Mitch McConnell places $7.4 million ad buy in Alaska to push Murkowski reelection


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell political action committee announced it placed a $7.4 million ad buy in the Alaska media market to bolster the candidacy of Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski is challenged by Kelly Tshibaka, who has the backing of former President Donald Trump. Tshibaka is being far outspent by Murkowski and political groups supporting Alaska’s senior senator.

The rest of the fund’s money is being sent in general elections in six other states. Over $141 million was committed by the PAC on Monday. Although the $7.4 million is the smallest amount being committed to a race by the SLF, it’s a big amount for the Alaska media market, which is one of the smallest media markets in the country.


  1. LOL what ya gonna do, pay me to vote lisa? What’s going on, are the vote machines rigged?
    I don’t have any friends who would vote for lisa regardless of what adds may say.

  2. Mitch McConnell and his billionaire wife Elaine Chao were treated very well by Donald Trump. Trump even appointed Chao as his Secretary of Transportation. But loyalty doesn’t run deep if you are not an Establishment Insider in Washington DC. These consumate political insiders hated Donald Trump with a passion, primarily because he didn’t play their game. AND, they are jealous as hell of his successes.

    • I think Trump is the least successful American. He brought shame and embarrassment and division. He has no integrity or empathy. He has no morals. I hate him.

      • But Joe and Kamala who support child murder, child grooming (inappropriate child sex ed), allowing men into womens locker rooms, and who left Americans behind in Afghanistan to die have great integrity, empathy and morals, right?

      • That’s OK, Lucinda, you radical leftist extremists have more than enough hatred to go around for everyone who does not completely agree with your narrow, rigidly ideological, divorced-from-reality PC insanity.

      • Lucinda:
        You bleed hate. That’s all too obvious. I feel sorry for the unlucky bastards that have to live with you. Or maybe you are alone?

        • I think Lucinda is actually Scott Kendall (Bill Walker’s campaign manager) using Lucinda as his pseudonym at MRAK.

  3. Why does a sitting Congressman have a PAC that is allowed to donate millions to a campaign. Why is anyone able to donate hundreds of thousands or millions to any campaign. This is how we got here. Money is buying our government.

  4. “I’m Mitch McConnell and I will flood your communities, schools, housing, and businesses with illegal aliens if you approve this message” ~t. slave of the money changers

  5. As I understand it, there is no democrat candidate for US Senate as yet this year. This means that Lisa is apparently their candidate. Good job by the Turtle (/sarc). Cheers –

  6. And… another reason to vote against Murkowski. If China Mitch wants her in the Senate, it’s bad for Alaska, the USA, and freedom.

  7. He is another reason for term limits. I am so tired of people from outside interfering in our business , it’s clear to me Lisa must go.

    • Freedom of speech. There have been numerous court decisions that support and enforce the 1st Amendment Right to spend money as a form of political speech. While you or I may not support Mitch McConnell’s support of Murkowski, personally I support his ability to express his right to speak freely. If he thinks wasting the money from the Republican Senate PAC is the best spent supporting a candidate who does not represent Republican values, so be it…I won’t give him my support and will express my freedom of speech by contributing elsewhere.

      • Spending money is not “free speech”, and you know it, Steve. In particular, it is inherently corrupt, and corrupting, when establishment deep pockets engage in it politically, as in this case. But oh yeah, you are a kneejerk defender of everything establishment, so of course you support and defend it.

        • Jeff,
          It’s blatantly absurd to say spending isn’t a form of speech and shows a lack of understanding on your part. Why do you think people boycott businesses they disagree with and spend their money with other business that they agree with? Do you support ADN with your money or do you support MRAK? Where and how a person spends their money is a form of expression and thus freedom of speech. Which “establishment” do you think I’m defending, I’m defending the ability of Americans to enjoy their freedom. Your boy Biden would follow your completely false way of thinking and limit the freedom of Americans to spend their money how they chose. Why does freedom scare you Jeff?

  8. Murkowski’s done. No amount of $ is going to save her from her votes these last few years. She no longer votes in the best interest of Alaskans. Period.

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