Judge won’t budge on Justice Dept. illegal attempt to censor Americans’ free speech


The Justice Department asked a federal judge to lift his temporary injunction, announced last week, banning the federal government from trying to suppress fee speech in social media.

But the judge wouldn’t budge on Monday.

The White House and the executive agencies under its control have coordinated with social media platforms for three years to eliminate social media posts and accounts that dispute the official government narrative.

Last week’s injunction came with a warning from Louisiana U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty, who said that the plaintiffs — the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri — have a strong case and are likely to win at trial.

Doughty said that the states have standing to sue the federal government, and he highlighted specific cases of federal censorship that appear particularly egregious, such as when the White House pressured Facebook and Twitter to remove an “anti-COVID-19 vaccine tweet” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and an instance where Fox News host Tucker Carlson questioned the science behind Covid vaccines.

According to Doughty, the CDC was regularly sending Facebook lists of Covid misinformation for removal. The topics removed included any “medically debatable topics” about the survival rate of for those contracting Covid and the efficacy and side effects of vaccines.

Doughty also pointed out how the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop was suppressed on social media in the days leading up to the 2020 election. The Democrats, who were not yet in control of the White House, labeled it “Russian disinformation.” As it turns out, Hunter Biden has now started cutting deals with the Department of Justice.


  1. The Left just can’t believe that someone with enough authority – in this case a federal District Court judge – was presented with a wide and deep set of facts that offended his sense about what freedom of speech and the First Amendment are all about. As noted in a previous comment, the appeal on this case will go to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal in New Orleans. The Left HATES the Fifth Circuit. At best, the Appellate Court will narrow the injunction a bit but the fundamentals of the case will remain. It may take time but the case should make it to the Big Nine.

    In the meantime, the Biden regime may try to ignore the injunction – I suppose in the name of “the greater good”. Unfortunately for the Left the attorneys for the plaintiffs are tough and have resources.

    Looking back, this case arose because the acts of the Regime demanding censorship were so blatant and so one-sided. The Left failed to think about their acts in the context of the Constitution. Their lawyers should be fired for incompetence and even intentional bad acts. At the same time the social media platforms showed that don’t care about Constitutional rights. If Suzanne permitted name-calling, I would use the most vile terms to describe Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

    The District Court judge has the power to make findings of fact. The facts in this case are ugly. Free Americans are in his debt.

    • This case has vast implications for the survival of our nation. The left has been rewriting history – even lying about it – to promote and legitimize their pet causes for the purpose of a communist take over of the U.S. The freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment (and Second…) are anathema to the left gaining control. Please pray that we win this one – there hasn’t been a more important case in the court system for many years.

      • Mark, why be so kind–a few slaps on the hand and told no? Use a bit more imagination: give the guy a swift kick in the ass and physically throw him out door! He and Trump can co-chair the Club of Losers and whine about being disrespected! Why be Mr. Nice Guy: to these jerks you’re just another no-count!

  2. Anyone who doesn’t think the government conspiring with media companies to direct the narrative of various topics isn’t paying attention. Most tyrannical governments started by controlling the narrative with the “official propaganda”.

    • Yes Dan and for anyone buying”ABC,NBC,CBS,PBS, so called news, just a heads up. It may be news, but it’s not the news that we all need to be hearing about. Such as this particular story for example.

    • Democrats hate free speech, diversity, inclusion, equity, etc……when it involves subject matter that involves the exchange of ideas that are counter, or inapposite, to their own dogma.

      • The Left claims to champion tolerance for other points of view and then is shocked when there actually are other points of view.
        The consensus view of the Left is that democracy cannot function if people who disagree with them are allowed to participate in it. Combine this with their adherents routinely operating in an alternate reality consisting of a constant state of grievances, and you can see how the Left is driven to obsessively and vigilantly cling to their irrationally justified moral-imperative to “protect our democracy” from the phantasm they perceive is a constant existential threat coming from the non-Left. This is Madness incarnate.

        • The children… errr, I mean the left.
          And absolutely correct. All leftists want an all powerful government. They want to be told what to do, and more importantly, they want the all powerful State to force those they disagree with to obey.
          The left will lie, cheat, and steal to obtain the power they believe it theirs by right.

  3. Thank God! Finally some of the cold hard truth is being revealed. The tip of the iceberg for both the federal and state corruption that has been taking place. Yes corruption has always been, just not to the extent as the last several years.

  4. Thank God! Some Red state great grandparents didn’t listen to the agnostic and atheists nay-sayers of their day to not live out, instill, and teach biblical truth planting seeds in these living generations that makes up the more redder states. If it wasn’t for those 24 “Bible states” America be having a meltdown. You know what I found in todays Family Circle comic (if I was read to I’d collected all the books by bil keane) the question of that day’s comic was ‘what is the greatest source of power in the world today?’ While the kids were drawn thinking up wind, solar, hydro, elephant power, superhero strength power, aluminum, nuclear) mama is thinking prayer is our greatest source of power. If you aren’t a nay-sayer, well, you don’t need any convincing. It’s the prayers said and biblical truth seeds planted by grandparents now deceased keeping us from experiencing a totals snd complete meltdown under God’s judgement. So thank a Redder state more red than Alaska. Their better sense and fear of God is holding our nation’s implosion back. So I can go to work next year. I hope.

      • What does that have to do with anything in the article or the comment in any way?
        If all you have is intolerant disparaging comments, please keep them to yourself. Otherwise, it serves no purpose other than demonstrating that you are a child.

  5. Thanks to all the useful idiots that helped turn this country into a third world cesspool. Now we have to look forward to another stolen election or another year of riots.

  6. I firmly believe if the same bad actors tried again and succeeded to pull off the same criminal activity they did in 2020 there would be a real insurrection if the results showed blatant corruption as it is finally being aknowledged to have taken place.

    I was beginning to worry that it would all be swept under the rug and just carry on.

    Very important to see Adam Schiff being called out but not punished nearly enough.
    I feel if someone pulled that centuries ago the penalty would have been much greater as in the day when they used to hang horse thieves.
    Shifty schiff deserved all of that and retribution for the costs incurred as a result of his blatant lies.
    And guess what? Cali sheep will reelect him for Feinsteins seat. That chair will never see a worthwhile being occupying it. Cali is a place where they can say gay and baa at the same time

    • You must know something that multiple Federal judges, including SCOTUS, and multiple governors and Secretaries of State didn’t know because they’ve all said the election was legitimate.

      Remember, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

      • So, you give us an ‘argument from authority’, eh cman?
        Because those in power are always both infallible and honest, right?

        Do you realize how lame and gullible you sound here?

      • The SCOTUS never said the election was legit.
        They did not choose to hear the cases brought to them, but that indicates NOTHING. But… why would you want to acknowledge that reality?
        Governors and Secs of State are not exactly impartial judges here, and you know that as well. Fact is they simply decided not to investigate any anomalies, for their own reasons. Perhaps it was because they liked the outcome. Or maybe it was to avoid discovering there was in fact illegal actions in their administration. But, that again is proof of nothing.

    • Mr. Dufrain, the establishment has it figured out: they get the dolts in this country darting right and left and bending over! Then, bingo: it works for them every time! The “combine” takes its red, white, and blue liberties with a smile, and it has you in sight!

  7. Well to bad there are not more true judges out there. The political stance has shown that judges are involved with the lefts trying to rid us of the constitution.

  8. The judge is correct in that ignorant people should be free to be stupid without government interference

  9. Its funny how RFK Jr. by simply existing, embarrasses the current crop of corporate bootlickers that are now the moral center of the political left.

    At one time, Democrats – for all their faults – would be busting up organizations like Google and Amazon. Now, they are just good little lapdogs that want scraps from the table.

    These poodles naively believe that a few large anti-competitive organizations are easier for them to control – but in the end, its the public that loses.

  10. Liberalism isn’t defensible. For this reason, you have to censor speech to keep said narrative alive and undisputed. This is why you rarely see Democrats debate. If they do, they need a Liberal moderator and and the questions ahead of time.

    • Please do not call them liberals, they are leftists. There is nothing liberal about them.
      Thought experiment. Compare the way a toddler or kindergartener acts/responds to what you see from the leftists. Aside from the adult sized bodies and better vocabulary, how are their actions different in any way.
      When a child hears something they do not like, they cover their ears and scream LALALALALALA really loudly. Different from censorship only in the tool used.
      When a child loses in a fair competition, they take their ball and go home, or try to change the rules of the game, or just throw a tantrum and flip the board over. How does that differ from claiming the SCOTUS is illegitimate and saying they should pack the court because a decision was handed down that they did not like? How is it different from protesting outside the home of conservative justices?
      When a child is upset, it is always someone else’s fault. Describe how that is different from demanding pronoun laws get passed to avoid offense.
      The list goes on infinitely, but the reality remains the same. Leftists are children in adult bodies.

  11. Wow! Uhm one judge that is being a true judge! Makes you wonder? About your state judges? Oh Snd them Anchorage judges!

  12. How many years did we scream the fact that conservatives were being blocked while elected establishment Republicans said we were crazy? The sad part is things are much worse than even the conspiracy theorist exposed

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