Jury doesn’t buy Hunter Biden’s lies, finds him guilty


President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was found guilty by a Delaware jury of making false statements while purchasing a firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, and making other false statements regarding information kept by federally licensed firearms dealers.

The charges stem from his use of and alleged addiction to illegal drugs at the time he was buying a Colt Cobra .38-caliber on Oct. 12, 2018, and lying about his drug use on purchasing forms. Federal law bans users of illegal drugs from possessing firearms.

Hunter Biden, now 54, wrote about his drug addiction to crack cocaine in his memoir, but said during his trial that he wasn’t using drugs at the time of the purchase. But evidence presented by the prosecutor in Delaware showed an April 2018 photograph of Hunter with drugs, and text messages from him about using drugs in the days following his firearms purchase.

The jury deliberated for about three hours over two days before the verdict was read on Tuesday. Hunter Biden now faces sentencing and a maximum of 25 years in prison.

The New York Times wrote sympathetically, “The verdict brought an end to an extraordinary trial that made painfully public Mr. Biden’s drug addiction. President Biden has said he would not pardon his son.”

During the trial, FBI agent Erika Jensen testified about the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is had evidence of Hunter Biden’s drug and gun purchase.

The laptop had been discredited by Biden supporters prior to the 2020 election and its existence was suppressed by the mainstream media after the New York Post published a bombshell article about it. Twitter, under its former owners, banned the New York Post‘s Twitter account and shadow-banned all information relating to the laptop in the weeks prior to the presidential elections. Fifty-one former U.S. intelligence officers signed a letter calling the Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation.”

During the trial, things got testy when Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen-Biden shouted at former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler and called him a “Nazi piece of s—.” Ziegler was part of the Trump team that tried to make public the contents of the laptop as a way derail Joe Biden in the final days leading up to the 2020 election.


    • Anyone who voted to convict hunter is confused.

      Our creator gave us certain inalienable rights.
      One being the 2 nd amendment.

      Trumps first act as president should be to help overturn anti constitutional laws that tread on the right to bear arms .

      His second should be to pardon assange

      His third to prosecute anyone who went after assange and tarnished the right to a free press .

      Hunter was within his very clear rights to purchase that pistol.

    • It’s funny you can find linkage between two very different things.

      Pathetic, but funny.

      You really should post and run. It’s not gonna go good for you here.

    • Oh Sebastian, my simple friend, don’t you see how this is just a smokescreen? The feeble minded Joe Biden has scarified his son’s freedom in a deeply complex plot to give the DOJ the appearance of legitimacy while he continues to employ lawfare against Donald Trump. As we all know, Trump has sacrificed more than anyone in this country to serve the people and the left hates him for it. The radical leftists are so bent on destroying Trump, who is blameless as a baby, that they’re willing to destroy their on people to achieve those ends. Don’t you worry, there are still two justice systems at work in the US!

      Huh, now that I write that out it sounds pretty far fetched. Better tune in some Tucker to get my mind straight.

    • Sebastian – Let’s see what kind of sentence he gets. Probably gets parole and maybe, just maybe, house arrest for a few weeks. I doubt if he spends a night in prison even though his wife threw the gun away in a school yard trashcan. In a just world she would be prosecuted, too!

    • Has Hunter been convicted? In jail? Nope, this will drag out forever until people forget. Very similar to the Alec Baldwin case.

    • “Well, MAGA? How will you spin your narrative of a “rigged justice system” now?”
      I reserve any and all spinning until after sentencing, surrender to prison, and Trump’s inauguration in January, but I will bet that the current First Son is pardoned, and is unlikely to spend an hour in prison. Moreover, had the Democrats not waged lawfare against Trump, it is more than likely Hunter could have spent the rest of his miserable life stoned and chasing tail and nobody would have batted an eye.

    • Well 51 intelligence officers swore to the American people the laptop was Russian plant, Still waiting for an apology from them. And the funny thing Biden makes a speech for taking away guns from citizens like his son.

      • So, is everything in Hunter’s laptop computer now considered evidence that can be used in the tax avoidance case? Or, just the part in his computer that the DOJ wanted to use against Hunter in the gun case?

    • If the defendants were treated equally in the courts, I would agree with you.
      But, they were not. Only a simpleton thinks they were.

    • With Hunter’s charges related to the gun, everyone is looking at him instead of looking at his and his dad’s business dealings with foreign entities.

      • Quoting Paul Craig Roberts’ post June 13, 2024 on SGT Report: “We now have matching news from the opposing camp. Just as Trump is the first US President to be convicted by a jury, Hunter Biden is the first son of a sitting president to be convicted of a federal felony.

        This conviction of Hunter Biden leaves me unsettled, as does his likely pending conviction for federal income tax evasion. The real issue is the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop that the FBI was able for awhile to suppress and brand as “Russian disinformation.” This is under US law obstruction of Justice by the FBI. All responsible should, if US law is still enforceable, be arrested, indicted, and prosecuted. It would be justice to see the FBI in the dock after all the innocent people the corrupt organization has put there.”

  1. Maga wanted him to be found innocent. They wanted to be able to say that the justice system is flawed or rigged. They want their cake and to be able to eat it too oddly enough.

  2. I actually feel bad for Hunter.

    A dad who was alternating between distracted and preferring his other kids, a step mother of dubious character, a troubled upbringing.
    Then pimped out by the family to be the bagman.

    Boy was doomed from the start.

  3. Usually it’s hard to find a bad pic of someone. Hunter with this laptop guarantees that all publications can get free compromising pics without paying Getty pictures for the right to use theirs!

  4. And yet the “intelligence community” had 50 people all but swear this was Russian disinformation.

    Any retracting their claims yet?

  5. If he’s guilty, then everything in the book, “The Laptop From Hell,” must be considered as proof that Godfather of Crime Joe Biden was receiving money from our enemies (China) through Hunter. This could easily put Joe Biden in prison for treason, IRS income tax evasion, and affecting policy with other countries through briberies.
    So why don’t we have REAL impeachment hearings in the US House?

    • Because they would never get past the Senate and we have an election in six months. Schumer has made it clear his Senate will not do their Constitutional duty.

      Better to focus on exposing everything Grandpa Bloodstains is involved in via investigations at present. Let the voters decide.

    • Have that backward.
      Trump WILL get jail time. At least at the sentencing.
      Hunter will likely get some kind of community service, or a fine, or maybe… 30 days in jail, sentence suspended.

    • Hard to say.

      Bragg and Juan would love to put Trump in Gitmo, but may be reluctant because of the politics.

      Usually these “crimes” are civil penalties. Not jail time.

      If they try to put Trump in prison it creates a new, uglier political firestorm. And may trigger the ability to have an immediate appeal instead of the usual process.

      Gun crimes, especially the kind Hunter did, usually come with some incarceration period.

      But we’re in uncharted waters, so who knows anymore.

  6. The picture of Hunter, son of the senile, corrupt, incompetent in chief of our country, perfectly illustrates the “mafia” gangster style families, Bidens, Clintons, Bushes, etc., and the oligarchs that run our country.

  7. Odd how right after the guilty verdict ‘Ol Joe goes on the air to talk gun control. Never mentioned Hunter but did mention universal backround checks. Would these checks have penalties for providing false information?

  8. Just got giggles.

    -Trump was convicted under a series of bootstrapping of charges never seen before. Of an undefined crime.

    Hunter was convicted of a very common charge.

    -Hunter was offered a sweetheart deal to get out of all this and chose to pass. Trump never got a similar offer.

    -Nobody ran for office on the “gonna get Hunter” platform. Bragg, James, Willis, and more ran on a “get Trump” platform.

    -The judge in the Hunter trial wasn’t incompetent and a donor to the “get Biden” pac of the week. The judge in Trumps trial was ragingly incompetent and donated to a “get Trump” group.

    -Hunters judge gave clear jury instructions. Trumps did not, other than to say he’d accept anything as a guilty verdict.

    Hunters judge didn’t bar nationally recognized experts from testifying in Hunters behalf. The judge in Trumps trial did.

    And it goes on and on and on.

    Call this whatever you need to get to sleep at night. But it’s not”equal Justice”. Not even close.

  9. I’d like anyone to explain to me how one completely unrelated case in an entirely different jurisdiction proves that another case is or isn’t justified and was or wasn’t adjudicated properly.

  10. The great thing about being a Trump fanatic is never having to admit you’re wrong or narrow minded. It’s an ever-elastic air bag as is being so vividly shown by the comments on here.

    • That applies equally across the entire political spectrum.
      Thanks for sharing though. Your comment only confirms what everyone already thought about you.

      • Thank goodness I could care less what “everyone’ thinks about me. My own opinion is enough and I don’t need a seconder. I could care less about any MAGA consensus or majority. You’ve just proven my case for me. In the absence of any actual evidence, go after the messenger. You people are hopeless.

        • Yet while complaining about attacking the messenger (debatable if there is a message) you constantly whine MAGA.

          Since you seem unable to comprehend why people might vote for Trump yet not care for the man, you default to yelling MAGA.
          As if that proves a point.

          You attack the messengers daily yelling MAGA. It seems you think that is a cogent response when it’s the political equivalent of Jan Brady whining “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”

          Are you not aware of the contradiction, or just don’t care?

          • Who’s yelling MAGA other than you? I can totally understand why someone would vote for Trump from a policy standpoint and I fully expect him to win. My issue with him (and in the case of this article) and his followers is the blind loyalty and failure to see reason on any topic concerning the man. The guy still can’t even admit he lost the election and when the subject comes up, the usual unproven and/or unsubstantiated facts are trotted out on here. If you can’t even admit to defeat and submit to the peaceful transfer of power, then you have some fundamental problems that IMO make you unsuitable to be the leader of the free world.

            I’m not sure why your replies have the one constant theme of questioning my basic reading comprehension and/or common sense just because I might happen to disagree with you. Another feature of the Trump crowd (and this is also true for the far left wackos) is the automatic reflexive instinct to either hate/ridicule someone who simply disagrees with them. This isn’t a good versus evil debate; or at least it shouldn’t be. Are you aware of your own contradictions, or do you simply not care?

        • That you continue to show up here on MRAK, sharing your opinion, and defending it, proves that you do, in fact, care about what everyone else thinks. You care a lot.
          If you did not care, you would never post a comment at all, and certainly never respond to someone who replies.

        • And, you are telling me what exactly?
          That delusion does not apply across the political spectrum? Please tell me I am wrong about that.
          Oh… wait. You do not care what I think.
          Never mind.

          • It does apply across the entire political spectrum but the entire spectrum isn’t what’s being discussed in this article. I also enjoy replying to comments on here but, to repeat, I could care less what the majority on here thinks. Please always beware of the false security that comes from consensus. The fact that my opinions may be in the vast minority on here says nothing about the accuracy of those comments.

  11. For god’s sake, you guys, don’t take the bait! Mountains of irrefutable evidence show that Hunter AND Joe (the big guy) with others, were running an influence peddling operation, extorting millions from China and Ukraine. This is like a jay-walking conviction compared to what they could all be convicted of. Hunter passed up a sweetheart plea deal on this specifically so he could “take one” for Team Biden. They knew that they went too far with the phony “convictions” handed to Trump. Now they will hold this up and say “see – equal justice!” Watch the DOJ attack anyone who brings up the Biden’s influence peddling.

  12. MUST READ!
    This precedence allows everyone to have their guns taken away now. Since it was world wide news because it’s the presidents son, Biden is threatening people by allowing this guilty verdict. “If it can happen to the presidents son, it’ll happen to all of you.)

    Read behind the propaganda, this is to good to be true because their IS always a motive behind these globalist lunatics.

    Taking you guns(now “legally”.)

    People are not looking at the broader picture.

    This guilty verdict sets a precedence..

    Nobody(besides repeated offenders and felons)

    Have ever been charged for something as simple as lying on documents to purchase a gun. If you are currently on medication(which 99% of the population is) you can’t purchase a gun.

    THAT is what hunter was mainly found guilty on.

    This is an attack on the second amendment & gun owners everywhere.

  13. I will be surprised if Hunter serves a day in jail. Trump, on the other hand may be railroaded to some place that might see his health deteriorate. The democrats are so intent on not having him elected that I wonder if they will stop at anything. Of course, there is also those 20 million new imported democrat voters, who some blue cities and states are already wanting to register. So maybe no violence needed.

  14. Biden can say today that he’ll not pardon his boy. If Biden wins election his boy will stay in the pokey for another four years and then be pardoned.

    If Biden doesn’t win election he’ll pardon the boy on his way out the door in an “oopsie poopsie, did I say that?” kind of way.

    Either way the DB is out in four years, max. With a little luck though much larger issues will be proven soon.

  15. Biden will get a prison sentence. The older Biden will then commute it to some degree.

    What is of note is that the trial testimony and evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Biden is a drug dealing, drug using, scumbag. So why would he be given millions and millions of dollars by foreign interests? Because of his hard work ethic? No? Huh. Must be corruption then.

  16. Instead of throwing the gun in a dumpster he should have put it in the garage next to the Vette and the boxes of classified documents. It never would have seen the light of day.


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