confirm the federal judge who later killed both projects. This cost Alaska billions of dollars in investment and thousands of jobs. It also deprived residents of the Aleutians access to an airport to connect them to life-saving medical treatment.

She claims to support the 2nd Amendment, but she voted with Democrats for the Biden-backed gun control bill that undermines our right to bear arms, and consequently lost her endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

She claims to support public safety, but she was the tie-breaking vote to confirm notorious “Defund the Police” supporter Vanita Gupta to the Department of Justice position responsible for approving grants to local law enforcement.

She claims she wants to secure our borders, but she voted to allow illegal immigrants to remain in this country even if they commit multiple crimes against U.S. citizens.

You get the idea.

Since announcing my campaign last year, I’ve traveled more miles within Alaska than it takes to circumnavigate the globe. What I hear most often from Alaskans is that “it’s time for a change” in our representation in the Senate.

Alaskans are frustrated by the direction of the country and alarmed at how many of the policies coming out of Washington, D.C. are specifically targeted at us. We cannot believe that our senior senator has supported Biden in so many harmful policies instead of fighting to protect Alaska.

As your next senator, I will fight to revive our economy, build affordable housing, and defend our resource industries against the environmental extremists who are determined to turn Alaska into a national park.  

I will stand up for our God-given constitutional rights, including the 2nd Amendment, which have been eroded by D.C. elites. The NRA awarded me its highest rating.

I will advocate for healthcare reform, including increased access to mental health resources, getting veterans benefits in record time, and ensuring our vulnerable Alaskans receive better care. 

I will support parents’ rights to be involved in their children’s education, and immigration policies that promote secure borders. 

And I will listen to the voices of all Alaskans who feel forgotten. You will no longer be ignored. Your voices will be represented in the halls of Congress. 

It is time Alaskans had a U.S. senator they can trust – a U.S. senator Alaskans want, rather than one Joe Biden wants. I have laid out my agenda and vision for our state, appropriately called “It’s Time for a Change.” You can find these policies and principles at

In the primary on August 16th, and again on November 8th, I ask for your vote. It is time we had a U.S. senator who is the same person in Alaska as she is in D.C., and who will listen to and advocate for Alaska’s interests, not D.C.’s. It’s time for a change.  

Kelly Tshibaka is a born-and-raised Alaskan, and a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alaska who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party.


  1. Lisa’s annoying TV ad opens with the campaign bragging about how she’s fighting for ALASKA about Ukraine. What a bunch of garbage, word salad gobbledygook worthy of Kamala Harris.

  2. It certainly comes as no surprise that our Senior Senator will do anything to retain her seat in the Senate…..expect much more between now and election day from her and her handlers….they have no morals and will stoop to any low to destroy anything or anybody to gain their goal…..but in the end they will loose and Kelly will be our new Junior Senator for Alaska….

  3. I have a jar of mayonnaise in my refrigerator that has been in Alaska longer than Kelly Tshibaka has been back here.

    • I have a daughter who’s been mooching off of me since the late 1950’s, and she still mooching.
      GO KELLY T!

    • What difference does that make in any way? Who cares how long anyone has been in Alaska. Hillary Clinton ran for Senate in NY, but had never so much as slept in the State outside of a hotel.
      Does Kelly support the ideals of your average Alaskan? Yes. So, what difference does her residence make in any way?
      Seriously, if you are choosing to vote for a different candidate because of time in the State, your commitment to stupidity is admirable.

  4. Seems to be the way of unpopular candidates to increase their odds by any means, regardless of truth. In the lower 48, smear campaigns are popular. The closer to the election, the more you see, because it gives us less time to verify the accusations, which become hideous. We can expect much more in the days to come. I would like to think that Alaskans for the most part are smarter than this, and can also see beyond the offers of free money for rural Alaska that never seem to benefit anyone but the elite. Lisa knows we are onto her and is desperate at this point. Expect more to come.

    • What constitutional right?
      Please, show me a single right that is granted by the Constitution. Any right.
      Perhaps you have never read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or any of the remaining amendments. Here, let me help you out. The Bill of Rights consists of 10 Amendments to the US Constitution, and every single one of them restricts the Federal Government from unduly restricting the rights of individuals or the sovereign States. The wording might be a tip off: “Congress shall make no law…” “… shall not be infringed” “the right of trial by jury shall be preserved…” and it goes on. No where does it say “Here’s a right we are giving you.”
      Maybe this will help explain it a bit better.
      You have a fundamental human right to:
      1A: speak your mind without fear of undue consequences.
      1A: choose what deity you want to worship, or choose not to worship at all.
      2A: self protection against threats, both personal and political
      3A: security in your own home
      4A: security in your possessions and papers
      5A: have charges against substantiated prior to trial
      5A: not be tried for the same crime twice
      5A: not be forced to bear witness against yourself
      5A: receive due process under the law before being deprived of life, liberty, or property
      5A: receive just compensation for private property taken for public use
      6A: a speedy trial by an impartial jury
      6A: know the charges against you
      6A: confront your accuser
      6A: bring witnesses and evidence
      Do I need to go on. We are already six amendments into the Bill of Rights, and so far, I do not see a single right that is granted. Each and every right discussed is a fundamental human right that you possess, whether your Government acknowledges it or not.
      The Constitution does not grant rights at all. It restricts the Federal Government from infringing your fundamental human rights.

        • Those rights already existed. The 19th Amendment prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on sex. It does not grant it.
          The 26th Amendment does not grant the right to vote to 18 year olds, it prohibits the denial of their right to vote.
          Big difference. Still not granting any rights, prohibiting the Government from restricting the fundamental human right of having a voice in your governance.

    • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
      You are incorrect. Our constitution recognizes that ALL people have intrinsic rights. These rights are not given to you by the government. It did not say “God” it referenced a “creator” meaning any higher entity any individual recognizes. Most Christians recognize God, but the founders word choice encompasses other philosophies.
      ” to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” Governments role is to protect the rights of the individual. Life is the first of ALL unalienable rights of each individual and the defense thereof is intrinsic to the 2nd amendment.

      • And, for the atheist’s out there, creator can be their parents.
        There is no reason why fundamental human rights cannot be handed down parent to child.

    • Z, pray tell then, who grants your Constitutional rights? Chairman Obama?
      Your panties are a bit bunched up today?

  5. We could have used some of that stuff about 60 years ago, but mail delivery in Alaska was real slow back then.

    • Frankie, I told you that we needed that safety net, but you kept mumbling in your sleep that the Pope was going to send you to Pregatory if you complained anymore about mail service to Alaska.

      • Nancy needs to go back to catechism classes. It’s Purgatory. But hell, I’m betting Frankie will go to wherever Nancy sends him. ???

  6. Citizens out with the old Dan and Lisa got to go. Kelly of integrity is a GOD send our country needs a face lift of oath integrity. Support Kelly & Sara. Imagine listening to the same band for years over an over vote wise vote integrity vote a change

    • Sarah, really? For someone who claims to be concerned about oath integrity, supporting a divorced woman shacking up with a notorious hockey player seems to be an oxymoron. I used to support her, but something happened to Sarah after she ran for Veep.

  7. Well hopefully you are true to your word, BUT, WE all know too often that what you ALL preach, and what you ALL do, don’t always come to fruition!

    • Look at the evidence. Let’s show you the evidence. A lie is a lie, pretty easy to prove. Look at all the pretty windmills and the billions that Lisa has used to enrich out of state contractors and despite it all, you still can’t drink the water in most native villages. And the waste water systems are not much better. Maybe her promise of more subsidies seems like a great idea, but the present subsidies only enrich the Canadian owned grocery stores who just blame air cargo rates for the inflated prices, even though government subsidized bypass mail should mean that a gallon of milk in the villages should only cost about 15-20% more than Anchorage. Not 500%. Nobody complains because the government pays for it anyway. This is how Lisa wins votes, by financing this charade, while the native corporations get rich, the Canadians get rich, and the local peoples grow more dependent on the handouts, because they can’t afford not to. Nothing has changed in 50 years. About time people get educated to what is really going on in this state and quit voting for more of the same. Politicians like Lisa promote this system instead of resource development that could make native Alaskans not only self sufficient, but wealthy as well.

  8. There is an old political adage, “If you cannot convince people to vote for you, convince them to vote against your opponent.”
    The Murkowski campaign, and those that are advertising without the candidate’s approval, have to lie to get the votes. Either lying about accomplishments that are not really Lisa’s to claim, or lying about her opponent.
    Kelly for AK!

  9. I for one immediately noticed the deception in the ad and my respect for its purchasers degenerated further, if possible. I think the US Postal Service has substantial work to do beyond being a federally controlled substance distributor to every household address in the US. Only those who wish to destroy this nation’s postal service mission as part of a plan to dishevel and destroy this nation would propose adding that burden to it unnecessarily.

    • And as long as there is mail in voting, the PO will be protected by this administration. One of the many government agencies that the shot mandates do not apply. Don’t worry about the post office.

  10. Disrespect is anathema in the Bush. Lying about your opponent and photoshopping pics to disparage aer the worst form of disrespect. Lisa, kiss the Bush vote goodbye.

  11. Would definitely vote for her.If by some means she is cheated out of winning with the ridiculous way voting in primaries are now done.I would encourage all true Alaskans to write her in!

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