Jamie Allard: Alaska Freedom Convoy 2022



You would have had to live under a rock to not be impacted by the pandemic. We all know that some have been affected more than others. Some have lost loved ones, some have lost relationships, some have lost businesses and generations of hard work, and some have lost their right to govern their own bodies.

We also all know how this has turned into a political weapon to divide us and push agendas on a fearful people. You would also have had to live under a rock to miss the record breaking convoy in Canada that has sparked a global movement for freedom. 

Throughout the world, we are watching live as our neighbors in Canada are taking a stand against the cross-border vaccine mandate on truckers. 

They are fighting for their jobs, for their ability to bring supplies to their families and communities, and for their freedom to choose what they inject into their own bodies, without coercion.

When the pandemic first hit us, the truckers never stopped. While the rest of the world spent two weeks locked down and not leaving their homes, truckers kept on trucking. Before vaccines, before therapies, before treatments, before knowing the risks, they kept driving to bring all of the things you ordered from the comfort and safety of your home. They filled your grocery stores and pharmacies. They brought you hand sanitizer and masks, vitamins and food.

Now they are taking a stand against nonsensical federal mandates that strip them of what I believe is a fundamental human right. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have had enough. The size of the movement is incalculable, and it has inspired demonstrations of solidarity world wide, from Australia to Europe to Africa to Alaska. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls truckers “the fringe.” Well, we the fringe are making our voices heard. 

My heart swells with pride and hope as the people make a peaceful protest against government overreach that is nothing short of tyranny. Of course, the media keeping in line with their crumbling narrative has villainized and attacked these people. But if you open your eyes, you will see the most beautiful display of community, diversity, and patriotism I have ever seen.

The people are refusing to let the government divide them into vaxxed and unvaxxed. They are rejecting the fear and propaganda of a hypocritical prime minister. They are rejecting discrimination and coercion against a minority. They are embracing their humanity and joining together to make a stand for freedom for all. They are bringing each other gas, and food to sustain the protest. They are playing hockey in the streets. They are singing their national anthem and waving flags. They are cleaning up the streets and the statues. They are fathers, mothers, children, grandparents, friends, strangers, vaxxed, and unvaxxed. They are the shot heard round the world and they have awakened the Patriot in us all. And their stance is costly. They need us to support them. It’s time to hold the line. 

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” – Mark Twain 

There is a line drawn in the sand and it’s time to pick a side. Do you stand for freedom of speech and medical choice? Or do you stand with the ones forcing their will upon others? I have been fighting these mandates since the beginning. Freedom over fear.

I will always stand for freedom. It’s in my blood. History is being written right now. What will it say about you? Do you stand up against discrimination of a minority? Or do you join the mob rule panicked cancel culture?

As Alaskans, these truckers are our lifeline. This is our chance to thank them not just for the supplies they deliver, but for their most important delivery yet….freedom.

Jamie Allard is an Anchorage Assembly member representing Chugiak and Eagle River.


  1. Jamie, I’ll say it again…The Convoy needs to change its route so that it ends at 3600 Denali St, Anchorage, AK 99503.

  2. To quote the wildly popular cult movie, “Team America: World Police”, F*** Ya! ‘Merica! Or in this case, ‘Anada? Either way, go Canada! Thanks for taking the lead this time. I will be there with my American flag. Hope you all will be too.

  3. Actually, there are probably a lot of American truckers, fully vaccinated, who are doing a lot of the heavy hauling into Alaska. But the main source of the majority of what we need comes in on barges from WA. There aren’t enough trucks to carry everything into the state on trailers, and if there were, it would be enormously expensive.
    This begs an interesting question. If Canadian truckers are vital, and they aren’t working because they have this objection to what amounts to a public health care provision, and they aren’t hauling produce and such into Alaska because of that objection, aren’t THEY the ones who we aren’t carrying their load?
    You might think they are delivering freedom, but that ain’t gonna give us Alaskans squat. Like the song goes, “freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” So, you gotta ask yourself the question, what do I want freight or do I want squat?

    • As usual, Homo, you completely miss the point. Or disingenuously pretend to miss the point.
      And the point is NOT that we can or should support the Canadian truckers’ protest solely based on some narrow, blinkered and cynically narrowly self-interested Alaskan rationale. The call to support the Canadian truckers is in order to support freedom from tyranny IN GENERAL. As the old Polish revolutionaries, said in the partitioned and occupied 19th century Poland, during the Napoleonic Wars: “(We fight) For your freedom and ours”.
      Is there no spark of independent spirit in you, no love of freedom, no desire for more than to merely exist as a constantly-controlled drone in a dystopian Orwellian world? Can you really feel no sense of pride, camaraderie, or sympathy for those who stand up and are willing to sacrifice to assert and reclaim their fundamental human rights? Are you so beaten-down, inured to the status-quo system, and cowardly that you resent, rather than admire, those who are willing to say “NO!” to overreaching government and authoritarian mandates? Can you really be so spiritually and morally empty that you cannot see that what these truckers are doing is righteous and good, and for the good of all?

      • Saying “No” to a public health effort to curb a disease, one that has killed 800,000 of our fellow citizen (no idea how many Canadians), is a pretty low bar to use to establish a “freedom” standard. How about our fellow citizens being able to get enough to eat? How about educating all of our citizens so they can truly have some modicum of influence upon what their lives will look like down the road? Too much to ask? Well then, if you base your definition of freedom on being able to do whatever you want, there is likely no place on the planet for you. Maybe a deserted island.
        Your argument is child like. Children want control over their lives. They want to do what they want to do, without regard for anyone else. Gradually they grow to learn that their actions have consequences, and that those consequences are not always to their own benefit. They change their actions to affect their consequences. They learn from experience. I’m not sure that demonstrating over being required to have a vaccine is particularly mature. Most all of us who went to public school have had numerous vaccines. In the military? How many shots did they make to take? I’ve heard what tetanus is like and a shot every ten years seems smart, not an attack on my fundamental human rights. In fact, I’m happy I live in a country where tetanus has been reduced almost to nothing.
        No one is forcing these truckers to get vaccinated, but if they don’t, there are going to be consequences. It’s one of the the lessons they should have learned as children.
        Now, they are doing what children do when they don’t get their way. They are having a temper tantrum.
        We live in what is supposed to be a civilized society. We have freedoms and we have responsibilities. We don’t have one without the other. A society where everyone claims he has the right to do whatever he determines he is entitled to do because he is “free” is not a civilized society, but a society where everyone makes his own rules, changes them at will, and executes them at his own discretion. It is anarchy.
        You, sir, sound like might be an anarchist.

        • Homo, like every other radical leftist, you clearly have literally NO understanding of, much less appreciation for, the concept of freedom. More than that, you display a childlike and woefully gullible naivete towards authority.
          Of COURSE those in power can make high-sounding (if transparently self-serving) rationalizations and excuses for EVERY abuse and usurpation of power! And like a child who still believes in Santa Claus, you just blindly accept those rationalizations and excuses, without question, without independent judgement, without any critical examination, and without any willingness to believe anything other than the wild myth that those in power only have your best interest at heart.
          Wake up and become an adult, Homo. The curiously shallow and stupid myth of benevolent government is no more true or real than is Santa Claus. Your ignorance and gullibility endangers the liberty of all of us, yes, even and especially including you.

          • “The curiously shallow and stupid myth of benevolent government is no more true or real than is Santa Claus.”
            Don’t try to convince those persons living in Nordic countries that there is no such thing as a benevolent government. They typically have the highest levels of satisfaction and quality of life.
            Of course there are bad governments masquerading as democracies and offering “freedom”, China immediately comes to mind, but your argument shows woeful lack of any awareness that it is, in fact, possible to have beneficent authority.
            It appears, for you, being able to do whatever you want and characterizing it as “freedom” is all you are interested in.
            Good luck with that.

    • ” public health care provision” you misspelled property/human rights violations. finding the meaning of freedom through an emotionally unstable 27 yr old woman who killed herself with heroin aint it chief. Also I’d take squat for a while if it insured An end to living under authoritarian rule quite a small price to pay to put the parasite (political) class back in their place

    • Forced injections amount to nothing more than a “health provision?”

      Their will be no one left growing extra produce to deliver. If they do grow it, it will cost a wheel barrow load of money that we won’t have in this economy if things stay on the track they are on. Just ask many countries who lack freedom and civil rights how the grocery shopping is.

      I think you’ve reached new levels of skewing something to meet your predetermined mind set. Congrats. You should be asking yourself “what MSM news organization am I going to work for with the resume I’m building?”

    • Over 80% of truckers in Canida are independant and I believe the number is 87% are vaccinated, if you were paying attention and by your comment it’s clear you are not, this isn’t an anti vax mandate this is a freedom mandate. Freedom to do your job, freedom to live as you choose, freedom to make medical choices and just freedom to live.

      • Wrong once again, Homo.
        The world is not “round”. As we exist in three dimensions, the world is actually spherical. “Round” refers to two-dimensional objects, like a circle drawn on a piece of paper. The scientifically ignorant usually make this same mistake.
        (To be precise, the earth is technically a flattened spheroid, as it is flattened by around 20 miles towards the poles, and bulges outwards to a lesser degree towards the equator, in comparison to a perfect sphere.)

  4. There is no freedom here. Just fat blowhards who will die from covid because they’re so unhealthy. Patriots, you are not!

    • (Sigh), Another Covidian Cultist, trying to spread his hysteria, paranoia and corporate media propaganda talking points. How sad, how lazy, how pathetic, how covidian.

    • Their call, their choice.
      Health is 100% the responsibility of the individual. I hold zero responsibility for ensuring you stay healthy (beyond common courtesy measures), and you hold none for my health.
      So… why is it my responsibility to mask up and get vaccinated for your benefit? No…we are not all in this together. Never was, never will be.

      • So there is no reason to have public health departments? Vaccines? Disease control?
        If health is 100% the responsibility of the individual, that is the likely scenario. Medical progress is definitely a team sport.
        You seem to long for the days when illness was commonplace, humans were wracked by parasites, cholera, smallpox, polio, black plague, malaria, yellow fever, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella (along with accompanying birth defects), etc., etc. Modern medicine and disease control have eliminated most childhood diseases. Do you really wish to go back to the days when children died routinely from diphtheria; when people had large families so they would have enough children survive to be able to work the family farm?
        Sounds like Paradise. Every man for himself. What could possibly go wrong?

        • You do have skill in marching that army of straw men, I’ll grant you that.
          Again, though, you lack any understanding of the concept of freedom whatsoever. It pains me and outrages me that I have to share a world with people like you, and the poisonous and insidious statist politics that you so rabidly espouse.
          With you statists and radical neofascist leftists, EVERYTHING is about the collective, about coercion, and the exercise and imposition of raw, naked power. That is ALL that you can see, because you have been so profoundly miseducated and brainwashed by your similarly statist teachers and Marxist professors that you refuse to ever, EVER consider alternatives to your toxic and historically-proven destructive mantras and blind beliefs, or to consider that maybe, just MAYBE, you might be wrong, about anything. No, your self-righteous arrogance demands that you impose your thoughts, and beliefs, and manner of living, and what should be purely personal choices, onto EVERYONE else. And that is tyranny, pure and simple.

  5. If you want to know what’s really going on check out Viva Frei on YouTube, he has been live most days this week and will be on again all day Saturday 2/06/22. He is a local Candian attourney – podcaster that has been interviewing people and showing what is really going on.

    • I am shocked that ScrewTube would not summarily censor and ban such an independent and non-establishment source of information! But don’t worry, I’m sure they’re about to take his live feed down any minute now, after labeling it “misinformation”.

  6. “and some have lost their right to govern their own bodies.”

    And hypocrisy raises its ugly head again. Tell me Ms Allard where do you stand on Roe v Wade?

    Besides we know you haven’t sided with any one (Alaskan, American, worker, trucker, etc) throughout this whole pandemic other than the party dictated stance. Whining loudly and impeding every attempted step forward while then blaming those trying to better the situation for the situation.

    • Yes, “impeding every step forward” —- into coercion, intolerance and tyranny.
      And “blaming those trying to better the situation” — for the corporate medical-industrial complex, and for their handmaiden and conformist doctors and nurses, and for the local politicians who have been greedily slurping from the trough of federal money thrown at municipalities but redirected into political pet projects that only fuel further social and economic dysfunction.

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