Jamie Allard: Covid was the perfect Trojan horse for leftist ideological control over your life



Two weeks to slow the spread. We’re all in this together. It’s just two weeks. It’s just a mask. I wear my mask because I care. Wear it for someone’s grandma. Real patriots wear a mask. Masking doesn’t harm anyone. Follow the science. Don’t question us. If you question us, you are ignorant. Bigoted. Racist. Don’t worry, this is temporary and limited. We will give these freedoms back. If everyone just complies, we will be able to give you your freedom. This is for your safety. Safety is more important than liberty. Follow the propaganda. The CDC has authority in an emergency. The Constitution can be suspended in an emergency. We know you have the right to assemble, to worship, to travel, to work, to petition your government, but, but, but…this is an emergency! This is for your own good. It’s just two weeks…. 

Is it? Was it? How did the mask become a leftist symbol, or worse, their political tool? Was this ever about your safety, or was this about control? Perhaps it was the biggest scam of all time to usher in a radical new normal, a Trojan horse for an ideology that loathes tradition and normalcy.

The war cry of leftist political activists begins with pleas for tolerance and ends with an authoritarian requirement for complete assimilation or else. If you dare to disagree, you will become the target of their wrath, you’ll be slandered, maligned, and canceled. The left despises normal. They hate your traditional education, patriotism, borders, families, fuels, and freedoms.

Enter Covid. Enter fear, the perfect vessel for these radical politicians to relentlessly peddle their propaganda in the name of safety. A chance for them to shame you for your traditional values. How dare you have a family dinner! A chance to attack and villainize normalcy. A chance to make their cold, detached, unfeeling, equitable dystopia the “new normal.” A chance to fundamentally transform America by the decree of an executive pen. A global pandemic became a political battle for the soul of our nation.  

This week the ruling from a federal judge in Florida confirmed that we were right. As I have said for years, these “emergency” policies were not only ineffective, they were also unconstitutional. They had no payoff in mortality and were completely reckless, leaving a wake of devastation the scale of which may never be calculable. And the uproarious hissy fit of the left as they are stripped of their power to control you with their most sacred symbol shows that this was always about one thing. Power. Cover your face. Hide your smile. Zoom your life away. The government is your savior. Obey. Control. The left doesn’t have answers to crime and homelessness. They don’t have solutions to the abysmal student performance and budget crisis in our education systems. Their policies fail over and over again. And so they tried to create a society where you ask the government for permission to be free, where they force their ideals on you and your children, and cling fervently to the filthy symbol of their control.  

The left fears a free people united in their love for humanity and liberty. A People like that are ungovernable. A people like that founded this nation of free thinkers and world changers. A people like that, secure in the knowledge that liberty is granted by God, not governments, are a threat to the leftist machine. We questioned them and challenged them and took them to court. And they are losing fight after fight. The Osha vaccine mandate, illegal. Eviction moratorium, illegal. The California ban on indoor church services, illegal. CDC mask mandate on public transportation, illegal. They never had the authority to do ANY of this. And we must never let them get away with it again.  

Do not be fooled. They will try this again. But we can take hope and stand in the confidence of each victory for the old normal. Create community, hold on to your values, and be happy that you are immune to the propaganda. And remember those timeless words of Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  

Jamie Allard is an Anchorage Assembly member representing Chugiak and Eagle River.


  1. Well said Jaime. We will continue to support and vote for you because you are one of the few willing to speak up for us. Thank you for being steadfast in defending our rights.

  2. If anything we got to see who the bungholes were and are during all of this and I’m quite pleased they exposed themselves, I wont forget.

  3. Our constitution was written for times of emergency. When times are good and things are going well, there really are not too many concerns for our liberties and freedoms.

    The Constitution is not a fair weather document. It was written to contain the tyrants and despites that would love to take away our American way of life; our freedoms and liberties. Thank God that a young, 35 year old, Trump appointed judge in Florida had sense enough to actually review the law and make her decision based upon the liberties and freedoms our enduring Constitution guarantees us.

    Long live our constitutional Republic.

  4. Thanks for not just representing Eagle River but sane normal people in the Assembly during the dark crazy covid era, Jamie.

  5. Jaime, you (and Kevin Cross) are a treasure in what is otherwise a radical leftist extremist cesspool of a municipal assembly. Bravo to your courage, wisdom and fortitude!

  6. The leftists definitely used this panicdemic to advance their ideology. It is nothing but a push toward collectivism. I need look no further than:
    “My mask protects you, your mask protects me”
    “We are all in this together.”
    “If you do not comply, you might be killing someone’s grandmother.”
    Remember, one of the goals of socialism/communism/statism is to make the all consuming State your primary relationship. All other interpersonal relationships are secondary. What better way to do that than make individuals afraid to interact? To make parents afraid to let their children play with other children?
    How better to get people to love the government above all others than to force them to hide your face behind a mask?

  7. “Ee-chother” is the fascist catch phrase. Ee-chother! Especially the natives. Sick of eeee- chothering. Blithering along. EEEEE-CHOTHER! indeed! They ain’t fooling me! Why would any fascist want to control my nondescript life? Mental and spiritual illness in the extreme. We shun those of unsound mind. We are in the shunning phase of it now.

  8. I disagree with this opinion and Ms. Allard, generally. More than Democrats, I fear people who point a finger at other people and say there’s your problem. People are never the problem. I fear people like Ms. Allard who weaponize fear to divide Alaskans against Alaskans, Americans against Americans. Regardless of your opinion on the effectiveness of masks, I look around and don’t see anywhere mask mandates have not been lawfully rolled back when safe and appropriate. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness includes sharing and preserving those rights for others, even at cost to yourself. That’s called service to others. Ms. Allard is playing on your fears and trying to divide us Alaskans against ourselves. A leader who divides her troops into warring factions has no strength. A real leader builds concensus and unites people in a common cause to do great things for the benefit of all. This letter is a nothing burger.

    • Scott Miller, Masks in general are worthless, even Fauci recognized that fact early on, but then the “Political Science” demanded submission of the populace, and leftist idiots demanded universal virtue signaling. ( BTW my favorite masks were the Crown Royal bags).
      Essentially I think masks were a precursor to the mass experimental jabbation program. It was a training diaper if you will. Turns out the jab was even less effective then the wearing of masks in stopping the spread of Covid, so getting jabbed or wearing a mask didn’t help anybody especially oneself. Tell me again how appealing to peoples rational self interest especially in a health decision is scary? Freedom is essentially allowing people to make decisions that best suit them, their health and their bodies. Why do you have a problem with freedom Scott? Is it because you believe that you are better then others? Are you smarter then others? I wonder…

      • Schenker, your Covid facts are wrong and your rhetoric is unconvincing and insulting.

        But really, this from Miller is the issue: “A leader who divides her troops into warring factions has no strength. A real leader builds concensus and unites people in a common cause to do great things for the benefit of all.” Allard claims the moral high ground but sows division with every utterance. Her strong weapon is making gullible Alaskans afraid of the Left. She overstates and misrepresents. She is a hypocrite.

        • Lucinda, you really should take the time and enlighten yourself.
          For example, Countries with the highest percentage of Jabbed within their populations reported the highest infection rates.
          There is a thing called Natural Immunity, it is perhaps 27 times better then taking all 4 jabs.
          Therapeutics that have proven successful were denied patients too.
          That is he real tragedy Lucinda.

        • Going to have to disagree with you on this: “…Her strong weapon is making gullible Alaskans afraid of the Left….”
          I am afraid of the left because of what the left does, and how they choose to do it. If Jamie Allard did not exist, I would still fear the left.
          Why? Because the left generally make choices based on emotions, without considering the potential adverse impacts of those decisions. There is ample proof of this across the board. (See Disney stock prices.)
          How is it the left thinks an 18 year old is not mature enough to understand the student loan contract they are signing, but also thinks a five year old is more than mature enough to choose their gender?
          How can Bernie Sanders reject a tax plan that lowers taxes across the board for everyone, regardless of their net worth, because the richest are not screwed over? How does he explain that other than childish desire to harm the wealthy?
          Can you explain how someone like Sen Warren can say universities are too expensive, meanwhile collecting a $400K salary to teach a single class?
          When AOC chose to fight against Amazon putting a HQ in NYC, did she do to based on logic, or based on emotion?
          Emotions rule the day on the left, and that scares the hell out of me.

    • This writing reflects Jamie Allard’s deepest dive into histrionics to date. Will there be more of this tripe in the near timeframe and immediately before her next election? Sadly the answer is “yes … there will be more”.

    • Now, Scott, this statement I totally disagree with, 100%, no… 1,000%.
      “…People are never the problem….”
      The overwhelming majority of the time, people ARE the problem. Name a war that was started by something other than people? Is there a single crime that was committed that did not involve people? Is the call for forgiving student loan debt, or raising the minimum wage, or government funded healthcare about something other than people?
      Please let us all know what problem there is that is not caused by people?

    • People are never the problem….is not Ms. Allard one of the ‘people’?

      Mask ‘mandates’ should never have been, period.

      Service unto others is also called ’empathy’ as well as the ‘golden rule’ within that we treat others as we wish to be treated, that is, a TRUE leader allows those they represent to make their own decisions based upon their own health, REGARDLESS unto the health of others, as that decision is made by the others…IF masks are so worthy of protection, then those that choose that wear them are fully protected, regardless of whether others wear them or not, otherwise what is the point of wearing them at all, if everyone else has to wear them as well?

  9. I still wonder what the outcome if americas churches hadn’t closed its doors in april 2020. I can forget everything else, i can’t forget this. Frankly, i doubt the organized churches could stand against the next advancing attack. If it folds, again, the whole diabolical will start all over again. You know the main point to big organized church congregations is for it to weild political power influencing the events. This is something house churches can’t do.

  10. Mask are for decorating ugly faces and once used we decorate the trees and the environment. Aren’t we humans special?

  11. It is interesting to notice, we as a people are not reminding one another that those of power have rarely relinquished their power over others in a peaceful manner.

  12. I disagree with this opinion. More than Democrats, I fear people who point a finger at other people and say there’s your problem. People are never the problem. I distrust elected leaders like Ms. Allard, who weaponize fear to divide Alaskans against Alaskans, Americans against Americans. I look around and fail to see anywhere that mask mandates have not been lawfully rolled back when safe and appropriate. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness includes sharing and preserving those rights for others, even at cost to yourself. That’s called service to others. Ms. Allard is trying to divide us Alaskans against ourselves by fanning the flames of the culture wars. A leader who divides her troops into warring factions has no strength. A real leader builds concensus and unites people in a common cause to do great things for the benefit of all. Ms. Allard’s opinion piece is a nothing burger. I urge her to devote her efforts to the many bigger problems we face.

    • Scott, I disagree with your assessment. You speak of liberty, yet your are not willing to allow for personal choice and responsibility. Mrs. Allard is not creating fear, but pointing out how people in power (government) are abusing their positions to usurp the individual’s liberty to make a choice that works for them. There is no division here. If the advice is reasonable most individuals will choose to follow it, but mandates that have no basis in law or real un-manipulated science without consideration for individual circumstances will always have push-back. When you have to label statements as “misinformation” you have already lost. If your argument, science etc. can not stand up to the scrutiny of others, it is clearly suspect. When you do not allow all opinions, research and facts to the table, we get this continued reliance on the things that do not work. Free speech and exchange of ideas is precious and makes for better solutions.
      Push-back is a good thing as it retains the constitutionally establish limitations of people in government to stick to the rules we have established for ourselves. We are all Americans and have the inalienable right to choose. In the final analysis people drunk on power have demanded that we ONLY live according to their myopic view of the world and that simply is very unacceptable and UN-American!

  13. Jamie is going places. Maybe future Mayor, Governor, Senator, Congresswoman, or judge, only Yah knows, but we sure do need her on the Assembly right now. We should be very thankful for her, and pray for more workers in government like her who think the way she does, who love and understand what freedom is. Names mean things. They’re prophetic. Donald means ruler, Vladimir means prince, and Jamie comes from James, and further back to the Hebrew, Jacob, which means supplanter. She will fulfill her role in a very good way if she continues thinking this way.

  14. Just like the trojan horse, this covid scam was created by people to destroy by deception. The same people who claim brought/brings you man made global warming, the same ones burning down warehouses in the lower 48 that has anything to do with a natural food supply and culling millions of chickens from the food supply with another virus they created, the same ones destroying the country and world.
    The problem also comes from the local leaders with their forcing all this globalism conformity down our throats.
    It is all about their desire to control everything that walks this earth from cradle to grave where you will be poor, have and be nothing and be happy. Yes, the scamdenic is just the latest nail they are pounding in everyone’s coffin. Do not fall for any of it. By the way…..great article.

      • Lucinda, provide me with your email address and I will send you a chart from the CDC showing Covid numbers for areas mandating masks vs areas not requiring masks. The science shows they are neck and neck before, during, and after Covid. I’m pretty sure if you were to look at the numbers for suicides, drug and alcohol overdoses, amount of people on meds and seeking therapy, poverty and homelessness, and violent crimes, the numbers would overwhelmingly be heavier in the areas where the people were under the tyrannical mandates and democrat governments. When you factor that in, people are safer and happier without the suffocating mandates. I know I am!

        • Here’s what I object to from a lot of posters here including you: you exaggerate and you make unsupportable conclusions like “I’m pretty sure if … the numbers would overwhelmingly be heavier …” That’s just hyperbole and rhetoric.

          • Prove it. Have you checked before arguing with me and making accusations? It doesn’t sound like it. Have you looked at which cities and states had the longest and most strict lockdowns and mandates? Have you looked at the increase in violent crimes, suicide, what cities saw the biggest increases and highest numbers during the last 2 years, and who was running them? Have you looked at which political party was in charge in those cities? I noticed you didn’t share your email so that I can send you the chart from the CDC. Is that the source of YOUR science? Maybe you’re concerned about your privacy so you don’t want to give your email. Understandable. So just look it up.

      • Whenever your “science” becomes pseudoscience, it is nothing more than propaganda. “Science” has nothing to do with anything if it has an agenda that contradicts reality. There is your science.

          • “And I sure trust Fauci over any of the other sources.”
            Thereby demonstrating and proving your lack of critical thinking ability, your kneejerk acquiescence to corrupt authority, and your overall profound ignorance.
            Honestly, are you truly that STUPID as to not understand the overtly political nature of the so-called “pandemic” and the official authoritarian (over)reactions to it? I guess you are.

          • Lucinda, I wasn’t aware that Fauci employed the scientific method during the last two years. His imperious measures to prohibit the use of therapeutics in the earliest stages of Covid infection run counter to modern medical care. Drugs that had been used for over 60 years with a high degree of safety were repurposed to combat Covid-19 with profound success, were only to be removed from distribution by your man Fauci. (these drugs were cheap to obtain and their patents had expired, think $) His Jab which he touted as being 97% efficient soon devolved to 60, 40, err 25% , oh well, it helped with the symptoms didn’t it? An absolute failure in fact, unless you wanted people to die. Perhaps that is the method of Fauci’s madness?
            Surely however this whole charade was good for Pfizer though!

  15. Our time on earth is so brief it is of a blink of an eye, and we are off to the next part of our time, it is written we reap what we sow and we all have a duty. Can you imagine being an oath breaker going into what’s next, so help me GOD oath breakers. Oath breakers look at what you have to reap. Give the citizens oath integrity is all you got to do immediately.

  16. Excellent work, especially this: “The war cry of leftist political activists begins with pleas for tolerance and ends with an authoritarian requirement for complete assimilation or else.”

  17. Jamie–thank you for being a never-ending voice of liberty. It was a Trojan Horse indeed–but also a test. A test to see how easily people would give up their freedoms and rights. They got a lot of answers. The next thing coming down the pike at us may very well not even need that horse…

  18. I see nothing devisive about what Jamie said. She was encouraging everyone on the left, right, and center, to call out lies about mask mandates and medical tyranny, and to defend freedom. If people have a problem with that, I can only think of 2 reasons why – they hate freedom and love oppression, or they are just very ignorant and naive (gullible), if not both. Encouraging people on all sides to stand up and speak truth is the opposite of causing people on the right to fear the left. If the right sits down and shuts up, then that would prove that the right fears the left, and is gullible. If they rise up and speak against the medical tyranny, that shows courage, not fear. People don’t stand up and put their neck or their job on the line because they’re gullible. They do it because they are well-informed and they care. It sounds like you want Jamie and those of us applauding her to sit down and shut up. I think you’ve missed the point of her article and why we’re applauding and praising her from the rooftops – it ain’t gonna happen!

    • Lucinda,

      The proof and evidence of the abundance of highly politicized official misinformation and lies surrounding the Wuhan Virus, the unnecessary, irrational and ruinous lockdowns, and the literally sociopathic bullying and coercion to force everyone into taking the unproven, experimental and dangerous clot shots is all out there, freely available to anyone with half an open mind to see, acknowledge and understand.
      But as you have already stated here, you have chosen to put your blind trust in the likes of Fauci and the CDC, so your mind is clearly closed to any data and any evidence that contradicts the official narrative that you accept only on blind faith and gullibility.

  19. I don’t have a link to the CDC chart that I have saved to my computer. There is plenty of data on their website and the website of the NIH. The trick is to look at the data and all of the information, not just the highlights where they twist and distort the facts. I do have a link to the NIH website that has a chart showing them acknowledging the Covid freak out resulted in higher suicide rates, mental illness, stress, harmful stigma, etc… If people need a chart and the NIH to convince them of this, I don’t have much hope for them understanding other common sense, basic concepts, but it’s there if you need that to convince you that people losing jobs, losing their savings, their businesses, family members, friends, the ability to speak and understand clearly, freedom to shop for necessary items like food, freedom to walk down the street, play at the park, go to school, go to work, gather for worship, attend funerals and weddings and get married, visit loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes, etc… People got banned from flying because their 2-year-old wouldn’t tolerate wearing a mask. People got arrested or kicked out of grocery stores. If you don’t understand how that hurt people, I have to wonder if you’re human, and if you’ve spoken to or interacted with a human. If you really need the link, the page is ‘ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7672361/

    • Good response Lyndsey, compelling, especially the mostly defensible list of costs of our response to the pandemic.

      How about this: America wasn’t sufficiently prepared for this virus perhaps because a country can’t be given all the unknowns, variables and the pressure of the clock. So what to do? We go with the best conclusions of the scientific method. Those conclusions originated from the CDC and the NIH. Those conclusions resulted in imposing mostly minor inconveniences on the population.

      But what did they save? How many lives were saved due to the intelligent caution we employed? I have no idea.

      Do you have homeowners insurance? I do and it’s expensive. It’s a bet. Back to the virus; if wearing a mask would prevent someone from catching the virus and maybe dying, wouldn’t it be worth it? There is value in being an advocate for your community; there is a cost too.

      • “…the scientific method.”
        You have used that phrase a few times already, and based on the context, I am not sure it means what you think it means.
        The scientific method does not lead to conclusions. It is a process. The word “method” might have tipped you off. Process, not any assurance of accuracy. The output of the scientific method can be 100% wrong. There is a reason why the scientific method exists.
        You are making a HUGE assumption that the CDC is accurately employing the scientific method, and rejecting any outputs that do not align with the observed data. There have been numerous policies/statements/conclusions coming out of the CDC that were taken as Gospel, when in fact, they were following the political science, not the medical science. (Pushing to make palliative medicines illegal is one of their most egregious offenses to the scientific method.)
        So, before you use that term again, please take a bit of time and find out what it really means, and how fallible the conclusions can be,.

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