Juneau School Board says it’s still investigating the serving of toxic floor sealant to children as milk


The Juneau School Board is continuing the investigation of floor sealant served to children in a summer daycare program instead of milk. The incident occurred at Glacier Valley Elementary School on June 14. The school board has scheduled a teleconference meeting on Thursday at 4:30 to consider proposals for a third-party investigation into the incident, in which 12 children ingested the chemical that comes in jugs, has a whitish appearance, but is used to treat flooring. It had a burning sensation when the children drank it.

The board says it is fully committed to investigating the events leading up to the children being served sealant and it hopes to ensure proper safeguards are in place to prevent such a mistake from happening again. Early indications point to the floor sealant being stored in a food storage warehouse, along with food.

The school board met with management of Nana Management Services, which has the food contract for the RALLY youth enrichment program, on June 17 to discuss the error, which has made national news. Several agencies are now involved in investigating the matter, including the Juneau Police, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Child Care Program Office, and Child Nutrition Programs of the Department of Education.

“The Juneau School District is committed to implementing all changes necessary to reassure children and families and regain trust moving forward,” the board wrote.


  1. And just HOW is the milk customarily dispensed ? This should be in your column. Or is that a secret? If the photo you posted is in fact the actual container the floor sealant came in, I would suspect a very serious crime has ben committed.

  2. Whoever served this should have been able to smell the chemical. These floor strippers/waxes are typically very fragrant. Maybe not this one. Either way, I smell a huge lawsuit coming.

  3. Sure the school board is “ fully” committed to having their own investigation…..all the other investigations tend to lay a lot of guilt at the school districts doorstep.

    For instance the fact that the floor sealant was delivered to the school districts food warehouse fully a year ago where it remained stored on a pallet with food items for a year before someone finally did the inevitable and mistook it for food.

    The district owns that warehouse and manages it as well.

  4. This had to have been a criminal act.
    No way one person does this and no one else notices, either.
    But, alas, we will never find out the truth.
    Juneau, school district, native Corp- guaranteed cover-up.

  5. I cannot fathom how this could have possibly been done by accident. But School Board, keep thinking about it. Maybe in a year or two you’ll figure out what to do next.

  6. How hard can this be? Really?

    1-Somebody incorrectly packed a pallet. Track where it came from, who was working, ect. Who, if anyone, was responsible for signing off on the work?

    2-Someone in Juneau may have incorrectly unloaded and stored the contents. We’re a small town. Only a few people are gonna be in that logistics chain.

    3-Someone got the wrong liquid out and got it ready for use. Smaller group still.

    4-Who was in the cafeteria (or wherever) the food was served the day it happened?

    This isn’t rocket science. These details could/should have been worked out inside of a week.

    What’s going on here is a classic case of CBJ deflecting the issue until the appropriate scapegoat is found.

  7. First off , it is illegal to store cleaning products anywhere near food products. Whoever is supposed to be the food manager should lose their job. Second if your workers can not read the English language, how do they even check the expiration date on food items being served to these children? Who is running this show, and why are they still employed? You don’t need an investigation team to find the obvious. If this occurred at a local restaurant, the health department would immediately shut them down.

  8. How could this even happen? The container is clearly marked as is the box it came in. If this was an accident then it is an accident caused by improper vetting of employees. Someone high on the ladder needs to find another job.

  9. This was either a purposefully malicious and hence criminal act, or else was an effectively criminal act due to a criminal level of utter and profound stupidity.

  10. This is the same failed, disgraceful bureaucracy that is handing out diplomas to students that can’t even add up a column of 2-digit numbers, or write a grammatically-correct sentence, or a coherent paragraph, or point out France on a map. The average academic test scores for Juneau students are D to F-minus. Meanwhile the one school in Juneau with B-average achievement is disproportionately populated with children of school district employees; it has a daily traffic jam with all the children being delivered by their parents from other zones. Meanwhile, everyone praises the superintendent.
    There is only one solution, in one word: Vouchers.

      • Billy, what part of Wayne’s commentwas gibberish?
        The voucher part? I ask this Billy because you have a talent for gibberish.

    • W Coogan, I think the real issue is that Public Schools have become a babysitting service as opposed to an Educational institution.
      Thankfully parents still have the option of providing their children an education. Parents can either choose homeschooling or send their little darlings to a private school.
      Children are our future. Remove your Children from this institutional incarceration. Waiting for a voucher that will never happen merely dooms another generation to ignorance and apathy.

  11. Thank you for providing a picture of the floor sealant Suzanne. No other publication has done this to my knowledge, and it is the single most damning piece of evidence available. There is nothing on that packaging that indicates that product is made for children to drink. Other news sources reported that the packaging between the real milk and this toxic floor sealant was similar. BS. There needs to be a criminal prosecution.

    • M, you know, come to think of it, you make a good point. The unfolding facts indicate it was likely a malicious joke….. beyond the pale of any moral standards.

  12. “Several agencies are now involved in investigating the matter, including the Juneau Police, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Child Care Program Office, and Child Nutrition Programs of the Department of Education.”

    Do you want to know why our country is so screwed up right now? Look at all these agencies! Why on God’s green earth do all these agencies need to be involved or for that matter, need to exist? This should be an easy matter to resolve. Why was this chemical deliberately given to children? The container is clearly not a milk container. Was it in a food service refrigerator? Are there not hazardous material lockers for this kind of stuff? Unless the person was mentally challenged and can’t tell the difference between a milk container and a chemical one (read the label comes to mind), why do all of these agencies need to be involved? I hope these kids don’t suffer from this easily preventable accident and that justice is done if this was a deliberate attempt at harming children. If I were Governor, I would have my Attorney General focus in on this one.

    • Boy, when Suzanne throws red meat to the crazies on here who would think they would come out of the woodwork like this character. First he says “this chemical deliberately given to children” and follows it up with “if this was a deliberate attempt at harming children.”
      Must be a slow day for Michael. Heheh!

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