This one weird trick could end up costing your entire PFD this year


“Pick.Click.Give.” is Alaska’s unique way of allowing people to donate a portion of their Permanent Fund dividend to charity.

When Alaskans file for their annual share of the state’s oil wealth, they have the option of checking a box that can help them direct some or all of their dividend to any one of dozens of participating nonprofits in the state.

This year, the official Pick.Click.Give. form says Alaskans can give up to $2,800 from their dividends to charity. That’s how much Alaskans have available, the state says. Here is what the form shows at

The problem is, the 2023 dividend was set at $1,300.

If an unsuspecting Alaskan looks at the Pick.Click.Give form and think he’s getting a $2,800 dividend this fall, and decides to give half to charity, he will end up giving the entire dividend to charity, and will get nothing in his own bank account this year.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy, in his original budget in December, set the PFD for $3,800. The House of Representatives passed a PFD in the amount of $2,700. But the Senate set it the lowest — $1,300. And that ended up being the final amount as the legislature wrapped up business.

Those who may have been led to believe they were getting a $2,800 PFD, and who want to now change their charitable donation amount, have until Aug. 31 to make that adjustment online at

Applicants who filed an online application and selected direct deposit will receive their 2023 dividend through direct deposit on Oct. 5, if they have been determined to be eligible.

The Pick.Click.Give. program was launched in 2009 by the State of Alaska in partnership with The Alaska Community Foundation, the Rasmuson Foundation, The Foraker Group, and the State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division.


  1. So the house and senate conspired to steal (at a minimum) $2500 from each Alaskan in order to give money to the teachers union and other union buddies. Next time one of them opens their mouth in public remind them. And remind yourself that they are thieves.

  2. I am grateful for the pick click give option. It gives me a yearly opportunity to donate to groups that do good work in Alaska. Groups like Bethel Friends of Canines being but one example.

    As for the laziness and sloth of Government administration of the dividend… well, just be grateful you don’t get all of the government that we pay for! It could be a lot worse, I suppose, I imagine…

    • Why? If you work you donate to them involuntarily through fed tax withholdings. You don’t think that these groups are not subsidized by the govt?

    • I applaud you for sharing with groups you support. Most talk about it, but never do.

      However, I can’t accept the concept we should be glad we’re not screwed worse. We should demand better.

      • MA, given what government is, ( the greatest threat to your life and liberty) especially in light of the resources the Government has at its disposal, we should give thanks and be grateful that the people who inhabit those offices are slugs. God forbid if they were busy bees, the harassment would be intolerable.

  3. What is wrong with the original formula that was being used only a few years ago. Must we always allow thieves into all of the different monies available to State of Alaska?

  4. Will the PFD office now start charging a processing fee for giving through PCG?
    $50 dollar processing fee to donate $100 dollars to your favorite charity.
    Cash,Cash Scam.

    • Wait…there’s a “processing fee”?? $91 on $1300 to State of Alaska government thieves. To all the supposed people who are “processing” Click, Pick, Give, and to whoever instituted a “processing fee”, I wonder does anyone or even one of you ever even think how corrupt and piggish a 7% “processing fee” is? Do you ever wonder where all that money ends up? Or, as I suspect, do you all just somehow justify that type of outrageous thievery because you all are completely and totally morally bankrupt in every part of your lives.

    • They already charge a 7% processing fee. Not sure who gets that money. I stopped using pick,click, give and now make my donations directly via personal check. 7% is nuts.

    • Can’t agree more. But the religious right will take issue with it along with the breeding machines they have imported to line their coffers with tithings

    • If you think a PFD is enough to entice someone to move here, you must have so much money that $3800 doesn’t mean anything to you. STOP THE STEAL. Spend your own money on excess government, not mine.

    • I’ve never met anyone who has moved to Alaska for the PFD. You must think every Native spends their PFD on booze and drugs.

  5. Anyone contributing to any charity should always ask, how much of my contributions will go to the actual charity. By law, they are required to tell you. It would surprise most people that in many cases 80% of your contributions go to the company soliciting on their behalf. If you really feel strongly about contributing to a cause, a direct contribution is always best. Even the state is in on the racket, evidently.

    • The same people who are taking away the statutory PFD amount and giving you the leftover crumbs.

  6. Democrats feel secure stealing 2/3 of the PFD, because its not an election year.
    Just watch, they will find a way to steal slightly less next year.

  7. Click- Pick- Give was the only piece of legislation Bill Thomas ever got passed while elected.

    It was a bad idea then and remains a bad idea today.

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