Biden budget supports federally funded abortion by ignoring Hyde Amendment


President Joe Biden’s $6 trillion spending proposal did not include any acknowledgement of the Hyde Amendment, which since the 1976 has kept elective abortions from being paid for with American taxpayer dollars.

Biden’s budget was released Friday. With Democrat control of the House and a 50-50 split in the Senate, abortion foes fear that this is the year the Democrats could finally reverse the legislation that brought some semblance of balance to Roe vs. Wade by prohibiting federally funded abortions.

Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski is a pro-choice Republican and there are other House and Senate Republicans who may vote against the reinstatement of the Hyde Amendment should it be added via amendment, which is unlikely in the House or Senate, given the fact that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are in charge.

Biden, who is Catholic, was a supporter of the Hyde Amendment when he was in the Senate, but when running for president he reversed his position.

“Exciting to see the admin’s historic step! For too long, the Hyde amendment has put the gov’t in control of personal health care decisions for people with low incomes,” wrote Planned Parenthood on Twitter.


  1. Why not? Neither the rule of law nor human life mean a thing to progressives. Of course there is that nasty Constitution and now ACB standing in the way. But they are very devious and will try to find a way around it.

  2. Far too long government has been too much in people’s lives paying too much from our birth costs to our funeral costs. Government is getting annoying and smothering people like a clingy friend.

  3. Okay, fed subsidy just caused the price to go up 25%, and PP stock also went up 25%. PP stands to gain $M in new funds, straight from you and me through the govt to them. PP’s kickback scheme has paid off again. They donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to political candidates each year. There is a lot of money in murder. I don’t want to be an accomplice. This is just EVIL. I don’t know what to do about it for now – but rest assured I will NEVER vote for another demoncrat (haven’t in 40 years as it is…)

  4. Stop the killings of unborn Babies.
    Where’s there choice to live.
    Even Lisa was not given communion.

  5. Henry Hyde, for whom the Amendment is named, was the lead prosecutor of the team of House Managers who impeached Bill Clinton.
    God bless Henry Hyde. He had a pair.

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