JBER bans alcohol sales after 10 pm to reduce suicide


Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson announced on Facebook that, as of Jan. 15 it has banned the sale of alcohol on base between 10 pm and 5 am, in an effort to reduce suicide attempts and to generally lessen consumption.

The announcement was made on Facebook on Jan. 14.

“The number 1 priority of JBER leadership remains the health and safety of our people,” the post said. “Several scientific studies reviewed by the National Institutes of Health have concluded that restricting the hours when alcohol may be sold is an effective strategy for reducing excessive alcohol consumption and related harms.”

There were more than 290 comment on the Facebook post, many of them not favorable toward the new policy.


  1. What kind of communist thinking is going on that base? First it’s guns and now alcohol. Heck pretty soon they are going to want them to defend our democracy.

  2. I wonder where is JBER’s church ministry, it sounds like the base needs a ministry team full of Zeal. That sound like the military is training their soldiers for everything else while neglecting training their souls. I don’t think banning their alcohol is best response, these soldiers are grown men and women, the external control actually might worsen their state of minds. They take one thing away, but what will replace it?

  3. If the Biden White House believes it cannot trust troops sent to protect the inauguration then I suppose it’s not a surprise that military personnel are committing suicide. May God help us when Red China chooses to take us on!

  4. Put a bunch of young people in a constricted, regimented situation while restricting their ability to get out and socialize, with a huge amount of downtime; and you have problems. Closing Anchorage is decimating the population in and around Anchorage.

  5. When China does come out from under their slimy Rock and actually start fighting a war, they will attack quickly and decisively. It will be Swift because they will catch the Left coast with their pants down and quickly occupy that area so much so that we wouldn’t dare nuke our own land and our own people to fight them. The suicide phenomenon is not new. Natives have been dealing with it for a long time. Especially the more isolated villages. The depression and unknowingness as to their future and lack of Hope can be critical in surviving. Alcohol only makes it easier to accomplish.

    • That comment makes absolutely no sense other than to display a complete lack of understanding of the problem, military culture and life, and JBER policies. You’re talking out of your 4th point of contact. Translated: you’re speaking as though you’re suffering from a rectal cranial inversion.

  6. Alcohol does amplify depression.
    However, I don’t get the time factor in this stop suicide equation.
    The fact is, we are largely a military community.
    What happens to military personnel has repercussions communitywide.
    It would be nice to have other points addressed that are in place on the bases that help those who are suffering deep depression.
    I care. We care.

  7. The dismal low response to such a morbid topic each time Must Read Alaska posts about suicide is discouraging, it doesn’t gather the same reaction as the classroom warfare, article over 100 responses harping on that topic. People, don’t take a life lived without God is meaningless as an important study. Suicide hotlines and coping habits I think are a poor substitute for the what is absent. I think they dont really work. If they worked suicide and depression would be decreased. Hahahaha

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