Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges


The Justice Department on Thursday charged Hunter Biden with lying about his drug use when he purchased a handgun in October of 2018, which was during a time when he admittedly was addicted to crack cocaine. The indictment was filed in a federal court in Delaware.

President Joe Biden’s son is also being investigating for corruption involving business dealings, and failure to pay taxes.

A plea deal with the Justice Department fell apart earlier this summer after the judge would not allow Hunter Biden off on the felony gun charge, and after she scolded the Biden team for burying evidence and scamming the court.

That plea deal would have seen the gun charge dropped in exchange for pleading guilty for misdemeanor counts of willfully failing to pay federal income taxes.


    • In answer to your question, on 5/14/1992, while speaking on the Senate floor, Senator Biden said sarcastically that his crime bill does “everything BUT hang people for jaywalking”. You should listen, read and quote more accurately.

      Pray for Donald Trump for him to grow a soul and accept responsibility. Hunter Biden has and will continue to do so.

      • Lol? Trump put America first, as proven by low cost of living, from cost of gas to food & rent.

        Biden sold out the country and his son helped setup those deals. In other words, F**k the People he represents and, instead, made himself a millionaire off the backs of the hard working Americans.

        But HUNTER has a SOUL? LOL. Did you even see his soulless eyes in any of those drug binging pictures and videos with him naked waving a gun around?

        Open your eyes! Stop enabling this admin and the corrupt thief who stole the presidency for his own financial gain!


  1. Compared to all of the fraud against the united states that he has committed? I’d say he’s getting off with a light sentence!

  2. Just the start of the take-down of the Joe Biden China Shop. Hunter will turn on his dad to save his own skin. It’s what addicts do. It’s what immoral people do when they weren’t properly guided by a parent, who also had no morals or conscious. The sham presidency of Joe Biden is going to fall apart before our very eyes. And those around Joe Biden are going to begin to run for cover to save their own skins. It’s what cowards do.

  3. Gosh, it might be that some at the Department of “Justice” may have determined that THEY might be going to jail for obstruction of justice if they didn’t do their sworn duty. USA David Weiss will be gone from his job within a month.

  4. We should not celebrate Hunter Biden’s indictment. He committed a stupid mistake that hundred of citizens duplicate daily under different circumstances – and those people’s names never appear in the press. This sort of public political hanging was started by the democrats and now the republicans smell blood. Indeed, the relatives of prominent people should be as scrupulous as Ceaser’s wife, but we all have vulnerabilities. The collateral damage of this is that it will keep good people from entering politics.

    • Hundred other citizens lie on gun purchase forms about their drug habits?


      Sorry, not buying it.

      Hunter spent his adult life as a stoned loser playing bag man for a very noticeable public official. Not the act of the average citizen.

    • “The collateral damage of this is that it will keep good people from entering politics.”

      How amusing!
      That particular ship sailed a long, long time ago already.

    • Not sure where you are going with this DS.
      He committed a stupid mistake? Like what? Failing to read a document he was signing. Even though the document clearly indicates that knowing lying on the document is a felony. Look up ATF Form 4473. It is pretty clear, if you knowingly lie, you commit a felony.
      There is no mistake here. Hunter was addicted to drugs, and knowingly lied on the form to purchase a firearm.
      Do people unknowingly commit felonies every day? Yep. There are so many ways to break the law, a Ham Sandwich could get indicted. But, those people who make an innocent mistake are not signing on the line stating they know and understand the repercussions of lying.
      As to keeping good people out of politics, that damage is already done, has been for decades. There is an old joke that popped up about the same time Ancestry dot com became a thing. Went something like this: “Why pay Ancestry? Just run for office as a politician, and the news will provide all the family history you can handle.”
      Who is the last good guy you remember running for office?

    • You Sir, are incorrect. It is good to celebrate the indictment of every thief, snake and serial liar. Mr. Biden included.

    • Don’t get too excited people, this indictment was made solely to prevent the statute of limitations from running out next month. Expect the same for the two misdemeanor tax charges. In the meantime they will fight over the legality of the pretrial diversion agreement.

  5. Seems like this charge is a constitutional violation of an individual’s right to have own a firearm. Like Hunter (or any Biden for that matter) or not, if convicted this should be appealed to the Supreme Court and I’d hope the NRA would support the case. Are you for the 2nd Amendment or will you trade it for political gain? This is as stupid as New Mexico’s announced gun ban.

    • Me thinks you know not too much.
      Whether you like it or not, the various Gun Control Acts, athe Brady Bill, etc… all contain restrictions on who can legally possess a firearm. If you are determined to be a prohibited person, under the act(s), you cannot legally purchase a gun.
      It may not always be fair, but if you are a felon, or mentally incompetent, or addicted to drugs, you are considered a prohibited person.
      Additionally, ATF Form 4473, which a FFL requires in order to transfer the gun to you, specifically requires the purchaser to swear their answers are correct (no lying), and they understand lying is a violation of Federal Law.
      The NRA is not going to be touching this one. A prohibited person, who knew he was addicted to drugs lied on the form. In fact, I would hazard a guess they will support this case. There are tens of thousands of NICS denials every year, but very few are investigated. When the anti-gun people call for stricter gun laws, the gun owners say “enforce the ones we already have first.” Finally, they are enforcing a gun control law already on the books.

      • So where exactly in the US Constitution does it give express authority to anyone to command “registration” of anything. Please point to it and grunt.

        • Who mentioned “registration?”
          As to the Constitutionality of an agency’s actions… That is debatable on a case by case basis. The details of every law does not have to be specifically stated in the Constitution, and you know that. There are thousands of pages of US Code and Code of Federal Regulations for a reason, and that is because the Constitution does not cover every single aspect of human life.
          Now, whether we like it or not, the GCA is law. That law was written within the bounds of the Constitution. The BATFE is the agency authorized to carry out that law. And, the form used for a Federal Firearm Licensed dealer transfer of a gun to a buyer is the 4473.
          Lie on that form, and you commit a crime.
          If you commit a crime, you get charged, prosecuted, and punished.
          And, before anyone, myself including say there should be no more gun control laws, the bare minimum we must require is enforcement of the existing laws. A prohibited person knowingly lied on a Federal Form, and is being charged with the crime of doing so. About time.

      • Cb –

        Im probably = as anti biden crime family as you. What I have to isn’t appropriate for public regarding their treasonous anti American behavior.

        That said –

        This nation was founded on liberty and freedom. 2a says right to bare arms 😉

        We also have inalienable right to put whatever substance in our body we choose. Regardless of current anti constitutional regulations.

        3rd – income tax is highly dubious because it forces us to pay for things that inhibit freedom or things we don’t believe in. Its slavery pure and simple.

        Hunter is a scum bag . Get him if he injured or inhibited other people’s rights.
        Get him if he was aiding or involved in treasonous behavior.

        Im not talking j6 behavior which arguably was constitutionally protected acts in a house I paid on . im talking selling us out to our enemies by influencing our elected representatives/ vice prez ect with foreign money and watering down the influence of citizens and their representatives through any form of bribery or influence peddling.
        Throw away the key on the bidens.
        Corruption in politics must not be tolerated any longer but don’t follow the slippery path of saying Biden didn’t have the right to arms .

        • Never said Biden did not have the right to bear arms. I disagree with almost every gun control law on the books. But, the law is clear. (Whether you agree with it or not, it is the law) A drug addict is a prohibited person under Federal Law.
          Don’t like it? Get the law changed. Sullivan, Murkowski, Peltola, and Dunleavy are all avenues you can use to do so.
          Like it or not, the law says if a person knowingly lies on a federal form, when that form clearly states it is a violation of federal law to lie, they committed a crime. Just because I disagree with the law, does mean society as a whole should ignore the crime.
          Or are you OK with the rampant shoplifting that is happening in blue cities across the nation? Because it is “not right” to punish people for petty crimes.
          Sorry, but first step in stopping the gun grabbers is to force them to actually enforce the laws on the books. Enforce them evenly and without bias.

          • Cb – you missed the concept of slippery slope. whats it going to be next- a misdemeanor disqualifying from gun ownership?

            No where on second amendment does it say a law can be made to infringe. You are smart enough to understand what that means. It means if the feds make a law that infringes it will eventually be struck down and our founders and other wisest men said its our duty to ignore unjust laws.
            The constitution is our highest law thus federal regulations that are illegal are void. Regarding lying? On form ? Are you a slave cb? Or a free American? There is nothing in the constitution that says it’s illegal to lie to government. Infact free speech means you can say whatever you want especially regarding government . Perhaps civil court you can be sued for damages but not technically by the feds.
            Unjust laws should be ignored or directly confronted. Per our founders ect .

            Not sure how your shop lifting question fits in ?? Of course thats not ok . It’s infringement on who they are stealing from.

            Cb you are really smart. Im sure you can stretch a bit to understand the jist of what im getting at .
            Bidens have done enough bad that you and I freedom lovers can discern what was illegal by ethics and our constitution versus crap regulations none of should have to endure.

    • Even the NRA supports reasonable gun restrictions. Like proven coke heads owning guns.
      Hunter forfeited his right to own a firearm when the was found guilty of drug charges.

    • There are many “constitutional violations of an individual’s right to have own a firearm.” The constitution doesn’t limit the type or amount of firearms I can keep and bear, the government does. That’s a constitutional violation.
      Hunter lied to illegally obtain a firearm, that is the crime. It is illegal for him to own a firearm.
      The difference is he voided his rights under the constitution when he became a felon. Sad but true. The rest of us have to live by the rules, now probably for the first time in his life, Hunter will too.
      Don’t forget he is a pedophile also. Check the laptop.

      • “The difference is he voided his rights under the constitution when he became a felon.”
        That is the crux of the matter right there.
        The actions of Hunter, and other prohibited persons are what limits their rights. Not some arbitrary law. Be law abiding and responsible, there are few, if any restrictions on your ability to own firearms. (Several cities and states are the exception, and pointing out the exception does not disprove the rule.)

        • Except SCOTUS has been overturning all of this–see Thomas’ opinion (essentially that firearm laws have to be viewed in the context of the time the 2nd and 14th amendments were drafted and ratified. This rationale was used to overturn restrictions in NY about carrying guns in public. I’m not sure there’s any “historical context” to denying someone the right to purchase or own a gun because of drug (or alcohol use), particularly when there were no permit requirements at the time. Seems like SCOTUS might overturn any conviction on this matter (for Hunter or others).

    • After reading all the pros and cons of the comments about the law I feel a lot better about having the law in place when considering where this firearm illegally purchased ended up.
      In a dumpster near a school.
      With the reason being it was tossed there by someone to prevent Hunter from committing suicide.(thankfully retrieved by secret service and not kids playing)
      This firearm in question could have just as easily been used to kill many innocent people.
      Being a supporter of the 2nd amendment I completely understand the intention of the restriction in this case.
      I wouldnt want a drug addicted crack addict able to walk into Cabelas at 8am and walk out with any gun and walk into my grandkids school at 9am and kill as many kids as he can until someone decides to stop the madness.
      The reckless behavior of Hunters possessions while under the influence also endangered the wealth and security of his entire family when He gave his personal laptop to a complete stranger (possibly because he coudn’t remember his password) as a result of being intoxicated according to the shop owner.

      Are we starting to see a pattern of reckless behavior by the Bidens??? or is it just Hunter?

    • Best guess.

      They have to find him guilty of something to shut this down. I expect a plea deal where he does maybe six months at Club Fed, with a pinky promise to never misbehave again.

      And it all sunsets in 10 years.

  6. 21.g Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?
    Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.

    Well I sure hope none of you drink, smoke cigarettes or consume caffeine or you’d be on the hook for the same.

  7. Mental decline of the president is becoming too obvious. Before years end, Biiden will step down. His last official act will be to pardon Hunter.

    This is how the Biden presidency ends. And it will end sooner than you think.

  8. Gun charges are nothing in comparison to Hunter selling off the influence of his family name, in turn selling out our country for his family’s gain.

    Whatever punishments are coming for the Bidens will not be enough to fit their crimes.

  9. Thoughts of an NRA Life Member –

    This indictment couldn’t have happened to a more worthy man. Literally.

    A degenerate crack addict does not deserve the right to keep and bear arms, and the federal law in such cases ought to be strictly enforced. The only question is, why did the DOJ act so soon? Heck, the DOJ dragged out its investigations on Biden’s many other crimes until the statute of limitations had been reached for those crimes. Under Garland, the DOJ is a corrupt as the Bidens.

  10. Democrats aren’t supposed to own guns. This group hates gun ownership. He’s a hypocrite. The only gun a Democrat can own is a Squirt gun.

  11. Don’t fret! The DOJ will screw this up royally and this loser will walk. For example, they will do just like they did to Ted Stevens – withhold evidence. But, in this case, they will withhold evidence that would hurt the Biden punk.

  12. So the party of Second Amendment absolutists finally found a gun law they can embrace — as long as it’s used against the president’s son. If you believe that all Americans should have the untrammeled right to weapons of death without filing paperwork, then you have to believe that right extends to Hunter Biden, yes? or are you a tribal score-settling hypocrite?

    • This has already been debated and debunked to death.

      But I suppose you had to try, when outrage and illogic is all you’ve got.

    • Actually, the party of “enforce the g- damned laws already on the books before you add more. ”
      I don’t like any of the restrictive gun control laws, but they exist. And as a law abiding and responsible adult, I obey the law. Even when I don’t like it.
      Hunter did not obey the law. That makes him a criminal, and he should be prosecuted accordingly.
      Perhaps he will fight it, and get the law declared unconstitutional. And I would celebrate that victory.
      Until then enforce the existing law before anyone starts talking about waiting periods and universal background checks…

    • I don’t care if Hunter has a gun.

      What I care about is the DOJ is going after him for the most minor crime that Hunter has perpetrated.

      Have you seen the contents of his laptop? Its available. The gun thing is a distraction.

  13. Hunter should have gone to one of the regular Lumen Christi Gun shows. Hunter could legally buy a hand gun there without filling out a ATF Federal form 4479, in fact any convicted felon could as Alaska does not extend the Federal law beyond over the counter sales

    • The U.S. ATF & DOJ have no authority to extend the Federal laws beyond over-the-counter sales, except in the cases of drug abusers (Hunter Biden) and felons in possession. I try to attend the gun shows at Lumen Christi and elsewhere. I find far better people there than we could find in the White House, the U.S. Capital Building, and the DOJ.

    • Only if the sale is between private individuals. If either party has a FFL they want to keep, there will be a NICS check.

  14. Who believes presidential pardons aren’t in the works for Hunter and every other member of the Biden crime family?
    Something this glaringly stupid looks more like a distraction from something even worse… guess we’ll find out when the “even worse” hits the fan.

  15. Small potatoes! What happened to the tax fraud charges & not registering as a Foreign Agent? Is the corrupt DOJ going to let the Statute of Limitations run out like they did on his earlier tax evasion crimes? Way past time to impeach the thoroughly rotten Merrick Garland!

  16. beat a dead horse all you want, horse doesn’t feel it and it wears you out. you’d think the MBS and Putin influence schemers had more in the playbook. rubes chase theories and conspiracies and the looters leave by the back door

    remember at the gas pump, the Saudi’s were the 9/11 perpetrators. not the Iranians, Iraqis or the Afghans.

    Americans are terrible at history, spending trillions on tax giveaways, wars and dark money politics the rubes will never see. labor has lost to capital, hopefully labor raises it’s competitive game to balance the field after fifty years. I never belonged to a union but love history, love America as a second generation citizen.

    rebuild he middle class, rein the the 1% class and restore voting, real voting.

  17. Perhaps someone needs to see how Boebert filled out her forms for gun purchases. If that was marijuana in that vape she will need to be charged for same crime that Hunter was. Not sure what crime the tugging and groping actions warrant?

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