John Cox, Michael Sheldon file for Senate seats


John Cox, who has run for U.S. House and State House of Representatives, is now running for State Senate as a Republican. He is challenging Sen. Gary Stevens of Kodiak, Senate Seat P.

Cox lost in the Republican primary to Sarah Vance for House in 2018, in a three-way race. Vance went on to unseat Paul Seaton.

Cox served in the U.S. Navy for 30 years. A professional locksmith, he owns Smokin’, a fine cigar and loose tobacco store. Cox was president of the Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Homer Friends of the NRA. He ran for Congress against Congressman Don Young in 2014.

Michael Sheldon, of Petersburg, ran for governor in 2018, and earned just under 3 percent of the vote during the Republican primary.

He is running to unseat Sen. Bert Stedman of Sitka, District R.

Following graduation from Petersburg High School, Sheldon studied to become a mechanic and welder and worked on the Alyeska Pipeline. In 1976, Sheldon returned to Petersburg and purchased a fishing vessel, beginning a career as a commercial fisherman. Sheldon sold his boat in 1998 and worked for the Alaska Marine Highway System. After nearly a decade, he left to pursue a career as a handyman, before running for governor.

Both have been vocal advocates for the statutory calculation of the Permanent Fund dividend.


  1. Whooooop!!!! I am so proud of our PFD defenders stepping up -I will support each one that if supporting the full statutory pfd calculation. But we must be careful to vet each one -because we found lots of people (Fairbanks) cough, that ended up being Rinos. So disappointing -let’s keep getting some winners in the fold. And gun rights ?

  2. The PFD is the second worst public policy ever invented. Universal basic income under any name is a bad idea. The winner for the very worst public policy is to use the PFD to perpetuate our excessive level of wasteful spending.

    Cut spending and eliminate the PFD.

  3. John Cox,
    Division of Elections DENIED



  4. Five PFD non-defenders and supporters of the binding caucus are up for re-election. They all have primary opponents. Most of us won’t be able to vote for them but we can certainly support them financially. Those five brave folks are John Cox, Michael Sheldon, Robb Meyers, Jim Crawford and last but certainly not least Roger Holland. Donate what you can a whole lotta small contributions adds up to a big number.

      • By the Way Michael Sheldon went to grade school with Bert Steadman who has been one of the Biggest RINOs for a long time. He did a last minute write in against him, but this time he will be on the ballot and many know that he is ripe for replacement, considering his stand against the PFD and the amount of time (Steadman) has been in office.

    • Yes, you are exactly right, many small contributions add up after a while. Thanks for the plug, we will fight for We the People of Alaska.

      Sheldon for State Senate in the primary August 18, 2020.

      Every vote counts carpool friends, and family and get out the vote.

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