Kamala Harris says ‘Enjoy the long weekend, while Joe Biden says ‘Stay cool’



America’s own vice president missed the point of Memorial Day weekend by a mile when she tweeted on Saturday, “Enjoy the long weekend” as her social media acknowledgement of the three-day federal holiday, set aside to honor those who died serving our country. It caused many patriots to groan.

President Joe Biden’s message was in a similar vein: “Stay cool this weekend, folks,” as his staff posted a photo of him enjoying an ice cream cone while talking to what appeared to be an underaged girl.

Biden and Harris made the mistake that slips out when we forget, as we sometimes do, that the correct greeting is not “Happy Memorial Day” but “We will never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice.” For the commander in chief and his surrogate, it appears to be a festive event, like the Fourth of July.

We presume the president really does know better. Of Harris, we’re not so sure.

Decoration Day, a time to lay flowers on the graves of the Civil War war dead, started back in 1868 and became Memorial Day over time, and was set for May 30 every year. In 1971, with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, it was moved to the last Monday in May, thus providing a three-day weekend for federal workers.

With that three-day weekend came a more holiday atmosphere, the opportunity for mini-vacations, family reunions, beaches, and barbecues. Because the world of trade looks for any opportunity, Memorial Day sales became a popular enticement. As people left for the weekend, there were fewer around to lay the wreaths or tend the graves.

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act made some holidays, such as Labor Day and Presidents Day, a bit more festive. But through time, Memorial Day became a little cheapened around the edges as just another three-day weekend. It was not that way when it was a date certain. In the 1960s, it was a day of remembrance.

There are always patriots and families of the fallen who hold fast to the traditions of Decoration Day, the playing of Taps, and the laying of wreaths. For Gold Star families, it’s a day to reflect and remember, and wonder what might have been without the sacrifice they and their warriors made for our country. What children might have been born, what memories might have been created, and what evils would have occurred in the world without their warriors’ who stood to fight the battle.

For veterans, the day is also sacred, a time when memories flood their minds as they remember the day they stood to take their enlisting oath, and what it meant to them and their comrades: “I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the president of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed.”

That oath of office, a promise to “obey the orders of the president,” is why it’s so important that the president and vice president choose their words wisely. Social media is an unforgiving landscape, and when it comes to the sacrifice of our warriors, our leaders must tread with care. In this case, both the president and vice president missed the mark with their unforced errors. Presumably by Monday their public relations teams will have steered them back on course.


  1. Neither one of them love our country or what it took our brave men and women to get here! They should never have been put in office and need to be impeached and removed, along with Pelosi, the squad and the rest of those who hate our country. If you don’t love our country, LEAVE!!!

  2. I groan at the public schools for raising TENS OF MILLIONS of public school graduates to think of Memorial Day only as a long weekend until they get corrected from either joining Military service, marriage, or they been saved by Christ.

  3. You mean Harris isn’t even a Daughter of the Revolutionary War or Confederacy, but just another globalist with a very questionable pedigree?

    Has America become a cheesy theme park or some dodgy timeshare scheme?

  4. I disagree with the view that the VPs comments are flippant or inappropriate for Memorial Day.
    As Biden and Harris are the executive leadership of the US government their comments are perfect for the disdain of the institutions they lead, and culmination of the degradation of all agencies, the military being highlighted today.
    The current leadership of the executive, congressional, judicial, Justice and defense agencies degrade, disrespect, and despise the Republic and the citizens who have created and served this country.
    Left wing progressivism is hollow, cheap and ignorant. We see the culmination represented in these two, elevated to represent the nation. Truly embarrassing, but fitting.

  5. Harris is the perfect fulfillment of the modern day Democrat Party. She’s a product of a family with upper caste East Indian Brahmin and Jamaican slave holding families.
    All the prerequisite boxes for progressive “inclusion” are checked.
    1 Female
    2 Person of color
    3 Slave owning ancestry
    4 Contempt for lower classes
    5 Viscerally anti American
    6 Incompetent
    7 Ignorant
    8 Vicious
    9 Ambitious without supporting skill set
    10 Self centered

    Harris complements in a subordinate way (as is Democrat tradition) her empty headed, corrupt, racist and incompetent boss, Biden.

    Granted a couple decades ago, the Democrats would never allow a nonwhite person into real power positions, but the hypocritical dogma has evolved in the everlasting exploitation of minorities and lower class whites making her, like Obama before her, expedient.

    But no worries, the puppet handlers of the Biden/Harris administration hold the power, she as the empty headed place holder to appease the public school union educated masses, will never get near real power. Nor will the voters.

  6. Harris the jackal, Joey the useless buffoon puppet.
    Most of us honor the fallen and the serving, at a minimum. The current ‘elected’ and appointed executive has no place in my heart.

  7. Neither one of them, believes in America.
    If You’re Illegal you’re Illegal. Yes, go home you don’t belong here.
    God bless America.

  8. Funny how selective people are in what they choose to hear and respond to. The exaggeration expressed in some of these comments displays a lot of stupidity and lack of desire to look for factual information.

  9. GREG R. / MAY 30, 2021
    At least neither of them called our soldiers losers and suckers.
    What you are alluding to has been soundly debunked as a political hit job.
    You have little credibility, and reduce it by repeating lies.
    However, these two POS almost certainly subscribe to the leftist, liberal, view you proudly espouse.

  10. Kamala Harris rode Willie Brown from the California Assembly to the CA Attorney General’s office. She came in dead last in every Democratic presidential primary. She accused Joe Biden of being a racist during the debates. And Americans really believe that she is fit for the Presidency? The woman who slept her way to the highest office in the land. This person is an empty dress with a head full of hate and racism.

  11. As usual, Greg r shows that he’s lacking. Trump never said those things. It was an attempt to smear him before the campaign. Greg r looking for anything to justify his wasting of oxygen fell for it. To Greg r, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Only about 10% of it is true.

  12. KENAIMIKE and GREG FORKNER Who are you to say that what I was alluding to was said by Trump? All I was saying was that Biden and Harris did not call them losers and suckers. Methinks thou dost protest too much. The lies continue.
    On the other hand, it is documented that Trump obscenely called out the parents of an American hero to demean them for honoring his sacrifice. Or perhaps you think his loss of life was not worthy of note as did the Former Guy? The lies continue. They do not honor the lives of those who gave the most, as did Biden on this Memorial Day.
    I long for the voices to be heard who appeal for support to be given to those who have sacrificed their minds and their limbs for our country; the wounded, the halt, the lame, the troubled, that they will have the full faith and good will of our country to support them for their sacrifices, which support is blithely given in word and deed to those who died and are no longer a burden on the VA, but missing for those who live, dismissed as a burden to our country. I am shamed. I am humbled. They deserve better. They deserve much better.

  13. Greg r, in the words of The iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, don’t go soft on me now. If you say something stand up for it. Don’t start backing away into the shadows. And while we’re at it just who the hell are you? What’s the r stand for? Anybody on here who doesn’t have the stones to put their real name on and stand up for what they say and what they believe in are just Jokers. So in closing I will say happy gay pride day to you on this first day of June and wish you have a merry month.

  14. @Greg R:
    “At least neither of them called our soldiers losers and suckers.”
    interesting comment.
    Who exactly said that?

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