Hunter Biden plea deal in jeopardy after his team caught scamming court


Update: Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to tax charges after deal falls through and judge admonishes Biden legal team.

Hunter Biden’s plea agreement with the Justice Department did not materialize after the judge was reluctant to let Biden off on the felony gun charge, and after she admonished the Biden legal team for trying to bury evidence through a scam on the court.

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika crossed swords with Biden’s attorneys over what appears to be the Biden team misrepresenting themselves to the court clerk in order to convince the clerk to remove an item from the Biden file and make it go away.

Norieka also expressed skepticism about allowing Hunter Biden off on his illegal gun possession while he was on drugs.

Hunter Biden, 53, walked into the court in Delaware ready to enter a plea agreement in that would have seen the gun charge dropped in exchange for pleading guilty for misdemeanor counts of willfully failing to pay federal income taxes.

Meanwhile, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith of Missouri submitted a brief to Noreika, which asked her to reconsider the Biden plea agreement, since a whistleblower has very recently testified under oath that the Department of Justice used political muscle to cut short its investigation into the Biden family legal problems.

“The Defendant appears to have benefited from political interference which calls into question the propriety of the investigation of the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” Smith wrote in a court filing. “It is critical that the Court consider the Whistleblower Materials before determining whether to accept the Plea Agreement.”

After the brief was filed, a member of Biden’s legal firm called the court clerk and misrepresented herself as working on behalf of Smith’s law firm, and tried to have a clerk remove Smith’s brief from the court files, according to the clerk’s account.

The judge then ordered Biden’s legal team to explain themselves by 9 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, or face sanctions.

The lead lawyer for Hunter Biden responded to the judge with a statement calling it “an unfortunate and unintentional miscommunication.”

Read Rep. Smith’s brief to the court at this link.

Judge Noreika today asked the prosecution if there are any other criminal investigations that are pending relating to Hunter Biden, and the answer they gave was “yes.”

This story is developing and likely to be updated.


  1. It’s ok; he’s grifter joe’s prodigy, the internationally acclaimed artist and gas company wizard extraordinaire..

  2. With all the push for gun control and “make sense” gun laws this has become a very slippery slope for Democrats. We have several high profile individuals serving prison time for identical firearm offenses. But, they’ll find some way to let him slip through. After all he is the Democrat elite and like Alec Baldwin the laws won’t apply.

  3. Dammit Pops, I thought you said this would be a cakewalk. Cant you replace this judge with somebody from your hand picked fruit basket. Planes and trains arent crashing so how about Mayor Pete?

  4. His legal team called, allegedly claiming to be representing congress, asking to pull the amicus brief.

    His legal team is even stupider than he is.

    We are headed to a scandal of unheard of proportions of bribery by POTUS and active obstruction of Justice by the DOJ.

    At any other time in our history this would bring down the government. Deservedly so. This makes Watergate look like a pre school play.

    But the media will not cover it, and the Democrats want power so badly they’ll ignore it.

    I have a bit of advice for Hunter. Flee to Cuba. Today.

    • Yes, I’m rather shocked more isn’t being done regarding his legal team. Maybe it is and we just don’t know yet, but I’m not holding my breath.

      What a difference a good judge makes.

  5. Sucks to be a dem right now. They all know that brandon doesn’t have two brain cells to rub against each other, and that his earlier ‘business’ deals, in conjunction with other family members no less, should legally end his presidency. BUT. The fall back position is Kamala, lol (seen much of her recently?). Even the most strident dem knows that Kamala could be worse that brandon himself.

    And NO ONE is on the bench for that party! Don’t give me any Gavin Newsome crap. Scabbies is more popular than Newsome outside of California!

  6. I remain pessimistic. Someone will buy off or otherwise “persuade” this judge. This is Delaware. Hunter went to Georgetown and Yale. He’s a Democrat.

      • Or maybe “Delacide.”. I note that Delaware is next to New Jersey and “things” have been “happening” in New Jersey for decades. (Old but true story: It was once explained to me how important it was to remember to “tip the postman” in one northeast State.)

    • I am kind of amazed there seems to be someone concerned with justice in the process.

      Worth the read >


  7. The Biden crime family will hopefully be the first domino to bring down the rest of them. The Clintons, Bushes and Obamas all need to be brought to justice for crimes against our nation. Treason at the highest levels. Our nation has been a victim of MSM propaganda for decades. They have installed their criminal enterprise throughout our government in all 3 branches. The corruption is deep and wide. It will take our military with a supportive and awake population to bring it all down. Keep praying folks, we are in the eye of the storm.

  8. Hmmmm. Weird that there are other criminal investigations going on. The lame stream media reported the prosecutors said “no”.

    Sheesh, it’s almost like they’re trying to spin a narrative and control the propaganda for all the mouth breathers.

    Do you think the secret service gave Hunter his cocaine back after he left it in the White House?

  9. Someone needs to step up to the plate and buy one of those fabulous paintings for a very generous amount as it has become very clear he needs a new legal team before the simmering pot comes to a rapid boil.

  10. Joe Biden is ” so proud” of Hunter. What about Joe Biden’s newest granddaughter? Why isn’t he “so proud” of her as well? She is Joe Biden’s blood. And a beautiful little girl.

  11. They think they are untouchable, in the end they are going to burn. I hope it’s a slow roast. The in our face corruption in absolutely amazing. Surely some contractor on the east coast is pouring a bridge abutment some place A little jimmy hoffa justice is in order,

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