Juneau reinstates indoor mask mandate


Juneau, one of the most Covid-vaccinated cities in Alaska, has reinstated its indoor mask mandate just in time for the 2022 Alaska Legislature, which convenes Jan. 18.

The city reported last week that there are around 156 active Covid-19 cases in Juneau. The number does not include people who’ve tested positive through a rapid self-test. There are currently no individuals with Covid-19 hospitalized at Bartlett Regional Hospital.  

“Due to high case count activity and associated high number of close contacts, the City and Borough of Juneau Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is elevating the overall community risk to modified Level 3 High. At modified High, masking is required in all indoor public areas regardless of a person’s vaccination status, but all other COVID-19 Community Mitigation Strategies remain at Level 2 Moderate. Through this change, the EOC hopes to keep businesses open, government services running, and the hospital staffed; masking remains an effective tool at limiting the spread of COVID,” the city announced.

In addition to indoor masking, masks must be worn in public outdoor areas where six feet of distancing cannot be maintained.

Over 25,000 of the 32,000 Juneau residents have had one dose of a Covid vaccine, or about 83 percent of Juneauites over the age of 5. More than 22,000 residents have had two doses of the shot. Juneau’s vaccination rate is second only to Aleutians East Borough, which is at 95 percent.

Juneau has reported 4,320 Covid infections since the beginning of the pandemic in Alaska in March of 2020, and 14 Juneauites have died from the illness.

Sitka also maintains a mask mandate through March, 2022. Anchorage’s Assembly removed the city’s mask mandate on Dec. 8, 2021.


  1. Juneau will be Alaska’s primary test location for blood-clotting, internal organ failure, and cancer cases. Long-haul vaccine-caused deaths. Stay tuned!

    • Based on your medical opinion, when will the long haul vaccine caused deaths begin to show up? 10 years? 50 years? It’s been about a year already, and since vaccine side effects do not show up beyond 6 months, it’s beyond certain that the vaccines are extremely safe. After all, 8 billion doses administered now. The sky has not fallen on the vaccinated yet.

      • John Seymour, question, why does FDA and your pals over at Pfizer need 50 years to release redacted data relative to the Clot Shot’s trials? Asking for a friend…
        Oh BTW, looked at VAERS lately?

        • It’s not redacted data. It’s information pertaining to a pharmaceuticals trial and research, and amounts to hundreds of thousands of pages of information that takes time to review and release. Got anything to offer here? Or just more baseless speculation from an anti vaxx point of view?

          Do you still not know what VAERS is?

          • John Seymour, Sure, hundreds of thousands of pages, yeah, that’s alot of data. I guess you are right, I see how that could take 50 years to disclose. Is it because the FDA and Fauci are using pre Guttenberg monks to hand copy manuscript? Just wondering. Because that’s the only reason I can think of why it would take 50 years. Unless of course they are hiding something….

      • You seem like a learned man. Perhaps you are aware that patents have been filed. As the anticipated molecular structures change and become new and different the “products” are now “owned” by the registered patent owner. A bit unsettling a prospect for civil liberties and inheritances etc. What a coup.

      • John…insurance company says working age people dying at a rate of 40% above normal in the last year. Wishful thinking is great and nothing wrong with a positive attitude, but it’s to early to claim any obsolete conclusions. We are only 12 months in, lots of science and rigorous testing still to come.

        • Reed, we actually have a lot of research regarding vaccines and their long term affects. There has never been a vaccine related side affect beyond 6 months after inoculation. IF the concern is “this vaccine is different” then look no further than the decades of research in mRNA vaccine trials for cancer. We know what the long term affects are, and we have more data regarding these vaccines than any other vaccine in history.

      • Although they were sold to the American people as a ‘dead end’ to the virus, “you can’t get ‘vid if you get the shot”. Regardless of what they were designed to do, ill informed citizens believe they were designed to sterilize the virus, therefore can’t catch/spread.

    • Seeing how Biden just signed a 137 million deal with a German pharmaceutical company to produce Covid test strips that wont even be completed for three more years before it can supply them, lets us know how long they plan on keeping this BS going.

    • Does it anger you that the government is basing its policy on pandemic numbers? As soon as the numbers slow, the government reduces mitigation efforts. When numbers pick back up, mitigation efforts resume. Would you rather the government base its policy on numbers from last year? Or would you prefer the government pretend there is no virus?

      • I would prefer they learn to read. Obviously, they missed the very public memo from actual experts which confirmed that the cloth masks are pretty worthless. U bless it is a properly fitted N95 one use mask, you are wasting your time.

        • Hold on Carol. Where do you get your information? It couldn’t possibly be from the same experts that government policymakers are listening to.

      • It should anger you that it’s based n politics and perception, and not at all on science, and yet it doesn’t it. Mass formation at work.

  2. Triple vaxed, masked and face shielded plus a freak about social distancing, and still got the covid. Not me, the Secretary of Defense, this just in. Fauci admitted if you were in a hospital for anything (he used a broken bone as an example) but tested positive, you were counted as hospitalized with covid. Before you send me hate mail, I am triple vaxed, masked, and shielded and a social distancer.

    The new omicron scarient seems to have a real low death and hospital rate. Looked down and saw Biden peeing on my leg while selling me rain gear. I’m not getting any more shots and while I will wear a mask; it’s time to live without fear. Also, I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in 25 years and he really went off on me when some one said I voted for Trump. He went rabid and was a little scary. He told me to never contact him again and told me to go to hell.

    • Sorry that happened to you. TDS has affected many and is the pandemic before the plandemic. Friends should respect your right to vote for whoever you want, as well as your right to take whatever medicine you want, and yet here we are. God help these tiny minded people. They will one day most likely wake from the hysteria and realize they’ve alienated many good people, who simply thought differently. It is the sickness of the left. There is no room for dissent in their world.

      • TDS led to an attack on the capitol last January. We are coming up on a one year anniversary, and Trump is still your leader, despite carrying out an attack on our nation. TDS is real. There is no medication for it. The only cure is to escape the cult.

        • And I wish you luck getting out of your TDS cult, as your bias and bigotry is probably hurting more relationships than you know, and your Blue Anon conspiracies have all come crashing down into the chaotic lies and nonsense they were fashioned from.

          • Happy insurrection day, Lawrence. Do you recall what was happening one year ago today? It was a mob of Trump supporters attacking our capitol in the hopes they might install him as president for life. If that isn’t the ultimate cult mindset, then you will have to provide me one better. Please do.

  3. Oh yes. Masks to protect the vaccinated from the vaccinated. And the evidence is so very clear that masks are a such a huge step in preventing the spread of Covid. The masks will stop this thing dead in dead in the tracks. A least the CDC says that. Totally.

  4. The more they vaccinate and the more they force masking up, they higher the infection numbers go……..and the simpletons just cannot make the connection.

  5. Daily reminder that our RINO governor could end this with a stroke of a pen, but he chooses not to out of “principle.” Kurka and Kurka ONLY for governor!

  6. “Juneau has reported 4,320 Covid infections since the beginning of the pandemic in Alaska in March of 2020, and 14 Juneauites have died from the illness.”

    No, 14 Juneau residents did not die FROM the illness, but they may have died WITH the illness. Even Mr. Fauxci says this, finally. Not that I trust him, because I don’t.

    The other thing I have to wonder, is …. if 14 Juneau residents really did die FROM Covid, is that death rate enough to cause this amount of fear, lockdowns, closures, social distancing, and masking (with useless cloth masks, no less)? Asking for a friend.

    • Low-watt bulbs still coming out of the woodwork here about what involves a covid death. If the death certificate says it’s due to covid then that’s how it it counted-nothing to do about dying “with” covid.
      Get a grip here Deanna or change your meds, along with your friend.

      • Bill, the fact that you either cannot understand the medically (and politically) significant difference between “dying with” and “dying from” leads me to once again conclude that you own wattage is at the fractional level.

          • Bill, the (corrupt) medical establishment disagrees with you.
            Honestly, you are just babbling nonsense here, and denying reality wholesale. But that seems to be the radical leftist conformist’s favorite hobby nowadays.

      • Bill, the fact that you either cannot, or pretend not to, understand the medically (and politically) significant difference between “dying with” and “dying from” leads me to once again conclude that you own wattage is at the fractional level.

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