Cheryl Frasca confirmed as Anchorage budget chief


In December, Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson selected Cheryl Frasca as the director of the city’s Office of Management and Budget. She was confirmed without controversy on Tuesday by the Anchorage Assembly. Through her 47-year career working for the U.S. Congress, governors, mayors, and state legislators of different parties, Frasca bring a wealth of skill in dealing with state and city budgets and public administration. 

Frasca was the OMB Director for the Municipality of Anchorage from 2000 to 2002 and 2009 to 2012 and served in the same role for the State of Alaska from 2002 to 2006. She has also worked in the private sector dealing with government relations, fiscal policies, and policy analysis issues.

“Cheryl is one of the top financial minds in the entire state of Alaska,” said Mayor Dave Bronson. “I am elated that she has agreed to once again serve the people of Anchorage as we work together to help our great city prosper.”

Frasca has a Bachelor of Political Science from California State University Hayward and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Alaska Southeast.


  1. Hmmmmm. Extensive resume of work dealing with Alaska’s financial situation.
    One could ask (and I am), how are Alaska’s finances doing?
    Being there isn’t quite the same as getting the job done, if you follow my drift.

      • ChrissyB: Best at what?
        Ms. Frasca has been involved in messaging and fiddling around with Alaska’s finances for decades. Our financial balance sheet in Alaska is not particularly promising, even with over $80B in funds squirreled away in the Permanent Fund or PF Corporation managed Earnings Reserve Account.
        Is the poor balance sheet the fault of Ms. Frasca. Not entirely,
        It’s true Ms, Frasca has been around and fooled around with financial matters so one can say she has experience.
        But what kind of experience?
        Good experience, maybe.
        Experience that produced decent results? That’s a tougher question to ask and one that can be argued.
        My own belief is that Frasca hasn’t done more than preside over a lot of spending and failed to deal with fundamental systemic fiscal problems in a way that is prudent much of the time.
        Mr. Frasca can’t really be considered conservative.
        What you can say is that she has been there when a lot of public money was divvied up. Frasca is sort of like the Peter Sellers character in the movie Being There. She projects something that some political officials perceive as conservative. This makes the pols feel comfortable.
        But, in the end, not much happens in terms of reforming spending.
        Ms. Frasca will preside over the finances of a fractured Anchorage muni where spending will stay high and frequently mistargeted on feel good items or expenditures favored by the Anchorage Municipal Assembly or for schemes advanced by special interests favored by the current mayor. either way, it will be a not very funny financial joke.
        One thing you can be assured is that the concerns of the average resident in old Anchorage will be pretty much ignored or subsumed under a bunch of bureaucratic blather and financial mumbo-jumbo.
        Oh well, the residents of Alaska’s largest local jurisdiction get what they deserve. This is a democracy, after all, and elections have results.
        The citizens of Anchorage had a choice between two extreme candidates. They picked one of the extremists. In the end, the citizens of Anchorage are going to see their communities’ finances managed in an extreme way. It won’t be conservative. And it won’t be particularly liberal, to use the contemporary criteria batted around by a lot of folks. The financial spending will be extreme and pretty much disconnected from normal, prudent financial reality.

  2. Congratulations ma’am and to team Bronson it appears we have some integrity for the people in anchorage. Thank you to the citizens for voting wisely.

    • Oath Integ: Cheerleading disconnected from reality doesn’t really address what is happening in Anchorage.

  3. Can’t trust anyone the marxist 9 would ok. Went to college in commie-fornia I see…. Gonna have to keep an eye on this one, she may have hoodwinked Dave into thinking she’s a good egg.

  4. Based on her performance as financial czar during the administration of Frank H. Murkowski, Ms. Frasca’s gained a reputation as a person with a tin ear for the concerns of the average Alaskan and a less than nimble ability to deal with the legislature, which, like or not, has the power of the purse according to the Alaska Constitution.
    Time will tell if Mayor Bronson made a good choice or whether Ms. Frasca is but another person to whip through the revolving door of the current muni administration.

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