Juneteenth: That time Assemblyman Chris Constant made people ‘uncomfortable’ with ‘white privilege’ remarks


Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant was not an invited speaker at the 2022 Juneteenth event at the Delaney Park Strip on Saturday. But that didn’t stop him: He grabbed the microphone and, to a crowd of celebrants marking the end of slavery in America, went through a checklist of things that “white men” who are “privileged” can to do make up for the inequities of America.

The organizers, according to numerous sources, were uncomfortable with what were characterized to Must Read Alaska as inappropriate remarks for the occasion, remarks that appeared to be directed at Mayor Dave Bronson.

Indeed, Constant spoke after Bronson had welcomed the crowd of hundreds who were enjoying food booths, music, and family time in recognition of the anniversary of General Order No. 3 by Union Army Gen. Gordon Granger on June 19, 1865, proclaiming freedom for enslaved people in Texas, the last enslaved people in the continental United States. (Slavery persisted among the Tlingit Indians in Alaska until the early 1900s.) It was generally a joyful occasion marred only by the one speaker — Constant — who had to focus on racism, rather than emancipation.

It’s not the first time Constant has made a group uncomfortable. In 2020, an Anchorage rabbi testified that a planned drug rehab/homeless center at the Golden Lion Hotel was not compatible with the nearby Jewish Center preschool program. Assembly member Constant then brought up Nazi Germany and asked the rabbi to comment on whether the homeless were like the Jews under the Nazis, who should be rounded up and put behind a fence. Members of the Jewish community expressed dismay at his pointed remarks toward the rabbi, and in a subsequent week, Constant apologized.


  1. I’ll tell you one thing that, as a ‘white man (sic) of privilege” you can do for the Anchorage black community, Chris: surrender your ass-embly seat to Stephanie Taylor.
    I’ll be waiting.

    • I love this comment and this idea. Let’s start a movement. I fully support Chris Constant surrendering his Anchorage Assembly seat to Stephanie Taylor in the name of fighting white privilege.

  2. Assemblyman Constant
    Step up and apologize to all of the citizens of Anchorage for your need to polarize any event you think you’re entitled to intervene and hopefully embarrass others. I for one am embarrassed on your behalf. People are celebrating and enjoying the weather. Take your self flagellation demonstration elsewhere!

  3. Can you say: misses social cues in abundance? Hmmm, checking off yet another prominent symptom on the short list…

  4. Too bad that he just doesn’t get it. There’s little to no racism in Alaska, and we are very tolerant of peoples alternative life styles so there is no reason for his behavior except to draw attention to himself. He needs consoling badly.

    • If big money out of state democrats pushing CRT, big homeless money mafia, Marxism, and the destruction of a formerly prosperous state was a race, I’d be a huge racist.

      Since they aren’t a race, I’m totally predjudiced.

  5. The fascists amongst us have become emboldened.
    They have already started the revolution – focusing on destroying the traditional family and traditional gender roles, sowing racial discord by distorting the progress we have made as a society – and disparaging the goodwill most Americans have in their hearts for their fellow countrymen, destroying our economy foisting failed policies on working Americans, and once again, trying to drum up support for another WAR that the USA has no business in.
    Sobering – counter revolutions are rarely successful.

  6. As long as decent, honorable people give this person a pass on his conduct, he will continue to plague and harm the community. Warning to the Left: Defend this individual at your peril.

  7. Nothing more detestable than white liberals like Chris Constant trying to co-opt the commemoration of Juneteenth with their own interpretation of the event. In their view, black Americans are hopelessly oppressed with no hope in sight. They believe America is totally unjust and can never overcome its inherent racist nature. But that’s what white liberals do best, divide, divide, divide. One point of satisfaction is that Chris Constant was an abysmal failure in the Special Election Primary. He was not able to even ‘win’ his own Assembly district! Constant will always be a wannabe who will languish on the Anchorage Assembly doing in his puerile thing until the people of his district finally wise up and elect somebody who actually cares about what matters to the people of Anchorage.

  8. Just another indoctrinated fool who thinks by doing these stunts he’ll be accepted into the political elite. Sorry Chris, they don’t like you anymore than they like me. You’re an expendable, a pawn to be sacrificed. Wake up!

  9. Celebrating Juneteenth like this is like celebrating the end of WWII when the last Japanese soldiers came out of hiding. Sorry. Celebrating this instead of the actual emancipation proclamation is just another way for the left to diminish the accomplishments of a Republican and to make the country’s heritage seem more deplorable because that’s cool and makes people feel more righteous than others. Good on Mayor Bronson for making the best of this but I don’t know. You give these people an inch out of kindness and togetherness and they think they have won the argument and take the microphone and call you a racist. Really can’t stand that guy and anyone that tolerates him and his behavior as an assembly member.

    (Did not know that about Tlingit Indians. That is interesting.)

  10. Why is the white race the only race that has admitted to its past atrocities? Why do the other races not even mention what they have done they only concentrate on what we have done. To be equal in this world shouldn’t we all admit that we did bad things and we are sorry? Why is the white race the only one being held accountable? Someone please reply that’s from another race. For example… when the United States abolished slavery, Africa still practiced slavery. Why are Africans mad at us? Shouldn’t they be mad at Africans? Native Americans practiced slavery long before and long after we abolished it . Why aren’t they talking about their atrocities? European culture outlawed slavery! We didn’t invent it! But we were the first to abolish it.

    • Wow.
      You are right on.
      Insightful. Why is the “spotlight” only on white atrocities? Is it because we have risen to a level of success in the world, most haven’t?

    • Many folks don’t realize that the number of slaves imported to the Colonies and the United States were less than 500,000 Africans. In contrast, during the heyday of White Slavery in Northern Africa it is estimated that between 2 and 3 million Caucasians were enslaved in Africa and the Middle East. Of course two wrongs don’t make a right, but……

  11. Constant knows all about Gay Privilege too– its a different time, but same old bigoted self-serving behavior, snatching up the limelight.

  12. Slavery is not dead. Two ways the west support slavery. 1. ) the products we buy in our retail stores that has been made in asia like china all the goods they produce for us came by enslaved people china government dislike. 2.) pornography, sex and labor traffiking. An event that was intended to be against slavery actually is continuing the labor slavery of people from the event decorations to food venders to
    the cheap clothes and assessories worn to little everyday items as a cigarette lighter. All made by slave just so the west can pay a lower price.

  13. How come this clown hasn’t been prosecuted for falsely claiming to be the victim of a hate crime? Anchorage’s own Jussie Smollett!

  14. Does Constant know that ABE LINCOLN was WHITE ? does he know that KILLERY whom he worships is also WHITE ? he asserts his superiority at each and every assembly meeting. One is tonight you know. tues at 5-10. Even tells the Police what to do . Does not know what a legal criminal trespass is. He has been heard saying to forest ” these people are all part of Q _ ANON . ” referring to anchorage citizens who are conservatives.

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