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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Juan Camarena indicted for felon in posession of ammo

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Juan Camarena of Wasilla was indicted today with one count of felon in possession of ammunition.

Camarena is still a person of interest in the triple homicide in Wasilla on Nov. 2, 2019. His indictment and incarceration keeps him off the streets while an investigation continues into the homicides. Camarena has a long history of gang activities in California.

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Camarena turned himself in on Nov. 14 after Alaska State Troopers put out a bulletin asking the public for help in locating him.

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During the course of the triple homicide investigation, law officers discovered Camarena’s possessed ammunition stored in his trailer.

Camarena’s six convictions in California between 1987 and 2015 are listed in the indictment and his crime spree spanned 34 years, including possession with intent to distribute meth, assault with a deadly weapon, felon in possession of a firearm, evading peace officer, possessing, manufacturing, and selling dangerous weapons, and street gang participation.

Between, on or about Nov. 1, 2019, to Nov. 11, 2019, Camarena illegally possessed 12 9mm rounds located in the bathroom cubby, one .40 live round located in a magazine on the shelf in the bedroom, one 9mm live round located in the living room, one .45 live round located in the bedroom closet, and one 9mm live round located in a cubby behind the toilet.

In the U.S. Attorney’s press release, no mention was made about the link to the triple murders, which is in the hands of State Troopers. If law enforcement has anything on Camarena, they’re not saying yet. But they’re asking for the public’s help with information regarding Camarena’s activities. The public may contact Troopers at 907-352-5401.

If convicted on the federal charges relating to his possession of ammunition, Camarena faces a statutory maximum of 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and 3 years supervised release. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the actual sentence imposed will be based upon the seriousness of the offense and the prior criminal history.

The Alaska State Troopers, the Alaska Criminal Intelligence Center, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Anchorage Police Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted the investigation leading to the indictment in this case. This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Vandergaw.

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