Class warfare: Students in Anchorage will be forced to kneel for hours, no recess


Update: Due to road conditions, in-person classes will not begin today in Anchorage.

Some of the youngest students returning to classes today in Anchorage will enter a dystopian classroom world, where they must kneel for hours on end on the floor while masked, and have no recess or art or physical expression.

Pre-K–2, K–6, self-contained special needs programs, and the Whaley School (clarification, not pictured in this article) are returning to in-person learning at Anchorage School District classes on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Parents who viewed the classroom above that their students will be returning to expressed shock: All desks have been removed. Students will kneel on gardening pads and use chairs as their desks for 5.5 hours.

[Parents, send photos of your children’s classroom conditions to this address: suzanne @]

Rather than lockers, they will have to bring a five-gallon utility bucket to store their lunch, jackets, and supplies in. The parents were told all students will be masked over their nose and mouth.

“We wouldn’t allow terrorists to be treated like this,” said one concerned parent, who asked to be kept anonymous.

Another parent has sent in this photo of her child’s classroom in Anchorage.

The new classroom design represents one solution to keeping children apart so they do not spread the COVID-19 virus.

Some of these young students have never been to school before, so they may not see the situation as abnormal. Anchorage schools have been closed due to the coronavirus since last March.

In at least one Ohio school, the desks are in place, but plastic barriers have been placed around each one, to contain moisture coming from students as they breathe through their masks, as shown from this parent’s photograph:

Grades 3–6 will continue with current Zoom and online classes for now in Anchorage. The District has a goal of bringing them back “as soon as possible after our first tier of students.”

Select middle and high school students who need extra support will also begin in-person, small-group classes for 5.5 hours each day on Jan. 19. All middle and high school students will return to in-person learning at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the District says.

“It may be hard to remember what ‘school in school’ was like. That’s okay! We will transition to a new routine together. We are paving the way for a new approach to learning in-person. The District is prepared with Individual School Safety and Mitigation Plans that are in line with CDC guidelines and customized by school principals and staff to ensure the mitigation works for each unique schools’ building and culture,” the district said.

Meanwhile, Anchorage Education Association, the union for teachers and staff, has sent highly detailed instructions to all of its members telling them exactly how to document their discontent with returning to in-person learning, so that they may file a successful grievance against the school district.

AEA has already filed its first grievance, demanding that teachers may refuse to carry out orders that they feel threaten health. The letter to teachers points out the dangerous situation that will occur when students remove their masks to eat and drink in the classrooms:

“With many students returning to buildings next Tuesday, many of you will have difficult decisions to make regarding your health and safety. The District’s position is that they have plans in place that mitigate and minimize exposure to COVID-19. AEA is focusing on student and staff safety as we return to face-to-face learning.

“AEA has filed a grievance asserting violations of Article 421B: “A member may refuse to carry out an order that threatens health (excluding normal childhood diseases including but not limited to colds, flu, mumps, measles, chicken pox) or physical safety; or which is a violation of federal or state statutes. If the member refuses, the member shall have the burden of proof.” Page 48 in the AEA Contract.

“This grievance includes any members who refuse to carry out an order that they believe threatens their health or physical safety. The specific safety violations are in these areas:

  • “Classrooms are being set up that do not have six feet of distance between students.
  • “Student are being allowed to remove masks and eat in the classroom.
  • “SEL mask breaks in buildings do not comply with CDC guidelines.
  • “Classrooms may not meet CDC, OSHA, or other regulatory requirements for proper air circulation and filtration to minimize COVID-19 exposure.”

The entire union letter to teachers and staff is at this link:


  1. This is insane! We will end up with a generation of people who have no immune system? Kids are supposed to eat dirt, drink from the hose, and play and explore. Now we have zombies that can’t even have a snack to sustain themselves as they “march” to the communist drum in unison throughout the day. My knees hurt just thinking about this ridiculous plan. I went to the principal’s office for spraying perfume on the boys at recess. Now, kids will go for breathing incorrectly. I am grateful I am not in this position as a parent with school-age children but am truly concerned for the next generation.

    • You’re right! It’s insane that they don’t get Whooping Cough, Smallpox, Diptheria, Measles or even Chicken Pox! Stop poisoning our kids with these so-called vaccinations, and let them toughen up on diseases. (Eyeroll)

      • Are you serious? Kids need to be immunized people use to die from those diseases. Smallpox is never even heard of anymore so they don’t even vaccinate against that anymore but I am completely for immunizations.

        • Not true, those vaccines come at the time of those diseases were in a deep decline. What made those, diseases go in deep decline & practical disappear. Chlorine in the drinking water (safe water), sanitation, refrigeration & personal hygiene.

      • We refused the C Pox vaccine (the last group who could)
        Our kids all got them & were fine

        Mostly absurd Gov overreaction ….imo

        Love the new “news: term used in every article today
        ” ….in an abundance of caution.”

        Be afraid ….be very afraid

      • There was NOTHING in her comment about vaccines. You are obviously having a difficult time responding to her actual argument..

      • Someone should submit this as the perfect example of the term “strawman”, or perhaps “non-sequiter”

    • Having several family members in medical research, and having discussed nominal ongoing health concerns with several medical providers and researched the isse, It appears that it is not possible to a prevent the spread of any germ threats using present technolog and practices. Mask fibers collect contagious agents, and can not stop microscopic nano-particulates, including water droplets and microbial germs such as viruses and bacteria which are larger. Furthermore, infectious agents can float around the air freely and uninhibited for hours and days, and collect on every surface freely, and become airborne with every breath.
      Since it is inpossible to remain 6 feet from viruses, masks and distancing only serve to further endanger public health. Therefore, ordinances that attempt to enforce endangering the public are subject to criminal prosecution. Since. The World Health Organization has stated numerous times that current coronaviruses, similar to common influenza microbial agents, have mild symptoms, and therefore are not a threat to public health. Since local authorities have no authority to enforce medical issues, anyone who would require the totally innefective policies of social distancing and the wearing of masks, could be subjected to criminal prosecution since these measures only further threaten public safety. Since viruses can not be stopped by public mandates, only voluntary measures can help, such as those having increased vulnerability taking unilateral precautions. Since the wearing of masks and social distancing only endanger public health, the wearing of masks and social mandates should be made illegal, and those who wear masks or attempt to enforce them, should be held legally accountable. To give people the false impression that cloth fibers can stop viruses, or that it’s possible to stay 6 feet from viruses, should be a criminal offense. It’s a good thing that wearing masks and social distancing are going the way of the dinosaurs. It’s about as easy to stay 6 feet from a dinosaur, as it is from a virus. Since there are no current germ threats out of the ordinary, lfe can return to normal, now that we know who the real enemies are.

      • This Chinese virus has an over 99% recovery rate. The “flu” is worse. Heard of anyone having the flu since this all began? It’s about CONTROL, people. WAKE UP, Sheep!

      • Masks, short of a hazmat suit, will not stop a virus. Studies show that face masks impair oxygen intake dramatically, which can lead to serious problems. A drop in oxygen levels is associated with an impairment in immunity. Hypoxia also inhibits the main immune cells that fight viral infections.
        As for vaccines, none are safe. Read about the cancer-causing monkey viruses that contaminated the polio vaccine, the coverups of cancer outbreaks, the arrival of the AIDS virus, and biological weapon research using infected monkeys in the book, “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Edward Haslam.
        Best to bolster your own immune system by keeping yourself healthy.

        • Are you referring to ‘mask mouth’, which lists in the same sentence as ‘meth mouth’? A boon to dentists.

      • It’s also here in USA and it’s called Acute Flaccid Myelitis – a vaccine injury that has been recognized by VAERS

        Polio is doing exactly what germs have always done – mutate, evolve, resist – and they are a part of our human DNA. New strains of pertussis have also evolved to be resistant to vaccines.

        We would not exist if it weren’t for viruses and each of us has trillions living inside our body along with colonies of all kinds of pathogenic organisms – bacteria, Protozoa, yeast

        The joke is on you, living in ignorance of the microbiome so that the modern sorcerers (Pharmakia) can profit from your irrational fear of invisible entities.

        Everyone has an immune system and ultimately that’s the only power anyone has against illness

      • You know this, because you live there? Honey, you are watching too much TV and swallowing the scheisse hook, line and sinker. You go get on your knees, mask up your kids…oh wait you have no kids…there is this new robot they named after you. Is that you Soph?

    • If you send your children to these schools, you are a boob. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Teach your own kids, do whatever it takes. Don’t send them to these prisons. Parents, take responsibility and protect your children from this abuse.

      • Had to throw in a muslim jab, didn’t you? Yup, fear of Islam, Russians, white supremacy, viruses, whatever the government-media want you to believe. Keep buying the lies.

        • By concealing the most unique, identifying part of a human being, masks and burqas accomplish the same objective – to dehumanize and crush the spirit of freedom and increase the power of rule makers. Now we have authoritarian governments forcing face diapers on entire populations to promote a warped, perverted sense of safety. In order to participate in society in whatever limited way is permitted, tyrants worldwide have banned church services, backyard barbeques, parties, sports and music events, and even shopping, just for starters.
          A society that embraces a mandated garment demonstrates its capitulation to a dictatorial regime that punishes dissenters with financial and social burdens. Make no mistake, mask directives are only the beginning of a much more insidious and well thought out plan to plunge the world into acquiescence, to force citizens to consent and comply with whatever degrading and demeaning regulations despots deem necessary for the forced obedience of the masses. The religion of Islam is synonymous with submission and control.

        • Islam is a political movement cloaked as simply a religion.
          Ignore that at your peril.
          Read Douglas Murray’s book on the strange suicide of Europe.

    • And this my fellow Americans is the fast track to desensitize developing psychology of children. A feather in the hat of the dark powers that need to alter normal development. Damage the minds and psyche of the young and vulnerable, it creates a superhighway to control the next generation.

    • Absolutely correct. Please fight this however you can and if not, home school your kids and grandkids. What the heck is wrong with the teachers? Have they been indoctrinated too. And don’t take that experimental vaccine they are trying to push on everybody!

  2. If I had a child in school I would demand disbandment of the school board and termination of the everyone to a real job demanding performance for pay. What a waste of hard earned dollars by others. Fortunately my family is in the second generation of home school, though our hard earned money still goes to this wasteful charade of education.

    • Omg Anchorage has gone! Who voted for this school board. We left Alaska in 2015 after 40 years and I have to say the government in Anchorage has reached a new low!

      • Mostly the AEA and their other union lackeys have put the school board, assembly and mayor in office. Brings a new definition to ‘public servant’ doesn’t it? Makes one also wonder the validity of mail in and other anonymous voting schemes, too. What they think is good for Anchorage they want to push onto the state.

      • I hope the teachers can band together to stop this absurdity and demand all classrooms returned to normal setup and functioning’s. I bet classes look just like this in China and that is not an example anyone should follow. Why hasn’t the United Nations held them accountable for their intentional bio warfare and digital warfare against the entire world yet?!

        • Nicole, honey if you believe a single statement you made in your comment then perhaps you should turn your TV off. Did you even read the article? Or just the headline?
          1: the “teachers” mentioned in your comment are filing grievances over “health” concerns before they even return to “work”.
          2:….I’ll leave it there. If there is ANY hope for our future as a human race we all must stop pointing the finger elsewhere and ask critical questions of everything.
          Open your eyes to free your mind!

    • Thank you for homeschooling. Our children deserve and need their parents to turn out healthy, happy and not insane zombies. Public school indoctrination has created this destruction of society and the insistence on communism.

  3. It’s way past time for ALL parents to leave the K12 government school system. This is just plain nuts! Parents: Please deluge your legislators with emails, phone calls, etc and tell them you have had enough of this game by the public schools and their entrenched unions. Face it, the teachers union leadership doesn’t care one iota about the children. This is about power and control. The unions are out of control and it will only get worse under the new Biden Administration. Meanwhile, thousands of Alaskan children are having their futures stolen. Where is the outrage from parents?

    • I am so glad I no longer teach in Alaska. I would never subject my special education or regular ed students to treatment like this. The school board and union should all be ousted. This is ridiculous! I want to see the school board trying to do their jobs kneeling and while they are down there,
      they should pray for forgiveness!!

  4. Being a teacher isn’t about teaching the kids anymore, it’s about still getting paid while doing less. Maybe there are a few teachers that may want to return to in school teaching and I’m not giving them the grievance but ASD system is already crap at best especially the teachers union. Come on people, you don’t think these students have been participating in social society without these damn covid rules already? The Matsu have already been in school learning and it’s only a stone throw away from Anchorage, did they find the secret Anchorage have been missing? Here’s the secret, it’s called leadership! Teaching these kids to live in fear is not how to raise our future generations. Just my opinion.

  5. O-M-G. They are going to make this COVID thing last longer and be more difficult that it need be by delaying herd immunity. WTH is wrong with these people in Anchorage? What are the kids who can’t kneel for several hours going to do? I hope the morons at least have a plan in place to let the kids get up to move around every hour for 10 minutes to get the circulation going. It would be a shame for a kid to get a DVT because the adults are too stupid to get their collective heads out of their backsides!

    • Herd immunity is a farce. It’s impossible with this virus without massive vaccination numbers. So what are you going to tell your 7 year old when s/he is blaming her/himself for bringing the virus home and killing Grandma? Or asthmatic baby brother? Opening schools at all until 80% or more is vaccinated is insane!!

      • My 17 year old has been in school in person since August, played in the band at football games, and led production for the school play. Tennis season also starts soon. I’m so thankful that he is able to enjoy his Senior year and our family (including his grandma) is doing great.

      • Soooo….. Forever and ever everyone should shiver in fear in their dark cold basements until the food runs out and they starve because the workers are all too afraid to go out to run the power plants and stock the stores? Oh my, those cliffs of Normandy look so scary, we should just huddle here in case something bad happens. Oh my, flying an airplane is so scary, humans should never leave the ground. By raising children in perpetual fear we cause them far greater harm than by teaching them to face their fears. Ever teach a kid to ride a two wheeler without training wheels? A horse? They fall down and you teach them strength to get up and overcome those fears. I have 16 grandchildren and we call their houses ‘the petri dish’, but I will not mask and I will not sacrifice their visits because I am too scared. Think of the children. Childhood is an apprenticeship to adulthood and our every action is a model for them. Do you really want the next generation to grow into useless quivering pusillanimous fools? Or maybe as a liberal that is your utopia.

      • A seven year old is incapable of such logic unless an adult forces the guilt upon them. And as a parent, would you really blame a seven year old for bringing a disease home and causing death? That is incredibly brutal and perhaps you should seek counselling for your inadequacy to be an adult.
        ‘The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.’
        John Stuart Mill

        • Actually, kids do think that way. Especially since it’s been drummed into their little heads by the MSM, the government, the SJWs, yes, schools too and even children’s tv programs.
          “Tommy wouldn’t wear his mask and kissed his grandma and now she’s dead and it’s HIS FAULT!!!” Cut to grandma’s tombstone and sobbing family members.
          These poor kids are getting emotionally pummeled by the indoctrinators coming at them from all sides. I’m so glad that I don’t have school age children!

          • Exactly! When kids are programmed to feel nothing but guilt and victimhood; and any parent allowing this should seek counselling. How many generations have we lost already and how many more can we afford to lose before we say ‘enough’?

      • What is our degree of medical training? Any at all? Also, your fictitious scenario is useless for any purpose. Anyone can make up any example off the top of their head. Just like your 80% or more vaccination rate. Stop trying to be an authority when you know nothing in reality.

      • Gale, it’s people like you who believe and parrot official lies without question that our once great nation is now nothing more than a rotting carcass. The poison “they’re” injecting into humans has never been tested on humans. What is in the viles? Only He knows.

        Wake up!

      • Gale, ohhh gale.
        Turn off the CBS, NBC and ABC
        You would not be here if it wasn’t for herd immunity.
        Herd immunity in viral pathogens is what gravity is to the earth.
        Why does the infection rate reach a certain percentage and then die out? BC we have prior T-cell and cross-immunity from previous Coronaviruses (4 of which are yearly common colds) That is why (one of the reasons) children are non-vectors (under 18) from the 2003 Sars-COV1 – check out the math.

        Children’s ability to infect adults is infinitesimal – proven by 28 studies from 27 countries prior to opening their schools in May.

        We are the only country that are using our children as political pawns and killing them at record high suicide rates while doing so. (LA Times article today)

        The US still has 0 cases on record of proven child to adult transmission in all of their daycares/schools since April.

        Teachers have the 2nd highest immune systems behind sanitation workers.

        Open up the schools – lockdowns kill.

        Currently 2.8million life years lost due to our overreaction (lockdowns, closures etc)
        1.6 million life years lost due to a virus with a 99.87% recovery rate

  6. See? What I been saying, “the majority of Alaskan children are far better in home over sending them to school.’ I still can’t understand why Republican more moderate and conservative parents be crying over opening up the public schools for the health and safety for the child except understanding the complaint was all for trying to gain a more political victory. Most Alaskan parents wouldn’t know what is best for their own child while most Alaskan parents don’t even take reading books to their child nor to themselves seriously as building their child’s literacy level. Not a surprise this ridiculous environment is set up by the public schools. what is even worse is most Alaskan parents will send their child to it cause they don’t know any better about better parenting.

    • I’m a conservative parent who reads books to my children. I’m in touch with what’s best for them as well. These are strange and undesired times for everyone. Why your comment would parent shame is unfortunate. We are all doing our best. I hope you can find some happiness within yourself. Take Care.

    • This is physical & psychological abuse. I weep for the future of our children. No one cares about them. It’s all about the older generation and their narcissistic fear mongering.

    • You know me well enough to know that I’m no fan of the National Extortion Association and its affiliates such as AEA, but this sort of craziness is more on the Ed Schools and the dystopia that college education has become in the last twenty or thirty years. The unions just protect the craziness.

  7. I have to wonder what “College boy” genius came up with this? I think some one went over the top here and fell off.

  8. So sorry to point this out but this type of student is really in an expensive holding pen; daycare at the highest possible cost to the taxpayer. There are students who require TWO full-time attendants. There are many students that not only will never be able to read; they will never even be able to write their name. Yet they cost $200,000 per year per student in some cases. This is part of the reason that schools today cost so much and turn in such dismal results as measured by standardized tests. Now we see that schooling these people is indeed only putting them in expensive holding pens. These students should not be in school. What is the purpose except to waste money? Are we fooling the parents?

    • Wow, Anchorage is worse than I thought. I thought they had lost it when they moved in an assistant principal around to a new school every year and eventually gave her her own School only to fight a lawsuit after she had taped a kid to a chair in the hallway for discipline. Now that person is in law school in Oregon of all places, and received a scholarship from the civil liberties Union in Alaska. Probably all she has to do is say how much she hates whites and the check is in the mail. Yes she is native. This is crazy though. The school doesn’t want to sanitize desks or what? This is like some sort of controlled incubator / hatchery experiment that the Socialists are trying to pass off as the best case scenario?

      • My son’s school looks fine, they have desks with shields and small pods. They are allowed snacks just not communally. Its unfortunate that some schools cannot afford proper equipment, but what do you expect with education cuts.

        • Please! Education cuts? Would you confiscate more of peoples’ wealth to enrich the AEA? How about a 100% tax rate and 1000% sales tax? Would you ever be happy? Just turn everyone into slaves of the AEA ‘for the children’.

  9. I absolutely agree with comments above.
    1. Tell the AEA no – come to work under normal circumstances of in-school learning or be fired. Bust this union.
    2. Institutute tort reform – make ridiculous lawsuits much more difficult, and if proven frivolous, VERY expensive to the plaintiff. This hysteria is being driven by fear, including fear of liability.
    3. Trust God – yeah, some vulnerable people will die, but at least we’re not sending infectious folks into nursing homes to kill off the old folks or revoking licenses for refusal to commit murder as they are now in British Columbia. Our attempts to stave off this thing were right when we didn’t know as much as we do now, but it’s time to stop the nonsense and return to sanity. We’re playing right into our slave masters’ hands.

  10. Way to completely warp the new generations minds. These kids are going to be totally screwed up in the head. And why can’t they just use the normal desks and set them apart from each other, why the show of extreme change. Probably an obvious answer for that one…..the great reset/educational camps. Btw, this is Soooo stupid to think this setup with everyone in the same room and face masks on is really actually accomplishing the stop of germ spreading, but that’s not really the true purpose of things being played out like this. Their real purpose here is to reprogram.

  11. I would hate this as a kid, not having a desk table to rest my arms and supplies on, for long periods of time. Not only having to write and read, but having to hold and support my make shift desk table in my arms or on my lap while working. Stooped over all day, great for the back and posture. If someone doesn’t think this is bad, then throw your desk that you use outside, get you a stiff little pastel coloured plastic chair, put all your supplies on the ground next to you, start holding your make shift board for a desk top, and get to work.

  12. Ridiculous paranoia. The teachers union should be ashamed of themselves. Parents should put their children and charter schools and private schools and completely abandon public schools for this level of insanity and cruelty to children.

  13. Anchorage Superintendent of schools, D. Bishop certainly twirled her liberal skirt a little too high on the last “Parent Email”. Showed all of her biases at once, talking about the “Insurrection at the capitol” etc. and how the school system was going to focus yet more on equality. Wasn’t it equal before? Looks like Bishop wants things to be MORE equal for some. Add some sneeze cubbies and make our children get used to kneeling, and Presto! You have a compliant little liberal. Nope. Keeping my kid home. She likes home school and the extras that are possible. We will have play dates in person. Sad when moving to Poland starts looking like a valid option. Poland never forgot where giving up rights left them.

    • I think you are putting Bishop on the wrong side here. The teacher’s union has threatened lawsuits since the pandemic began — that’s why schools didn’t open. It was never about the kids’ safety… it was about teachers’ safety the whole time. Bishop wanted kids back in school when the new school year started in August. The teacher’s union screamed hell or high water, no way and even now, according to the language of Article 421B, a simple cold can be the basis for a teacher refusing to go to work. A cold. The union doesn’t care about the kids, it cares about its power and collecting dues from its members. Not all unions are good, fair and making society better.

      • I have always held the reason for unions is to protect workers from exploitation in a quest by management for higher profit. Guess what, no profit running government services… You get my point.

        • There is a profit in running government services — unions ensure that teachers give themselves raises. It’s now to the point of almost extortion every year and pricey health care plans. Do you know how much teachers in the union make here in Anchorage and how poorly our students are performing?? If unions could ensure that student performance went up as teacher salaries went up, they’d have more support from the tax-paying public. But they don’t care about the students. They care about collecting dues and screaming unfair treatment for their teachers, who are some of the highest paid in the nation. Take a seat RG, the only people getting exploited in Anchorage are the tax-payers.

  14. These people are sick. Good grief Anchorage, these are your kids. Take your damn city back. If you won’t rise up over this, I think your city is lost for good.

  15. This is horrible. We do things to our children that we as adults would not tolerate. Kneeling for hours???? No recess??? No art??? And who knows what else??? This is more of a warehouse/prison. If your doesn’t hate school they will soon .
    If possible, homeschool your kids. They will have a better education, even if you only teach the basics. That is more than what they will get in these prisons.
    Please Vgo to your local school board meeting and express you opinions..

  16. If parents allow their children to attend school under these conditions, they need to be horsewhipped! All our lives we’ve been told that children need a safe, comfortable environment inwhich to learn. Isn’t that what we’ve spent bazzillions of dollars to achieve? Either we’ve been lied to by these “education experts” or the intent is not to engage in the teaching -learning process, but break them down for indoctrination. Looks like the intro phase of SERE.

  17. Stress a system and the flaws are magnified – sometimes fatally. The wings are cracked and falling off the old-school approaches tweaked slightly for distance. Parents, Ed Schools, AEA, et al, and DEED have all played a part in the demise of a once useful system. And while some parents seem lacking in child rearing, “most” is the kind of measure that invites the gulag-esque responses we are seeing now.
    State funded and privately funded Home School programs have grown by multiples over the last year. Although not perfect, and some students will be ill served, at least it brings the parents, the district(s) and the teachers together to focus on the student’s success as the primary goal in ways not possible in the brick and mortar or “virtual” brick and mortar approaches we are stuck with in the modern era. Choice can be a good thing. Let’s have more.

  18. So we remove a relatively easy to sanitize desk from the equation, putting the kiddos onto an impossible to sanitize carpet, a carpet that everyone *wipes their never sanitized go everywhere shoes upon* just brilliant……… Have any of these people ever watched where a kids hands go when they’re on the floor, that’s right, onto the disgustingly filthy floor. Try a little *objective observation* before you go rearranging the furniture on your sinking ship.

    No wonder this COVID isn’t going away, maybe Anchorage school district should go look-up the history surrounding Ignaz Semmelweis (he dealt with the same overeducated idiots in his day).

  19. Why doesn’t Anchorage School Board just look at the private schools already meeting in Anchorage and Wasilla/Palmer?

  20. This is so sad. My son attends a private school in Anchorage and they have not had one case of a student getting COVID at school. They wear masks in the halls but not in the classrooms, the middle and high school students use there lockers. For the most part school is normal. I know this is not an option for many and has been a sacrifice over the years for us but I share this because kids should have been back long ago. You can offer an online option for those that are at risk but in person needs to be available

  21. Please be more specific and identify the building or school in which these photos were taken. I have seen a photo from a classroom in Government Hill that was set up with spaced desks and clear desktop barriers. Another photo I saw showed a similar set up but I don’t know which school. The interesting thing here is the inconsistency of protocol standards between school buildings.

    • We are protecting the source, but the top photo is from a school in Anchorage. The Ohio photo is for comparison.

      • I understand protecting sources, however this one photo does not represent all elementary schools in ASD. “Parents who viewed the classroom their students will be returning to expressed shock: All desks have been removed. Students will kneel on gardening pads and use chairs as their desks for 5.5 hours.” Your statement misrepresents the situation, furthermore, does not help in calling out the true culprit who removed the desks from one classroom. And I do not think anyone is expecting a child to kneel 5.5 hours a day.

  22. If there is a single parent in Anchorage that would allow their student to attend school under these conditions, the parents should be charged with child abuse and neglect.

    This is communist rule at its’ peak. I would tend to believe, that any parent that would tolerate this type of treatment of their own children, have no capacity to love or care for those children. The disbanding of the Family unit is a prime goal of the communists and, quite frankly, there should not be a SINGLE student attending school in Anchorage and the school board should be disbanded

    Next, for all of those loving parents that oppose communist rule and home school their kids, demand that all property taxes collected to fund the school system be refunded or withhold the school tax amount from your next property tax payment.

  23. If parents go along with this degrading form of humanity/childhood abuse, they are the ones who are to blame. My two youngest children now adults, have never seen a day in the public ccp agenda of brainwashing..
    Do not use the excuse you can not afford to homeschool your children, what is better, teaching your children knowing they are free and safe at home, compared to putting them in these concentration camps where all they learn is to conform to their slave masters. All this teaches/conditions them is that it erases all sense of worth?
    No wonder Anchorage is in degrading conditions.

  24. Is this how season 4 of The Handmaids Tale starts? Unbelievable! Our children will be home schooled before we ever allow this. Not gonna happen!

  25. Riddle me this, isn’t there a study from Europe that shows children to adult transmissions of the Wuhan are next to zero? By the looks of what is happening in the ASD, property owners need to start drumming on the Municipality for huge property tax cuts.

    • The muni is likely diverting road maintenance and education money to buying hotels for the homeless……..with an eye on using the properties later for something else……..

  26. If you can’t haul the children to Gitmo then bring Gitmo to the children.

    Nice work school board. Lots of social credit for YOU!

  27. I am watching this from NEW JERSEY! Complete INSANITY in your classrooms…although I guess our Governor may consider using your ideas! Such nonsense from our governing authorities(local and state levels).

  28. Makes me glad I’m not a Kindergartner anymore. I mean, can you imagine what these kids will be like if it is really true what that guy wrote in the book, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten?”
    Reminds me of the time I was relieved of a corkscrew by the TSA because it had a foil cutter on it.
    Or, is there more to this story that meets the eye? They must have some reason for coming up with what appears to be unreasonable.
    OTOH, does anyone believe it is reasonable to expect that Kindergartners will be able to keep away from one another?

  29. Poor choice for writing an article with a negative slant. These photos are not great illustrations of what is happening overall in the schools. One of the photos is even from Ohio. (not relevant here). Students haven’t even had a chance to be in school yet to really have a proper illustration of what the classrooms will look like. Each school is very different and parents need to explore their individual schools to decide what is right for them. This is a badly written article with loose facts and unusual examples used to attempt to make a presumptive conclusion.

    • The point went over your head. If other states like Florida, Texas and Ohio have in-person school successfully in session and can seat their kids at a normal desk, why can’t a classroom in Anchorage do it? There is no need for them to kneel or sit on the floor all day. That is just stoopid and you know it.

  30. If I was a parent in the Anch School District I would run not walk to the Catholic or private schools in town and beg to allow my child to attend there!!

  31. This is not true for all schools and classrooms in the Anchorage School District. My 1st grader returns tomorrow (unless it’s cancelled due to road conditions again) and her classroom looks nothing like that. They will have 30 minutes of outdoor recess everyday, unless it’s -10°F or below. Yes, masks are required and there are clear dividers between student workstations, but they each have a chair and will not be forced to kneel for hours. Teachers are doing their very best to make it as normal as possible while also following health guidelines.

  32. Com-on parents, wake up. Read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. This is following the lefts Socialists agenda to the letter that leads to Communism. They are programming you children to “obey” anything. Cages around desks, taped lines on the floor, kneel when your told to, no recess for fun, etc;. Your child is being programmed not educated. This is outright abuse by the socialists in government, and any parent that allows this or puts their child thru this abuse needs to be in jail for child abuse. And while you’re there raising hell over this… don’t forget to look at the schools actual curriculum to see what they are actually being taught (programmed/brainwashed) and how and what to think. You’ll be appalled at what you don’t know is going on.

  33. These people are teaching children? No wonder people are fleeing Anchorage for the Valley. This kind of insanity validates the term “Los Anchorage”.

  34. Here is the problem…your complaints will fall on deaf ears. I have been listening in on my high school daughter’s online learning here in Juneau. Wow! 100% Communism. If you have a child in the public school system, pull them out. I want to run over to the principal’s office and raise heck. I don’t because I don’t want a backlash unleashed on my daughter so regretfully I stay silent. I thank god she has only more year. This lunacy is not just in Anchorage, its all over. Stuck in the public school system? Talk with your child daily and have conversations on what they’re learning, you can save your child.

  35. Anchorage is irretrievably broken.

    This is what happens with low voter turnout, lack of attendance at school board meetings, and unionized education.

    There is no way in hellI would send my kids back to that.

  36. Here’s the thing with you morons in the comments. I HIGHLY doubt any of you did any research on this topic and just put your stupid comments out there not knowing anything except this article. If you had done any research you would have seen that ASD is working extremely hard to get the students back in school and it to be a safe environment. ASD has spent countless hours on making plastic barriers to keep students and staff safe throughout the school day.

    Along with many articles explaining countless things ASD has done to control as much as they can. So many you should shut your mouths and do your research before you say dumb stuff online. Considering this article isn’t even written properly. Many schools allowed students and families to come into their school and get a feel of how the classroom activities and such things would work. Students in the Anchorage school district are provided desks and chairs, students may choose to sit on the floor but that is their choice. There may be alternate forms of desks and chairs such as yoga balls and lap desks or wobble chairs and lap desks or normal desks but every child will have some form of a desk and chair. Many students will not be allowed to use lockers because that is an even bigger chance for students to catch the virus. After all, lockers are so close together. Each school has it’s own plan for how they go about “replacing” the lockers. Some schools are allowing students to carry backpacks with their materials, other schools are providing drawstring bags and water bottles for students. Everything depends on which school you want to talk about. Teachers and staff also have the right to arrange their rooms to how they feel are best for them and their students throughout the rest of the year. So there are somethings to stop think about before you believe one article you read off a website that not many people have heard of. I have lived in Anchorage for 15 years and never heard of this news source until my mother in Washington sent it to me asking if this was true.

    • Curious you call people morons and tell them to shut their mouths. Then at the end expose your own ignorance regarding the reach of this blog.

      BTW: nice wall of text.

    • You poor thing, you’ve missed every point of substance. Stop making excuses for the “process people” trying to run the district.
      It seems that you are either an employee of the district or teenage child of somebody who is an employee of the district… Just ranting at random. Your faux worldview has deceived you dear person. Come on back in 10 years and lets chat again.

    • Are you cross? Must Read Alaska is Nationwide. Not because Alaska is any more deserving or newsworthy than any other state but because Alaska is known to be amongst the craziest legislative bodies in the United States. Yes the teachers have the ability to arrange their desks anyway they want but not when they’re trying to combat a pandemic. That is when administration steps in based on advice from who knows who and epidemiologist, an engineer with background and air circulation in buildings, etc etc. Then teachers just become followers because there’s people smarter than they are protecting the kids. I followed a school bus the other day down here and they stopped and let a group of kids off and they all had masks on and they went running to their parents who were waiting in cars because this was out in the country and they all went home happily. I think Anchorage tends to overthink things because I really don’t know what they’re doing. Then you let the teachers union which do not have the kids best interest in heart or they wouldn’t defend pedophiles. They wouldn’t strike because they put themselves before kids. People pulling the strings and education have been proven time and time again that they are idiots. Somebody’s always coming up with a new way to invent the wheel. Sometimes the old ways are the best. A big fat black pencil and big Chief notebook served me very well.

  37. When China finds out how the teachers unions are treating their future slaves, they will have their monkey (Joe Biden) put a stop to it. How can our future generation be expected to work in Chinese sweat shops if they have bad knees??

  38. Taylor Stanley … Typical Socialist response, calling people names when you have no legitimate argument. You’re the ignorant one and your post proves it. Wake up. If you’ve been in Anchorage for 15 years and never heard of this news source you’ve had your head in the sand (or other places). Get yourself educated before you open you mouth and prove your ignorance. I certainly hope you have no children because it appears you are OK with the abuse that is going on in the educational system.

  39. Remove your children at any cost from this dysfunctional District. No more excuses, find a way. If you care about your kids.

    • My son’s school looks fine, they have desks with shields and small pods. They are allowed snacks just not communally. Its unfortunate that some schools cannot afford proper equipment, but what do you expect with education cuts.

      • Your child really is not doing Okay attending ASD. Okay!? You are looking at the world thru Rose-colored glasses. I don’t know why any Anchorage parent earning over 2,000 dollars every week aren’t living on a little bit less, living in a smaller house, maybe even one car instead of two, so this higher income range can pay a little more toward sending their children into a private school. Children out of ASD either end up addicted, promiscuous, or suicided later — or all three.

      • Nicole, the ASD is not in the poorhouse. Teachers here are some of the highest-paid teachers in the country. If there are any cuts to be made, it should be with the top-heavy administration and demands the union have made over the years. It’s not a lack of a budget problem, it’s how ASD chooses to spend the money — they have plenty of funds, just continue to make really bad decisions on what to do with it.

    • Has anyone stop to consider that the Union may have taken these pictures as a setup to get people mad. If this is the case then Parents looking at these pictures may decide this is so cruel that they will pull their students out. If enough complain then the Teachers/Union will not have to go back to in person teaching.

      I just really find it hard to believe that any person in their right mind would set up a classroom like this, even the cruelest of people could not think this is right. This has got to be a setup by the Union.

  40. One need only look at the success of in person learning in the Mat Su Borough to see an excellent blueprint for successful opening. So what’s Anchorage’s problem? Maybe this is just a dummy move by the school board to piss off parents and make them want to continue remote learning?

    • And hopefully parents will learn to completely free themselves from the indoctrinating school system, many teachers and many, many administrators will be terminated, and taxes will markedly decrease.

    • Alvin, isn’t it just a tiny bit easier to swallow all “they” feed you? Hook, line, and sinker! If Uncle Shmuel tells us to walk off the edge of the cliff it’s “safe”. Pathetic how easily these people will allow the prison to be built while begging for more! Stay armed Stay alive!

  41. “We wouldn’t allow terrorists to be treated like this” say a mom who already quickly forgot about Guantanamo

  42. Public Schools – Your paying $20,000/ per student for what?

    Defund ASD ….. this looting & ineffective circus act must be halted.

  43. Take a moment to apply critical thought to this situation, knowing that 45% of your property taxes go to Anchorage School District. Do you think you’re getting your money’s worth? Do you think they (i.e. ASD) can do better than this? Do you think the tax payer, community, you and your kids deserve better? When do you start holding ASD accountable?

  44. Wow. Breeding a generation of submissive slaves. It can’t be real, surely?!
    If the parents accept this, then they should be the ones kneeling. If they want to breed a generation of idiots, then the parents need to stand firm and encourage their children to piss around. ‘Get naughty’ should be the policy. Promote a generation who don’t conform. As parents you provide the home and food, but send them out to carve things up.

  45. Imagine what young children learn from being forced to kneel before a government employee.
    Imagine young Americans forced to kneel before anybody… much less a Person In Government (PIG).
    Maybe it’s time to boycott Anchorage’s education industry, withold property taxes, and persuade Eaglexit leadership to include other neighborhoods in their exodus.
    Anchorage’s education industry seems tolerated as an obscenely overpriced, underperforming burden on taxpayers and children alike,
    …but could it be said that paying the education industry to force a generation of young Americans to kneel before a PIG makes parents complicit in a form of child abuse so heinous that no law was ever contemplated to fit such a crime?

  46. Anchorage is a liberal nightmare. Top of the list in property tax crime rate and homeless problems. This is what happens when you give commie’s power. The next 4 years will be a dumpster fire. None of this will prevent a virus from spreading in the first place. Not to mention my speech suppression on this topic.

  47. Sounds like straight up child abuse. I would be surprised if this experiment makes it past 2 weeks.

  48. I’m confused: This article describes and has photos of some pretty shocking ASD practices BUT our neighborhood school has none of this: At Bayshore classrooms look normal with desks (though spaced more), recess, gym and normal kindergarten activities. What is described is shocking BUT is it really an accurate or even balanced picture? Seems not.

  49. This seems like fake news. The title of the article is meant to enrage. As it should. The author is stirring the pot of mistrust. Not a single class in Anchorage , “forces students to kneel for hours on end.” If it sounds like BS, maybe it is BS. Parents who have seen their child’s classroom have posted on this site that the room has desks. While it is true that regular physical education classes appear to be terminated for the remainder of the school year, each school at the elementary level schedules daily recess. If the title of this article is a lie, why read the whole thing. Go Romney 2014!

  50. Imagine if we did this to those incarcerated in our prison. Requiring prisoners to kneel for 5.5 hour a day. They be screaming cruel and unusally punishment. Sueing the state.
    This is ok it only school children

  51. Just take an example from anchorage christian schools, they wear masks and do temperature checks every day and its all fine, and no extra procedures.

  52. Several years back 2013 or 2014 we had an opportunity to reduce the power of the AEA through school choice but we as a state failed. I believe it was House Bill 145. The AEA identified the bill as an existential threat and launched a full frontal attack on it defeating it. Countless “educators” and union reps flew to Juneau, which is out of reach for most of us, to demand it be removed from consideration. The call in line was filled with AEA supporters to the point that parents like me were overwhelmingly outnumbered. The AEA preyed upon fears of racial discrimination and social education injustice. It was truly something to observe. Perhaps it is time for another School Choice bill that can capitalize upon the municipality school districts and their non-evidence based handling of the virus.

    To the uneducated individual who compared Guantanamo Bay Terrorists with our children. Defend them if you like but those men would effortlessly and nonchalantly slit your throat like they did to all their fellow countrymen. Afterwards they would go get fellafal and never think of you again except to relate your screams of terror in the most humorous ways to their buddies.

  53. Whenever you hear that a person has “tested positive for COVID-19”, just substitute the words “tested positive for the flu” — because that’s all COVID-19 is, just this year’s flu — and a relatively mild flu, at that. Everything else is manufactured.

    If there had never been a declared “pandemic”, never any mention of COVID-19, never any lockdowns, shutdowns, social distancing, etc., the 2020 flu season would have passed by uneventfully — and not even been noted as a particularly bad one.

    The coronavirus “pandemic” is a fraud — an invisible, all-purpose enemy to which the government can attribute any dangers it wants to frighten and control us.

    If hospital waiting rooms and hallways were filled with sick COVID-19 patients; ICUs were filled with dying COVID-19 patients; hospitals had so many dead COVID-19 patients that they needed to rent refrigerated trucks to use as temporary morgues (they’re playing that again in El Paso, New York City, and Los Angeles); hospitals had so many COVID-19 patients that they needed to put them in parking garages (now playing in Reno, Nevada); hospitals had so many COVID-19 patients that they needed to put them in conference rooms, gift shops, and tents, (now playing in California); ambulances were “circling for hours” because all of the ERs were full (also now playing in California); and there were so many dead COVID-19 patients that coffin-makers were running out of pine wood (!) to make coffins (that’s right — California), wouldn’t we all know personally at least a few people who had died or had become severely ill from COVID-19?

    OK — do you?

    And isn’t it just amazing that, in countries claiming high rates of COVID-19, cases of flu are down 90-95%? It should be obvious to all but the most stubbornly obtuse that flu cases and flu fatalities are being counted as COVID-19 cases and COVID-19 fatalities to inflate the numbers.

    The international corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes and controls our politicians has taken an illness no more dangerous than the common flu (and probably far less so) and turned it into an excuse for an enormous expansion of government power and an enormous redistribution of resources — literally, trillions of dollars — from the citizens to the corporate elite.

    None of it is real — everything the government and the corporate media have told us about the coronavirus “pandemic” is a lie.

    The masks, the “social distancing”, the “social bubbles”, the “self-isolation”, the “self-quarantining”, the “contact tracing”, the “flattening the curve”, the “alone together”, the “don’t share the air”, the shutdowns, the lockdowns, the pointless testing, the staged frenzy to “develop” a vaccine, the bans on assemblies and large groups, the restrictions on churches and prayer groups — none of that is to keep us safe, but all of it is to condition us to accept more government control, more arbitrary regimentation, more transfers of taxpayer money to the corporate elite, the destruction of small businesses and the independent businessmen who own them, and mandatory vaccination.

    If there had never been a declared “pandemic”, never any mention of COVID-19, never any lockdowns, shutdowns, social distancing, etc., the 2020 flu season would have passed by uneventfully — and not even been noted as a particularly bad one at that.

    We have been lied to from the beginning. The starting point for knowing the truth is to believe the opposite of what the government and the corporate media tell us.

    • Johnny: I can tell that you have researched this out and have a strong opinion about it but let me give you an alternative view. I am a physician, lifelong Alaska resident and product of the Anchorage school system (although years ago ). As such, I have seen Covid roll out in our State and been involved in its impact on my patients and community.

      I think you under estimate this virus when you say it is just this year’s flu. It is a dangerous and highly contagious virus that has made many of my patients ill and killed a few. Also, my niece’s husband died up in the Valley about 10 days ago after over a month in the ICU, mostly on a vent. He was in his late 30s and healthy but now gone leaving a young wife and 2 children. It was not a pretty picture.
      When you say the death rate is below 1%, I might add 3 things:

      1) The pooled statistic masks the fact that the death rate is VERY wide: kids (10 yo) = less than 0.01%; Young adults (25) = less than 0.1% but elderly (85) = 15%. I’m all for kids being in school or in home school (if the parents have the time and know what they are doing), and do NOT support ‘Zoom school’. Another implication is that the focus of protection should be on the elderly NOT kids . . . although the kids can and do infect the elderly.
      2) Covid’s effects on the body are much different from ‘the flu’ (influenza). It attacks multiple organs but especially the lungs and often leaves lasting damage to survivors. This is most clear on films of the chest/lungs where Covid patients have very dense infiltrates early and scaring late.
      3) You are unwise to focus on “survival” and only “death rates”. There is more to life than just survival; you have to look at quality of life. Patients that recover from Covid often have a post–Covid syndrome due to damage to multiple body systems (heart, lungs, brain, etc.) Those in recovery (especially adults) have a high rate of chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, ‘brain fog’, etc. Memory difficulties and a drop in IQ of 10 points or more is not uncommon. This is not theoretical or political; I see it in my patients and it can be long lasting . . . maybe lifelong.

      I am respectful of the opinions of others so we can agree to disagree but we all need to try and base our beliefs and actions on science and fact to the extent possible. In that regard, I think this whole discussion about classroom conditions in the ASD is ‘fake news’ as I’ve checked on a few schools in the city and they do NOT have the conditions stated in the article. Sad to see Must Read spread false information.

    • Amen! And Merck just came out and said they are suspending their vaccine roll out because the vaccine doesn’t help. You might as well get Covid and build up “NATURAL” immunity.

  54. It’s your tax money your schools and your kids, and more than likely they are also teaching them to be tools of a political party and a bad one at that.

  55. Students may sit in their chairs OR use the kneeling pads…it’s their choice. If they use their kneeling pads they can use their chairs as a desktop. If they sit they can use a white board as a desktop. They are having recess. This article is a very bad interpretation of the picture.

  56. The only Covid is the Covid brain rot that has eaten away at the brains of the doctors, administrators and politicians that are forcing the poor kids to participate in this insanity. Alaska is the last place I would’ve thought would put up with it.

  57. Suzanne, can you respond about “Dr. Wendel” and his accusations? Is he for real and has he made any attempt to contact you to verify what he is saying, or is he just another fake troll?

    • Hi Fergie – he doubts it is an accurate photo of an Anchorage classroom and says the classrooms in his neighborhood school do not look like that, so he doesn’t think any others do either. I respect his opinion, but he is wrong. That was a photo of a real Anchorage classroom. Not at Bayshore, however. – sd

  58. Just further justification for homeschooling your kids. We pay nearly a billion $ a year for what? seriously? it’s getting ridiculous and at some point people are going to wake up and see just how bad the deal we have is. We pay more than double per child than other States and end up with schools that aren’t even in the top 1000 in the nation……………………look it up. I did a couple years ago when my kids where still in high school and it was sad. essentially, South was ranked the highest in the state and was around 1000th in the nation. Sad when you consider that I went to service 37 years ago and found high school to be harder than college……………….how far have we fallen…………half the education for double the price.

  59. Always add – “all for a virus with a 99.87% recovery rate”

    Child abuse.
    Don’t be fooled, this will scar and create PTSD, OCD in some/many children.

    Children are not vectors of the CV

    50+ studies have shown children rates of passing to teachers are infinitesimal

    Social distancing was born from a 2004 Albuquerque teenager’s 3rd place “winning” science fair project. Whose dad ending up working/feeding the “data” to the Bush Administrators who were creating a pandemic playbook. All scientists and epidemiologists up till 2019 scouffed at the notion as SD being used as an NPI. The CDC notes that most measures “don’t work post national infection rate of greater than 1%”, in which we reached in late Summer 2019.

    Aerosols particulate can/will travel up to 100 yards with a viral pathogen.
    If you are social distancing in line at a store, once that person moves forward in line – you then step into that persons dense viral cloud.

  60. What utter evil! Sacrificing the kids so that a paristic minority (Klaus Schwab et al) can refashion the world and have those of who survive their poison live as ther slaves. Jeffrey A. Tucker calls the technocratic society that Klaus et al are ushering in a new feudalism and that’s what it will be. We are to lose our rights (freedom of speech, bodily autonomy, freedom of association, freedom of movement) and be left with only obligations, all within a biomedical (fantasy) framework. We will soon be without cash (Klaus gave us a heads up about the coming false flag cyber attack that will give them the excuse to wipe the slate clean and remove physical cash) and all independence. We will be entirely dependent on the police State which will punish those who oppose it or even just don’t worship it.

    The little people (teachers, union leadership, the entire professional class, gangster politicians, religious leaders, cultural icons) who go along with the roll out of this perverted, global biosecurity police State may find all of this thrilling (because, obviously, their lives were so fulfilling and good before and they needed nothing to fill up the non existent emptiness), but they will join the stampede of goats on that wide and spacious (lawless) road that leads to destruction. Then we who believe in law and order, and peace and security, for all, who also side with the Cause and Master of nature, will be free.

  61. WE are going to have the most screwed up kids ever to grace the face of this country. What kind of deranged psychopaths are running these schools. Mat -Su schools have been open most of the year with very little covid problems.

    Looks like a 1939 nazi re education experiment to me . Please parents Do something these teachers are destroying OUR kids.

    How about you try kneeling for 5 hours. Good God.

  62. I have to respond and let you know that this is definitely spinning the truth. It is not what I expect out of this conservative news site. I am a conservative educator, who thinks mask wearing is a waste of laundry soap and money, and found the real story to be quite inspirational. Here is the link to what is really happening in classrooms around ASD.

    Our children are getting recess. They are getting gym time, and they are getting music. Teachers across the district are just trying to keep up with the restrictions the Anchorage Assembly has pushed upon us. Think about how these children have learned the last year. Most of them have only had a couple of hours of zooming every day, or one hour of school work. They were not asked to sit at a desk for 5 hours, so why would teachers make that request now? It is brilliant to give the children options how they want to learn. humans all learn differently. It is our job as educators to figure out how the information will understood the best while in a classroom with 20 different personalities. Some are more productive while standing, others need a desk. I know for me, I had to tap my leg, or lie down on my bed with my legs swinging back and forth to be able to do any studying at all. Before we judge what educators are doing in the classroom, think about how you learned best. This isn’t taking their freedoms away by taking their desk, it is giving them more options. The shields are so they can take their mask breaks in their own designated zones, and still comply with all the restrictions Anchorage has decided to throw at us. The educators are not the enemy. We are just trying to survive like the rest of the population.

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