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Monday, September 27, 2021
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John Binkley chairs redistricting board

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At the first meeting of the Alaska Redistricting Board, well-known Alaska businessman, civic leader, and occasional political leader John Binkley of Fairbanks was elected chair.

The redistricting board is in charge of redrawing the political boundaries for Alaska after the 2020 election. In the background over recent weeks since the board was appointed, the members have been jockeying to see who had the votes to become the chair. Two of the members of the board represent rural Alaska Democrat interests, while the other three represent Fairbanks, Southeast Alaska, and South-central.

Binkley was nominated by board member Bethany Marcum, a move that surprised Nome member Melanie Bahnke. She immediately counter-nominated the other rural representative, Nicole Borromeo. The vote went for Binkley, three to two.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • I love that photo of Binkley. Calming the waters, like Moses himself.

    • Is he calming the waters, or parting them? He might try doing that at his newspaper, ADN.

  • Binkley will have to gerrymander more Democrats into Giessel’s district.

    • Cathy Giessel has reached the dust bin of History..!!

  • The 3-2 vote may be the way things get settled….John has a thankless job with both sides of most issues unhappy with the outcome…

    • Maybe Giessel can get a job working for John Binkley’s newspaper, ADN. Her column would be titled, “Queen Speak From The Dust Bin.”

      • If Binkley, or his son, are planning on getting back into “occasional political leadership,” they should probably consider selling the ADN ASAP. Alaskans will never believe that brainwashing and hypnotic journalism is good 4U&ME.

  • So the ADN gets to decide the districts?
    Great. That will go over well. Well, this New class will be the last republican majority this state ever has. Good grief! Giessel screws us one last time on the way out the door. Not only are these sell out RINOs corrupt, they are as vindictive as all get out (Thompson et al). You can bet your assets that Von Imhoff will be working for the other team if she gets in.

    I think if your choice is a back-stabbing Alaskan hating RINO, or a front-stabbing Alaskan hating Dem- might as well go with the one that attacks head on. They both hate us- but at least the latter have the modest amount of honor to tell you who they are up front. If the Dems were smart they would just drop that race. They are getting a twofer with Natasha Von Imhof.

  • John Binkley is an honest and admirable man and he will do a good job for Alaska.

    • He owns a publication that is about as far from those words you used to describe him, as could be mathematically possible..go figure why some of us are so skeptical.. If he wants to really help Alaska, he might try something novel; make sure that his newspaper reported the news and told the truth. That would be a great first step. As it stands it’s essentially a propaganda machine for the AK Democrat Party.

    • I agree.

      • Agree with Lawrence 100%.

  • Please correct your article, I am not a democrat. Also, I had asked you to correct your previous article about me because it incorrectly states that I am a leader in the Recall Dunleavy effort. I am not. I see you still haven’t made that correction. I expect your readers want to know the facts, so please make these corrections.

  • Melanie,
    Did you sign the Recall Dunleavy petition? Simple yes or no answer, please. What affiliation are you registered to vote? Simple answer, please. We Alaskans can make up our own minds based on the facts. Thank you.

  • Answer to above questions by Naomi:
    1. YES.
    2. INDEPENDENT (meaning Democrat).

    ps. Melanie doesn’t respond to difficult questions. Mr. Binkley, please take note.

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