Top Republicans demand White House provide communications between Joe, Hunter Biden

Joe and Hunter Biden traveled together often when Joe was Vice President. Fox and CSPAN images from video.


U.S. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan are investigating allegations that President Joe Biden urged his son to dodge congressional subpoenas.

Comer and Jordan sent a letter Wednesday to Edward Siskel, assistant to the president and White House counsel, requesting documentation on any communications from the White House on Hunter Biden’s deposition. The chairmen suggest that the president may have attempted to impede the probe into Hunter Biden as part of the House’s impeachment inquiry.

The chairmen are seeking “documents and communications sent or received by employees of the Executive Office of the President regarding the deposition of Hunter Biden,” and “documents and communications sent or received by employees of the Executive Office of the President regarding President Biden’s statement about his family’s business associates on December 6, 2023.”

On Dec. 13, Hunter Biden refused to attend a closed-door deposition and spoke to reporters outside the Capitol, denying allegations that his father was involved in his business dealings.

“Let me state as clearly as I can: My father was not financially involved in my business – not as a practicing lawyer. Not as a board member of Burisma, not in my partnership with a Chinese private businessman, not my investment at all nor abroad, and certainly not as an artist,” Hunter Biden said.

Hunter Biden asserted that he would only testify in a public setting, fearing that Republican lawmakers would leak his testimony and misrepresent it.

During a news conference the same day, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that President Biden was “certainly familiar with what his son was going to say.”

Comer and Jordan argue that Jean-Pierre’s comments indicate that the President Biden had “​​advanced knowledge that Mr. [Hunter] Biden would choose to defy two congressional subpoenas.”

The congressmen wrote that Pierre’s comments have triggered an investigation into whether President Biden encouraged his son to ignore the subpoenas.

“In light of Ms. Jean-Pierre’s statement, we are compelled to examine the involvement of the President in his son’s scheme to defy the Committees’ subpoenas,” the letter reads. “The Committees have accumulated substantial evidence that Hunter Biden’s business endeavors have improperly included his father, and the President has made false claims about his knowledge and involvement in these schemes.”

The congressmen are looking into whether President Joe Biden ”corruptly sought to influence or obstruct the Committees’ proceeding by preventing, discouraging, or dissuading his son from complying with the Committees’ subpoenas.”

Biden’s alleged actions could “constitute an impeachable offense,” the congressmen wrote.


  1. Why are they trying to hide how Hunter responds? What are they scared of? I want to hear it all, I don’t trust DC.

    We deserve to know what is going on, and the DC effort to hide discussions is disgusting. Interview Hunter in public!

    • Your feelings and opinions don’t equal evidence Jeffy. If my feelings were evidence there would have been a fast lane to the gallows on Jan 7th 2021 for the traitors who invaded our Capitol.

  2. And nothing of substance will come from it. As long as Garland sits on the DOJ throne.

    But it would be interesting to know if Grandpa Bloodstains actually told Hunter to stand down and stonewall.

  3. Heavy reliance upon a continuation of the presumption of immunity during and after occupying an emolument. Ironically, Democrats are aggressively dismantling historic immunity destroying also the notion relied upon in the law of nations. Once one has attained citizenship in civil society one is accorded this functionality of civility imputed for life. in America we assign guards and assistance as necessary due to our own sense of civility. Oddly, the Biden supporters are intent on destroying this dedication to civil society to the detriment of America in their unbounded hostility to President Trump who ably defended the US Constitution for the American people.

  4. When the WH Press Secretary states that the President was aware that his son intended to commit Contempt of Congress, it is something worth investigating.
    (Please note, this rule does not apply to any allegations of election fraud. No matter how egregious the fraud appears to be, ignore it.)

      • Isn’t it amazing how everything always loops back to evil Orange Man.

        Grandpa Bloodstains could easily decide to burn all churches, force nuns to become Hunter’s sex slaves, and declare himself God Emperor of Dune.

        And to the usual idiots Trump did something worse.

  5. Normal communications between them:

    HB: hey dad, how did I do handling those nasty Republicans who are trying to pin me down?

    JB: like a chip off the old block.

    HB: couldn’t have done it without the Big Guy’s
    help. I’ll spot you another $$electronic payment.

    JB: change the receivable account name to “Brandon.” They’ll never figure it out that way.

    HB: agreed. The ChiComs are busy cooking up another batch of COVID 24 just for you. Keep your mouth shut and stay in the basement. Love ya, Dad.

    JB: your the smartest son a dad could have. Love ya back. Just make sure you pick up your laptop from the repair shop next time.

    HB: don’t worry. I arranged for all the transfers under the fake name Rudy Giulliani. That way, your DOJ will stay busy after your reelection.

    HB: God love you, son.

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