Kids at summer program in Juneau ingest floor sealant served to them as milk


A floor sealant known as Hillyard Seal 341 was served to students enrolled in a latchkey youth program in Juneau. From the school district report:

On June 14, breakfast was served at Glacier Valley Elementary School to students enrolled in the RALLY program. All breakfast components were served by NANA Management Services staff and placed on food service trays, which students brought to a cafeteria table to consume.

Breakfast was served starting at 8:45 a.m, the district reported. Shortly thereafter, students complained of the milk tasting bad and burning their mouth/throat. Juneau School District RALLY and NANA staff immediately followed up by smelling/tasting the milk and looking at the container/label.

It was found that the “milk” served was actually a floor sealant resembling liquid milk. Staff immediately directed students to stop consuming the substance and removed it.

Twelve students ingested the floor sealant. The RALLY site manager immediately contacted poison control. All steps provided by poison control were carefully followed and parents/guardians of the students who ingested the chemicals were informed of the incident.

The school district food service supervisor and RALLY supervisor arrived at the school by 9 am. Upon arrival they found that the RALLY site manager was taking all the steps provided by poison control, checking in with students and staff, and reaching out the parents/guardians about the incident. One student received medical treatment at Bartlett Regional Hospital and two other students were picked up from RALLY and the parents may have sought medical advice.

The district food service and RALLY supervisors followed up with the NANA staff to ensure the served product was disposed of and the remaining product removed from the premises and placed in chemical/hazardous storage.

The investigation is continuing assisted by the district, City and Borough of Juneau, NANA and Juneau Police Department.

The product’s toxicity report can be found at this link.


    • Hey, I frequently make the same mistake when purchasing milk from the grocery store cooler, and accidentally grabbing the floor sealant on the adjoining shelf. It could happen to anyone!

  1. NANA won’t have consequences. It/they have Privilege. If my kid ended up ingesting ANYTHING funky, without “injury/hospital ” or not; I’d be furious because what unknown other effects…soon or later. But I didn’t put my many kids in those kinds of, literal, programs… My kids were much involved in vetted, private operated activities. Aside from our own, which we’re also quite busy. Dumb, lazy, freeloading parents…

    • It was a program for “latch-key kids”! You know, for families who have parent(s) who work and need help taking care of their kids. What a crass and entitled comment, Ms. James–I’m happy you were able to afford to put your dis into “vetted, private operated activities” but that is gross comparison to those families who cannot afford such luxuries and need to take advantage of sponsored programs. The mistake (presumably by NANA staff) does not mean the parents of those kids are “dumb, lazy, freeloading.”

  2. Horrible! The perpetrator of this deliberate attack to our youth needs finding ASAP!

  3. This is what happens when you hire someone who can neither read nor write, or make common sense decisions in the name of being inclusive. I know a bunch of you are going to be mad at me for saying this, but someone had to say it, so it might as well be me. Call me whatever kind of phobe you want to. If you do, it makes you a common-sensephobe I suppose.

  4. Would this been a deliberate act by a rally or nana employee, or milk company negligence. I hope it was company negligence, cause intentionally adding a chemical by a local employee or a company employee would be a mean and cruel act.

  5. Curious as to the green card status/citizenship of staff and ability to read English……?
    I’m in and out of these buildings all the time. There’s a time or two where there was a struggle to verbally communicate with the hard working short staffed personal. Glad everyone is ok. We’ll …. About as ok as someone who was allowed to get the test injection. Only time will tell.

  6. No words. I can’t imagine how this could happen unless the help doesn’t read English. That doesn’t look like any milk jug I have ever seen. Looks like a bleach bottle.

  7. Was the staff too busy with pride activities to read the label? Someone needs to go to jail over this

  8. Groomer School Lunch Menu:
    Mon – Latex Lima Bean Casserole
    Tues – Polyurethane and Peanut Butter and Jelly
    Wed – Meatloaf with a Methylene glaze
    Thurs – Poached Apples in Acrylic
    Fri – Turkey and THC

  9. No.
    This doesn’t happen by accident.
    Who specifically poured this substance into glasses bound for young students brekfast trays.
    Who watched and saw this person do this.
    This is criminal – where is the accountability anymore???

      • Actually Billy, Steve reveals yet another obvious indictment of the Industrial Governmental Educational Complex. But like a good little leftist you will defend the crown jewel of American stupidity until your last gasp. Predictable and yes beyond stupid…
        BTW, good to see your still out there and kicking!

          • Well Bobby, Steve didn’t reveal a thing other than show he hasn’t a grasp of the situation at all. Home school is nowhere near able to replace public education except for a very few (with both the time and expertise). That by itself shows your mind is nothing close to being clear. Heheh!

  10. O. M. G. !!!
    How can this occur if NANA’s workers have even the most basic HazMat Communications training and can read? Must floor sealant bottles be labeled in Yupik…….and several hundred other languages as well?

  11. Juneau resident here. This is completely expected. It is par for the course when you dehumanize children for two years by forcing them to wear masks, and terrorizing them into submitting to useless and possibly harmful injections manufactured from the body parts of vivisected babies.

    The ongoing child abuse at Juneau School District is now becoming obvious to even the most brainwashed.

  12. They were probably too busy planning pride events to read the label. Someone needs to go to jail

  13. Parents are complaining that the school did not contact many of them in a timely manner and that when they did contact them the story was that the milk had ‘traces’ of paint thinner in it….of course the truth turned out to be very different

  14. What was the slogan touted by Teachers Unions some years back, something about if you think education is expensive, you don’t want to know the price of ignorance…

  15. What needs to be asked is how industrial chemicals got comingled with food. If there is a central supply area and all products are grouped together on a pallet and delivered to individual facilities, I would think some type of labeling would be used. It should then be handled by a knowledgeable school employee, not volunteers. Get the school out of the investigation and let the Juneau PD handle it, could be foul play here.

  16. Like none of us ever got in a morning rush and accidentally grabbed floor sealant out of the refrigerator ’cause it was right next to the milk…

  17. Hillyard products 341 has a very distinct odor, and is caustic – this could not have been an “accident”. The question is whether some kids were playing a prank after finding a bottle of floor sealant or whether someone is very mentally disturbed on the staff. That kids actually tasted the stuff is astounding – getting it close to your nose the hairs curl… Some basic training in food safety for elementary school kids might be in order. Chemical security should be reviewed too. This is serious way beyond anything that could be excused as an ignorant prank – it looks like attempted murder.

    • As to a possible prank, the level of cluelessness necessary to think one could get away with it would be off the charts. I’m guessing marijuana brain fog; it is the only way to explain the level of mental disconnect necessary to fail at noticing it was not milk. As to training, if an employee needs to be trained in such basic matters, he should not be working anywhere near food.
      Moreover, the US military does not accept recruits below IQ-83 because they are incapable of functioning in any military occupation. However, almost 10% of our population falls into that category; 30-million souls. However, these people are equal in human value to the rest of us. We must try our best to find them fundamental employment or assistance. It is much more difficult after they turn, in frustration, to addictive substance abuse.
      Our government managers must discern the potential of all such employees. In the matters of the milk and the pipe bursting at Riverbend, our management is an abysmal failure. It is costing us $-millions absolutely unnecessarily.

  18. In the Constitution Industry many white colored latex based products are commonly referred to as ” Moose Milk”.

    • That is true Robert. However, one would need to be in a deep marijuana brain fog to not notice the unmistakably strong odor of the latex polymer known as “moose’s milk.” The same goes for floor sealant. By the way, it is the construction, not constitution, industry.

  19. Summer rally is basically a daycare funded by the feds for people that can’t afford childcare on their own. It’s a place for underprivileged children to get meals and some interaction throughout the day as their parents sleep one off in the trailer park or low income housing. Now they are the first ones to scream that their children are neglected. Given it was a terrible mistake but watch how everyone is gonna pass the buck and not fess up to the mistake. Who poured the floor cleaner as milk? Guilty!!! End of story…

  20. If the perpetrator tests positive for marijuana (brain-fog) then the responsibility lies at the feet of the School District Superintendent and, consequently, the school board. In that case, the district needs to pay each child a $100,000 settlement. The taxpayers need to be punished for their foolish selection of incompetent management of their school district.

  21. Okay Bill, your point is understood. However, when I see tracks in the snow, speculating a deer walked by is quite reasonable. I’ve employed enough people to know the signs when I see them. What is your theory?

    • So far, the only perp is the one that served the drink without sipping first-and I suspect this failure is relatively common throughout the district. Further, I’ve no theory at all about how this unwanted, unordered pallet of floor sealer got into the district’s warehouse (and remained there for about a year plus) but I’ll bet it has nothing to do with marijuana.
      That said, I’ll also bet this unusual situation will be fixed for the future and (if anyone responsible still employed) the whole truth will come out. And the taxpayers could be on the hook, after insurance bonds are attached.

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