Juneau voters mailed their ballots in, but 339 of them will not be counted because there is no post office cancellation on them


The voters in Juneau cast their ballots in September and October for the Oct. 5 municipal election.

But for 339 Juneau voters, their votes arrived, but did not get counted. That is because when they were delivered to the counting office in Anchorage — the same one run by the Anchorage Municipal Clerk and used for Anchorage elections — there was no U.S. Post Office cancellation on them. There was no way to determine when those ballots had been mailed.

8,517 Juneau voters — 30 percent of the registered voters of the Capital City — took part in the election process. With 339 ballots not counted, that is nearly 4 percent of the Juneau electorate who missed the opportunity to have their votes counted.

The Juneau City Assembly earlier this year decided that all-mail-in elections are the way of the future, just like they do in Anchorage.

In fact, the Assembly contracted with the Municipal Clerk’s Office in Anchorage to manage the Borough’s election, while plans are underway to spend $700,000 on a warehouse remodel in Juneau to serve as the Election Center, just as Anchorage has done with its Election office at a warehouse at 619 Ship Creek Avenue.

The Juneau election was certified last week. None of the contested races would have been decided by those 339 uncounted votes. But the problem of 4 percent of voters being disenfranchised by the U.S. Post Office is disconcerting to conservatives in Juneau. Assemblyman Wade Bryson raised the issue on the “Problem Corner” radio show on KINY and said that he thinks there is a problem, but no one else on the Assembly seems to agree.


  1. Well, I guess that can happen when a political crony without experience gets put in as the head of the USPS.

  2. Four percent might not have had a decisive impact on this election but it can be definitive in another closer election. Mail-in balloting IS a problem, easily disenfranchising legitimate voters due to a missing postal cancellation (another sign of fraud, by the way), easily manipulated through a sewage medley of fraudulent means. We’ve all observed problems with the voting system even in-person. Introduce another mechanism of voting, especially on a broad scale, and you introduce more opportunity for widespread error and fraud. Just wait until you see the result of the new vote-by-algorithm Ranked-Choice methodology implemented for our next election and already abandoned by locales that tried and failed with it previously. There is so much at stake and so little time to fix it. All we need is Bill Walker one more time and the PFD is finished, another China-funded legacy project will move our resources to Asia, all rational, methodical and easily validated mechanisms of permitting that took a generation to build will fall. It is no longer a conspiracy Theory when all the dominoes are falling one by one, faster and faster.

  3. Brings back memories of the presidential election & Usps BLM was working overtime with there followers to get those illegal votes counted and delivered. They gave a big thank you to the usps on their social media platform after the election .

  4. “……..The Juneau City Assembly earlier this year decided that all-mail-in elections are the way of the future, just like they do in Anchorage……….”
    Some folks just can’t learn. Thousands of years of voting is completely lost on the smart folks. They just have to figure out a way to mire it in disaster.

  5. Brings back memories of corruption within the election process. The presidential election. Usps worked overtime especially the Blm followers. Getting those illegal ballots mailed & delivered. Then a big thank you to the usps on the blm social media platform. I had friends that were ready to quit because they got alot of grief from fellow employees due to refusing to processing the illegal ballots. But hey BLM & the Marxist followers got there Joe Crow prez.

  6. The entire city council here in Juneau is corrupt and is ruining this city. Wade Bryson is the only one with a head on his shoulders and that’s because he owns businesses and commercial real estate here in Juneau. The “election building” here in Juneau is a done deal, purchased for $750K not including renovations. Its hidden away in the ghost town of former cruise ship businesses.

  7. Alaska is still using Dominion machines!!
    Where’s the outcry??
    There’s no better way to ensure a deviant left victory on ANY vote than to continue to use a proven cheating machine.

  8. Maybe(???) we could sell the Southeast portion of AK to the Canucks?
    Recoup some of the sunk costs, pass the saving off to the liberal socialists?

  9. Sadly, as a Juneauite I can understand the need to send them to Anchorage for counting.

    The last time the Assembly left a vote up to us we turned down their desire to fund an arts center and limit the number of cruise ships.

    For the assembly to get the results they want, someone else needs to count.

  10. Time to sue DeJoy and his newly utterly incompetent post office! After he gets removed as Post Master General!!! He is one of the worst things to ever be forced onto this country!!

  11. The problem here is not voting by mail, the problem is the USPS. Over the last ten years, I have received many articles of first class mail that were not post marked. If you vote by mail, go into the post office and have your envelope hand canceled.

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