Juneau to host transgender town hall this fall and is developing LGBTQ laws for businesses


Juneau is embracing transgenderism at a whole new level. In September, the capital city will host a town hall on transgenderism.

The item was on the May 16 agenda of the Juneau Human Rights Commission. It’s not clear where the town hall will be held.

“Our Transgender Town Hall will be held on September 28, 2023 from 6:30-8:00 pm. The Mendenhall Valley Public Library only books 8-weeks ahead. Mary found out that the Egan Library is an option but we need to submit a request and they approve based on alignment with the UAS mission” say the minutes from that meeting.

The Juneau Human Rights Commission had cancelled the transgender town hall that it planned for January of 2022, without explanation. The matter was put on hold last year and brought up again in January with renewed vigor.

In addition, the Juneau Human Rights Commission is asking the Assembly to pass a resolution it has drafted requiring the city to only sign contracts with businesses that have a non-discrimination policy expressly covering sexual orientation and gender identity.

The resolution also states that Juneau will be required to recruit LBGTQ workers for city employment.


    • Wayne, Forget about sexy water and sewer projects, what about Mount Stinko in the Heart of Lemon Creek? You know, where we used hunt ducks after school, its now an 100′ tall mass of putrid stench that could knock a dog off of a gut wagon. Maybe you’ve become inured to the maggot gagging rat infested stench? I’ve actually smelled it from the Airport in Juneau upon disembarking.

      But hey, Downtown Juneau is upwind , so maybe the Beautiful people at those cocktail parties with their virtue semaphore flags fluttering only get exposed to the stench on their weekly Costco forays?

  1. The Capital of Alaska, where our government leaders “practice” running our state…into the ground. This is exactly why the capital needs to be moved to the mainland where we the people can keep a close eye on what is being forced upon us!!!

    • J Kirk, Juneau, the City and the Capitol Building are firmly planted on the North American Continent, AKA the Mainland.

      I applaud your enthusiasm in wanting to keep an “eye” on Government but I’m afraid that moving the Capitol to anywhere within 250 miles of Anchorage would be a grave mistake due to the Commie regime currently running that City. May I suggest Tok?

      When it comes to Bolschviks taking over the Government, Juneau is a back water and relative bastion of Liberty my friend compared to Anchorage.

  2. Didn’t we just get handed down a US Supreme Court decision allowing business owners a constitutional right of refusal to specifically serve LGBTQ? Apparently, the Juneau Human Rights Commission employs lawyers who don’t understand basic constitutional law.

    • Who here is gonna refuse this? Maybe Petrovich Hall, due to native cultural issues.

      JACC and Centennial Hall are run by Arts and Humanities Council, who are probably thinking this doesn’t go far enough. If they have the space, they won’t.

      Same with the two high schools. Left of center, they’ll do it if necessary. Ditto Treadwell and My Jumbo faculties.

      UAS would probably violate several laws to host it.

      Depending on size, maybe Mendenhall Mall or the glacier viewing area.

      There aren’t enough people here in positions of “power” who care.

      • Juneau is an attractive rathole. Most Alaskans wouldn’t want to live here. Legislators like convening here because they can be on bad behavior for four months and no one in Juneau gives a sh*t because all of that bad behavior is a fact of life in Juneau. Juneau is the second worst place to live in Alaska.

    • We need to use the power of the purse. Do not frequent, or spend any money in any alphabet based business. These will go broke after they realize this is not what the majority wants. We can turn the tables and control the direction we are being pushed by money. It’s all about money.

  3. Boycott this garbage.. Make town hall so empty other than the CLOWNS pushing the agenda in their clown garb.
    I’m so ashamed of this state, and this country for acting like we accept it. We are a national joke! You can thank the LGBTQs for all of it. Defund the terror group now.. That is what it is! A bunch of people who are sick in the head! BOYCOTT IT!

  4. The CBJ has a lot of things to worry about but the the gay community is in top shape so, WHY? Unless of course you like to hear yourselves talk!

  5. I’ve contacted the Juneau Empire twice about this coming Town Hall meeting and asked why they aren’t running the story and was basically told there ain’t no story there yet. Personally I think both the city and the empire are trying to keep it under wraps because they know the controversy it will generate with some of the comments that are in the Human Rights Commission proposals to the City. Folks need to go read the information in the JHRC minutes. This is going to get ugly, and rightly so. This has been on and off the JHRC agenda for quite some time and I think they are trying to figure a way to sneak it past the public.

  6. I have also emailed our Juneau Assembly members regarding this Town Hall asking them to unanimously reject the outrageous proposals being made by the Juneau Human Rights Commission. So far crickets. Apparently they don’t want to even acknowledge the issue in hopes it will fly under the radar until it’s too late and they’ve already decided whats best for us.

  7. I am sure the LGBTQ business topics will be;
    -How to hide surgeries from parents
    -How to normalize cross dressing while reading to kids
    -How to know and verify that everyone is aware what you do in you bedroom
    -Prison time for misgendering NOW(inclusivity training)
    -BLM, LGBTQ and EPA merger
    -How to appear like an independent but secretly an open socialist. (Voters are dumb).

    Can’t wait!

  8. The communists and the anti-Christian leftists must destroy the family and religion prior to taking total control of the masses. This ideology is demonic and must be repelled by people of faith and those that have simple common sense. Pastor Gary Hamrick explains it well here in “A Biblical Response to the Transing of American” ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkTXj5gI5Kc&t=423s

  9. A little research revealed there are only 3 current members of this board, the other terms expired, left town or the vacancy never filled. The current members of this board are unfamiliar to the 30-50 year Juneau residents I know, nobody seems to know them personally, and the only record we could find of them was that they were approved by the CBJ Assembly? Could this be one of those shadow operations where the people aren’t real, or live elsewhere, the ideas presented aren’t traceable and no one’s accountable?
    Shouldn’t every appointed board member serving the municipality have their name, picture, address, contact information, credentials and personal biography proudly displayed on the municipal website?

  10. Here’s the dill; their creative writings should be in compliance with the US Constitution or it is void anyway. Also, who has subject matter jurisdiction? It ‘s not the legislative branch. We have absolute right to contract personally our labor (say neighbor A wants to paint my house for x dollars. NEIGHBOR C CAN’T INTERVENE AND SAY NEIGHBOR A HAS TO BEHAVE WEARING A TUTU AND I must curtsy each time I see him wearing the tutu as a condition of our contract performance.) See what I mean? YOU aren’t any pivotal part of my deal. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT, Karen?

  11. Relax folks, from the manner in which they are introducing this entire subject matter only reveals what they arent able to accomplish today will eventually be achieved in the future.

    There is no point in fighting the rainbow tide. It will be there tomorrow as sure as it was yesterday.

    I dont like it near me or my family either but nobody will be here long enough to see the end of it.

    Maybe Biden has a plan up his sleeve to blow up the moon to get rid of that pesky tide.

  12. Isn’t “this” a wee bit broad? We must shun those of unsound minds. Those with unsound mind are typically unable to give quality guidance to people spending public funds to specific general, professional accounting standards. That being said are there no historic worthy guidance available already for public managers who have been given an abyss in which to practice mismanagement who may if slightly curious review other professional guidance to wit: HR DIrectors in many professional fields have been apprised on how to professionally even proficiently manage professionally personality disordered professional individuals. Why not let your experts turn the wheel. They and their colleagues have already worked this out. We need not pour yet another extraneous foundation for no reason except for satisfying insatiable, inappropriate curiosities while spending the nefarious publics’ limited dimes.

  13. Wayne, you got me! I understand the map. It was just my way of saying that MOST of Alaskans would have to fly to have access to the capital of our large state! I was just trying to make that point and that’s Mrs. Skippy, BTW!

  14. Robert A. Yesssss, I do realize Juneau IS firmly planted!!! As I said earlier, I was just saying that it is NOT EASILY ACCESSIBLE to most Alaskan’s!!! I will be more careful in my choice of words!!!

  15. Alaska is not alone. The lower 48 is already under water. The only difference is that there are more of Alaska’s population percentage wise fighting the takeover. Although there are parents’ groups starting to rise up outside of Alaska, it is in Alaska that the fight is more open. So don’t give up on Alaska. The great land still lives!

  16. It’s funny to me how many seem to think CBJ is somehow pulling the strings for the entire state.

    Our faux Junta is in lockstep with the Legislature. Not in charge of it. Frankly the people in the CBJ aren’t smart enough.

  17. There is an election coming up and it seems there are plenty of potential candidates posting here. Go for it. You got my vote. That’s the problem all candidates are cut from the same cloth. We need some real choices.

  18. “The resolution also states that Juneau will be required to recruit LBGTQ workers for city employment.”
    Hang on there isn’t discriminating because of sex/orientation a big NoNo? Reads to me like the city is discriminating against straight workers and asking questions during the employment interviews that are (or at least used to be) off-limits. In typical woke fashion what you profess to be is more important, than if you are the most qualified to do the job at hand. Who cares which way you swing while snowplowing, filling potholes, run the sewage treatment plant or collecting property taxes for the city…..
    They are doing what Anchorage assembly does, distract from the real issues they are either unwilling or unable to solve, by focusing on issues irrelevant to actual operation of the city and the services they are supposed to provide to its residents.

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