Political purity test fail: National Guard removes two men from inaugural duty


According to national news sources, two members of the National Guard have been removed from duties surrounding the inauguration of Joe Biden. The New York Times says they had “links to right-wing extremist movements,” citing a Pentagon official who declined to provide details about what type of vetting is being done on the 25,000 men and women being assigned to protect the inauguration. The two were from two different states.

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher C. Miller said that the FBI is aiding the military in vetting the troops for the inauguration, which takes place on Wednesday amid a strong public backlash from those who believe the election was stolen.

A new report says that the NRA, Turning Point USA, and Patriot Guard Riders are three of many non-militia groups on the list that FBI is using to cross reference in vetting for potential “extremists.”

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas said he was outraged about the extra political purity test being given to National Guard members and said he would not have sent his troops had he known about it.

Of the 25,000 guardsmen deployed to Washington, D.C., 80 were from Alaska.

The story is also at NewsMax.com


  1. Governor Dunleavy:

    You are in command of the Alaska National Guard. Why I am not seeing your objection to our troops being vetted in such an unconstitutional manner being formally presented to Congress?

    The Governor of Texas did what was right, now it’s your turn, object to the undermining of the United States Military Forces.

  2. So, ah…Biden wants to let people into the country with no vetting whatsoever, but thinks we need to have the FBI dig through our soldiers’ Facebook and Twitter posts to make sure they’re legit?

    That’s a slap in the face to our troops, from their *COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF* (pending tomorrow’s inauguration).

    You, sir, are unfit to lead.

      • TFA doesn’t say, and other news sources I’ve seen just said “Democrats,” so I honestly don’t know. It was sloppy of me to say “Biden,” however, as I don’t know who actually requested it.

        I did get a huge laugh re-reading the article, when I picked up on two of the three offending “militia” groups: the NRA and Patriot Guard. The NRA is a *lobbying* organization, not even remotely a “militia.” And unless I’m confusing Patriot Guard with another group, they are a motorcycle association that shows up at events to honor veterans, like Memorial Day celebrations or Honor Guard flights. Scary folks, those lobbyists and honor guards. Smdh…

      • After a summer full of Left-wing “peaceful protests” that left some 25-35 people dead, entire city blocks burned to the ground, and countless businesses vandalized and looted, you clowns call the Conservatives “radicalized terrorists?” lmfao

        Projection much?

  3. We’ll see what these “links” are but this does sound like a purge. A purge of people who do not think in an acceptable manner. And will this result in their dismissal from the NG in a less than honorable way? And people think Pres Trump was an authoritarian…..

    • Biden just doesn’t want to sleep with one eye open or constantly having secret service look over his shoulder. These are good folks in the national guard, and don’t deserve a paranoid ruler casting them out. What’s he so afraid of?

      • He needs to have his SS on Harris just like Lincoln needed to know what Johnson was up to. You know Booth was working with Johnson right? As with any murder you have to look at who has the most to gain. Mary Todd thought Johnson was guilty of conspiracy.

  4. I’d like to see the list of what is now considered “Right Wing Extremist Groups”. It should also be known what groups these Guardsman’s was associated with that bounced them off this detail.
    I’ve been a NRA Lifetime member since 1977. It was given to me as a HS Graduation gift. I followed this tradition with my 2 son’s with one of my son’s serving in the military.

  5. If the Cowardly Lion Dunleavy had a spine (he doesn’t) he would bring back our people as a protest.

    But that requires courage and conviction. Something he has neither of.

  6. The N.R.A. is a terrorist group? Who put that question on the list? Who would be afraid of an organization dedicated to protecting our Second Amendment rights? It occurs to me that for the last twenty years the Government has churned out thousands of troops, trained in fighting an insurgency, does that make them suspect? And by whom? One young former Marine told me that despite the branch of Service in which one served, there were commonalities, a deep love of Country and healthy insecurity of not being armed. Has our illegitimate president dipped his gun grabbing cards here? Come on Joe!

  7. The NRA is extremest?….,and I always thought they were a little soft on standing up for our gun rights. ”Holy Smoly”

  8. The wrong ones are being ‘vetted’. The Guard should be doing the vetting and the ‘purity’ should be the purity of the Constitution. All the troops have to swear the same oath as the politicians and the new top branch of government, DoD and all those other three letter ‘agencies’. The Oath of Allegiance is taken very seriously by military members. Much more so than political pontificators and their ‘squads’. Isn’t it obvious?

  9. Sounds like Biden is out to destroy that which he thinks he doesn’t have enough control over. 25k NG, troops just so he feels that his inauguration is being controlled. How’s he going to respond if N. Korea and Iran tells him to shove his foreign policies? More likely than not, he will make a massive show of force, which will escalate faster than he can figure out what’s happening.
    Biden may learn the meaning of the Chinese curse: “May he live in interesting times.”

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